Interview with Sinchan Dey: A young and Passionate blogger from Kolkata

Here is an interview with Sinchan Dey - A passionate blogger who denied a 30K /month job offer so as to follow his passion. Read this inspiring interview to know more about him and his blogging life.

Welcome to Tell us about yourself and your website.

Hi Techulator readers, I am Sinchan Dey, the creator of . I am a fulltime blogger and a creator. I like to call myself a creator and learner, cause blogging has been one of the biggest learning curve for me in my personal life as well as my profession. YourOwnConsumer was more like a pilot project for me, where I wanted to share my opinion and spread the experiences I learned to others and help them make the wise purchase decision. In my daily experience, I saw brands making false commitments and deceiving the consumers. My goal was to empower the Consumers and inform them about what to choose and not get deceived by the Brands and advertisement. My Blog is all about helping people and not about Traffic or Adsense or revenue. And I am very much happy today when people trust YourOwnConsumer as a brand and find it useful in their life.

Sinchan Dey

You have been an inspiration to many other new bloggers, thanks to your article on ShoutMeLoud. Can you tell how your life has been after that viral article on ShoutMeLoud?

It was overwhelming. I was a Novice and that article on SML made me believe in myself and work harder towards achieving my dreams. Reading the comments was the best thing to motivate myself on the tough road.

How did you come to know about starting a blog?

I used to be a freelance writer and I worked for other bloggers as ghostwriters. One of my clients who is my Mentor and brother now guided me to start a Blog for myself. is my first blog and very close to my heart.

Tell us about the present statistics for your website

YourOwnConsumer is a brand for Consumer and not a site that I use for revenue. So you will find very few Articles on it. I do not work on the SEO front much on the blog and just write on topics I think can be useful for the general public as a whole. I believe in creating a community and it has been an exciting journey.

What makes your blog interesting to your current readers?

My goal has always been to provide content that can be useful and make a difference in the life of normal consumers. I never look for Keywords or SEO, I write on Topics that will be best for the readers and can help them to make a wise purchase decision. All my articles are honest and written with one thing in mind, provide value to the reader.

If it was not for blogging, then what else profession would you have followed?

Some creative field for sure!

What do you do in order to keep up with latest tools and technologies?

I read a lot of blogs in various niches. I keep myself updated from YouTube and other major blogs.,,,, and others.

What are your hobbies?

Gaming, Reading, TV Shows, Football. I am a diehard Manchester United fan. PUBG has been my latest guilty pleasure and I am a Fifa addict. Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos are my relaxations. Sherlock and Narcos being one of the favorite shows.

How many hours do you work in your blog?

Around 10-14 hrs a day. I have multiple blogs and other creative outlets where I have to dedicate my time. For any creator be it a Blogger or YouTuber or Photographer, we have to be 24hrs attached to our work. Not because it is our work but it is our Passion and Love.

Which blogger is your role model?

I don't have role models. I have inspirations.

Do you have any bad experience from other bloggers?

Yes, it is bound to happen in our community especially nowadays when all it matters is revenue. People today won't guide you or help you for free. They always want something in return. For new bloggers, it will be very tough as you do not get any support from the top bloggers or influencers. You have to make your way out among the crowd; only then people will notice you and start taking you seriously.

What do you think about the future of blogging? Do you think it will continue to be a profitable business in the long run?

Blogging is ever growing. People, who say "Blogging is dying", are completely wrong. Yes, there are far more Bloggers than it was 5 years back. But quality is still on your side and you can always make your name if you are consistent and honest about your work. To succeed in Blogging the most important skill to develop is PATIENCE.

What are your future plans?

I live each day as it comes; planning for the future is not my cup of tea. I do want to build a network of blogs and educate other people to join the community and spread knowledge for free.

Do you like to share your earnings and sources of income?

I do not want anyone to get a false notion of earning from blogs. From the blog YourOwnConsumer, I earn only a few thousand rupees a month from Adsense and affiliate. As I do not concentrate much on the revenue for YourOwnConsumer, it earns as much as needed to run it every month paying off the hosting and other costs.

Which are the online social communities you are most active on.

I am very active on Twitter: @dey7sinchan. Do drop me a Hi, I love to hear from you. I am also very active on Instagram: @d.sinchu, I generally showcase my love for photography on Instagram.

How did blogging help you personally other than making money?

Blogging is my Life. I am very passionate about blogging and it is one thing that keeps me motivated every day. As I said earlier, blogging is my love and passion, Money has never made any difference. I have blogged for months without a single Penny because I love it. It has personally helped me in meeting new people and learn from them. Personally, I have developed a new outlook for life and it has been inspiring. Interacting with new people every day, listening to their comments is something I cherish.

What does your family think about your blogs?

My family is very supportive of this, especially my Mother. She always interacts with me about my work and asks her friends too to pay a visit to my blog. Without the support of my Mother, I wouldn't have dared to quit my job and take this full time without much earning.

What do you advise - focus on a single site or create several sites in various niches?

This will differ between people and their liking. I like working on more than one blogs at a time. It keeps my mind fresh and does not clog my mind working on a single idea. Working in different niches enhances your creative ideas and you learn a lot from the experiences.

What advice will you give to other budding bloggers?

Focus on what you love and work honestly. Do not let haters bring you down. Believe in yourself and keeping working with passion. And lastly, do not expect to get rich instantly from blogging. Never have the idea to earn money when you are starting out. Look to provide value and stick to honest policies.

Thanks for spending your precious time in answering the interview. Techulator team wishes you luck in all your ventures.


Author: Umesh16 Jul 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A very interesting interview of a blogger who is so passionate about his blogging and doing it with great zeal and patience.

I think that few of the bloggers will have such guts to dedicate full time for blogging without much commercial gains.

I also think that such people are a great source of inspiration to all of us who are engaged in creative writings in the internet.

Guest Author: Not important26 Mar 2019

His English is horrible and hideous. It is unbelievable he got an article written about him by probably an equally illiterate person. His blog is so damn bad, the typical "Let me take the Indian stereotype about the English aspect and dive deeper into the cess pool of bad reputation" kind of English. Just cringy. Sad. Disgraceful.

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