Best Blockchain Development Companies in India

Are you looking for the top Blockchain application development companies in India? Check out this comprehensive list of leading Blockchain developing companies.

Blockchain Technology is the latest addition in the diverse industry of IT-based money making. Devised for the management and security of the world-famous cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, currently the technology is being researched for more diverse applications. The following post will be featuring the best blockchain development company in India. But before we begin with the ranking of the blockchain development companies, let us understand the technology in a better manner to make the post more comprehensive.

Why is Blockchain touted as the next big thing in the industry?

In technical terms, the blockchain is an "incorruptible digital ledger" that can be programmed to record economic transactions. Apart from just financial transactions, the blockchain can be used to record anything of value. The blockchain technology is being touted as the current as well as the next big thing in the IT industry because of another fact – it is immune to hacking. The technology has been developed in such a manner that any attempt made at hacking will cost hackers massively and there will be no profits. This makes the blockchain technology virtually perfect and flawless. Read more about Blockchain on Wikipedia.

Blockchain Technology & Application Development – Understand the Dynamics

  • Let us suppose that someone wants to complete some kind of transaction of some type over the internet with someone.

  • Now, the request for the resource allocation or transaction completion is broadcasted over the peer-to-peer network. This peer-to-peer network consists of different computers connected to a chain and these computers are called NODES.

  • Among the other functions and aims of the network of the blockchain technology and blockchain application development, one is to validate and verify the people involved in the transaction; validate the transaction itself and keep the information updated to the latest value at every instant.

  • A particular algorithm is required to do this job that becomes a mammoth task when the system is global.

  • Further, the algorithms used for validation and verification in the blockchain technology should also be approved, validated, verified and remain constant throughout the system.

  • Depending on the system and the people involved, these algorithms can be of any type and can include things such as records, contracts, cryptocurrencies and other important things.

  • Once the network has verified the transaction, it is combined with other transactions and a new block of data or information is added to the previously existing records or ledger. Thus, a new 'block' is created in the blockchain. This ledger is permanent and unalterable.

What Makes the Blockchain Technology So Big?

Having understood the complete functioning of the Blockchain development, let us understand why the blockchain Fintech companies consider it a wonderful and awe-inspiring technology.

  • The technology is durable, inherently robust and is immune to any fault.

  • What makes the whole thing exciting is that the people can get involved in it; use it but can NEVER EVER alter it.

  • The technology itself is highly distributed which means that there is no need for centralized control and there is no scope of corruption. Everybody knows everything; even a single minute transaction is validated and confirmed by everyone. Hence, there is no scope of malice.

  • The people are incentivized to make the blockchain technology and the applications developed by blockchain is immune to hacking.

This is why the blockchain development and Fintech Companies believe that it is a BIG Thing. Having read and understood the blockchain Technology and its significance for the blockchain Fintech Companies, let us find the top 10 blockchain development companies in India.

Block chain development companies India

List of Blockchain Development Companies in India

2.Appiness World
5.W3 Villa
6.Auxesis Group
8. Leeway Hertz
10.IndGlobal Digital Private Limited

1 – Logiticks

  • Offering custom-made tailored technical & Blockchain application solutions of all kinds and scales for organizations of different capacities, Logiticks is the best company in India for blockchain development.

  • The company boasts of highly refined and abundant experience in Tax, Finance, Banking and Company Level Technical Solution design and development.

  • Having an exemplary track record that comes with highly positive ratings and rankings; and happy testimonials from the customers.

  • Logiticks offers Mobile App Development with Xamarin; Cloud Development with Azure; Blockchain Development; AI and Cognitive Intelligence; and Fintech Development.

  • With a team that is expert in IT, the financial aspects and requirements of the IT industry and the latest technology that drives the financial industry of the modern times, Logiticks is the best source for customized and tailored to perfection technical solutions of all kinds.

  • Website:

2 – Appiness World:

  • Coming to the next one in the list, there is Appiness World that offers digital consulting and technology solutions that focus on product development and user experience consulting.

  • The Appiness World provides services for Blockchain, Digital Marketing and Consulting, UI/UX Design Services, Mobile App Design and Development Services, Enterprise Digital Consulting Services and Web Design and Development Services.

  • The company is one of the best blockchain companies in India has been awarded 35 international design awards and has completed more than 100 successful projects from different categories and areas

  • Website:

3 – Brsoftech:

  • Brsoftech is another one of the reputed blockchain application development companies in India that was developed with an aim of promoting, maintaining and creating value adding deliverables related to the Blockchain application development or service globally.

  • It has a team of multi-disciplined domain experts that provide holistic client experience.

  • The services available at the Brsoftech comprise of artificial intelligence, data analysis, internet of things, web security and of course the Blockchain Development.

  • The services offered at include Hyperledger, Exchange, Multi chain/Supply Chain, Wallet, Crowdsale and Proof of Existence.

  • Website:

4 – Openxcell:

  • Openxcell is one of those blockchain developers in India that offer a wide range of services.

  • The services at Openxcell comprise blockchain development, Mobile App-Development, Software Solutions, Web and E-Commerce, Testing, Real Time Solutions, Chatbots and Managed Cloud

  • The firm has been providing high-level blockchain development services in India and US and has worked with Motorola, Google, Unilever, UTV, University of Florida and Conagra.

  • Website:

    5 – W3 Villa:

  • W3Villa Technologies offers a bouquet of modern day technological and IT services such as Responsive Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile App Development,
    Web Development, E-Commerce Website Development, Human Resource Management Software, Custom Software Development, Content Management System,Blockchain Software Development and Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

  • Based in Delhi NCR, the W3 Villa offers highly efficient services related to the blockchain technology

  • Website:

6 – Auxesis Group:

  • The next member in the list of blockchain companies in India is the Auxesis

  • The Auxesis Group offers solutions such as the Internet of Things, Capital Markets Trading,
    Supply Chain Network, Cross Border Remittances, Governance Solutions and Insurance Solutions.

  • The Auxesis Group offers highly competent and reliable blockchain development services and has been recognized among the list of 100 most influential blockchain companies in the world.

  • The company has worked with various reputed organizations around the globe such as the State Government, Quatrro, Blockchain Lab, HP and IBM etc.

  • Website:

7 – Codebrahma:

  • Codebrahma is located in San Francisco and has an offshore blockchain development office in India. It is one of the best Blockchain Development Companies in India and has been reviewed and rated very high by the customers.

  • The Codebrahma offers the following services:

  • Web-based services such as Angular JS Development, React JS Development, Vue JS Development, and Ruby on Rails etc. It also offers other services like Mobile App Development, Blockchain application development, and Force Platform
  • The company has been developing its own products and tools that can be customized and tailored as per the needs of the customer.

  • Website:

8 – Leeway Hertz:

  • The Leeway Hertz has the reputation of being the very first to deliver a commercial app for iPhone.

  • The company offers services in Blockchain application development, Artificial Intelligence, Alexa Skill
    Kit, Virtual Reality, Cloud, Hashgraph Development and Internet of Things etc.

  • The offers Blockchain Applications on Hyperledger, Corda, Etherium, and Hashgraph.

  • The products and services offered by the can be customized and are perfectly scalable.

  • Website:

9 – Flexsin:

  • The next name to be featured in the list of the best blockchain development companies in India is

  • The blockchain services offered by Flexsin have been designed and developed for capacitating the different kinds of businesses and business processes.

  • The company offers services for financial institutions, Internet of Things, Education, Fintech, Health, Retail, E-commerce, and Gaming etc.

  • The Flexsin offers services like Crypto Exchanges, Proven Security, Trusted Ecosystem, Asynchronous Systems, Blockchain Framework, Blockchain Maintenance, and Process Integrity.

  • Website:

10 – IndGlobal Digital Private Limited:

  • The IndGlobal Digital Private Limited is another reputed one of the best Blockchain Fintech Companies in India that provides a bouquet of services.

  • Apart from the blockchain application and services, the company also offers other services in the
    areas such as Website Development, SEO, Graphics Design, Mobile Applications, E-Commerce Services, Support Services, and Industry Specific Services

  • The company has served a wide sector of clients in diverse areas such as education, enterprise, supply chain and banking etc.

  • Website:

This completes the list of the best blockchain development and Fintech Companies in India. Hope you find the one for your requirements in the list that can bring a difference to your way of working and take your business to new heights.

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