How to Use Technology to Write Better Papers

There are so many technologies around us. Smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, smart speakers, smart plugs, smart shades, smart thermostats, and many more. Though we use some or all of them on a daily basis, we rarely think about how to use mobile gadgets for education. Some students even don't know that writing activities they do by themselves, can be easily passed to their devices – laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

So, let us help you a little bit. Let's talk about how you as a college or university student can use your gadgets to complete writing assignments faster and better. Have you ever heard about online paper scanner, best plagiarism checker, tool to create fictional names or a portable writing studio directly on a smartwatch?
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Smart Applications for Smart Students

Today, it is hard to find a student who doesn't have a tablet or a smartphone, which he/she can't put down at least for an hour. Sometimes, it is difficult for teachers to compete with that technology. So, why wouldn't turn your gadgets from entertainment only into something that can bring real benefit to your educational process?

You might not know but there are a lot of apps out there created for students and their comfort specifically. In fact, when it comes to writing a paper or an essay, a lot of time-consuming steps can be replaced by applications. It doesn't mean that your laptop or smartphone is going to compose a dissertation for you. But it will definitely help you to check it faster and make sure that everything is written correctly. Let us explain it in real examples.

Best Apps for College Students

We're going to list 7 most interesting and useful applications, which will save you a lot of time while working on your next essay or research paper. So, take your smartphone and search for the following.
  1. Camscanner: How have you worked on your papers without this app before? This is the easiest way to scan and share documents. It scans and saves your paper for future references as well. You can skip scanning and putting your files out if you don't want to. Just takes a picture of them and save it on your phone. It is even easier to read and check it if not scanning and printing out. But at the same moment, you can print it out whenever you need it.

  2. My Homework: This app is a great alternative to any dairy. It is a student online planner, which helps you to keep track of all writing assignments. It reminds you of the deadlines for each task and helps to handle one of the biggest problems for every student – procrastination.
    MyHomeWork app

  3. Mind Vector: A wonderful app for brainstorming and organizing your thoughts in a logical order. Use this mind mapping tool for your research papers and you will be impressed how easy writing can be. Having it on the smartphone, allows you to work on a paper wherever you are. Just use it while waiting for your order in a coffee shop or restaurant and the first step of the writing process will be finished even before you come home.
    Mind Vector mind mapping android

  4. Evernote: This helps you to organize your writing process and bring it to the next level. In this app, you can do almost anything related to writing a paper – take notes, add images to them, scan documents, create lists, take handwritten notes, and much more.

  5. Werdsmith: This app is something more than just an application. It turns your smartphone into a real writing studio, where you can write anytime you want. It is hard to explain how great this app is in a few words. Just try it to understand everything by yourself. By the way, many professional writers use it on a daily basis as well.

  6. Plagiarism Checker: It is no need to explain how important it is for a student to be sure that his/her work is plagiarism-free. Of course, you can use almost any online plagiarism program for this. But why not to have one installed on your smartphone?
    Plagiarism checker

  7. Mendeley: It is a good app if you need to do a lot of researching work. You can create your own fully-researchable library inside this app just in seconds. The app allows you to search for keywords, download, edit, or remove files, sync documents and annotations across all of your devices, and much more. It is just an all in one place tool for both researching and writing.
    Mendeley screenshot
So, integrate your technology into the educational process in a more meaningful way. Use popular applications to handle your writing assignments better and faster and become a pro. Hopefully, some of the apps mentioned above will come in handy for you too.