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Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the existing products has been what almost every software firm has been involved in. The Keyboard apps for smartphones is not a different ballgame either. TouchPal, that has proved itself to be one of the excellent options among the third party keyboards on Android, has joined the bandwagon and introduced its own AI-powered Keyboard to stay ahead of the competition.

TouchPal has been a name to reckon with its keyboard for Android and iOS. With over 100 million downloads, it has garnered a position worth the efforts. Now, sensing the implementation of Personal Voice Assistant in the form of Google Assistant and Siri by Google and Apple in their respective default keyboards, the developers have gone a step ahead by launching an AI-powered keyboard for Android. Labeled TouchPal Keyboard Pro - Type with AI Assistant, TouchPal is scheduled to launch the Apple version quite soon.

TouchPal Keyboard Pro - An Overview

TouchPal Keyboard Pro is a free and AI-powered Keyboard for your Android devices. Well, the keyboard has been around for quite some time now and has been quite popular among the third party keyboards. It also comes preinstalled with several devices like HTC, thanks to the partnership with the manufacturers.
main screen
The public AI Emoji features has now been launched in May 2018 and is available through Google Play Store. The software has had a lot of features built into the system. Some worthy mentions include stickers, GIF search, gesture typing and a host of other options. The latest update has added the AR Emoji functionality.

How to set up TouchPal Keyboard?

Well, setting it up on your Android device should not be a huge concern. Just download the tool on your Android from Google Play Store and you are good to go. It should not take a lot of time to complete the installation. The tool works on all Android devices running on a version higher than Android 4.3.
Follow the steps here below to work through the set up of TouchPal Keyboard Pro -
  • Once you download the app, set it up as the default keyboard on your device. The steps involved will depend upon your device model.
  • You will now need to choose a default theme. You may also need to download a theme that meets your needs.
  • Grant permissions to the important functions.
  • The steps involved in setting it up are quite easy and self-explanatory.
The application uses the standard Material Design look and is easy to work with. You can choose your favourite themes or choose languages that you want to work with. It supports over 110 different languages.
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A few features that make it an excellent option include BoomTexts, News, localized dictionaries, and games. That is exactly what turns it into a keyboard with a difference. You can choose your preferred options to make it a personalized application for your needs.

A few features that make it an excellent option

The TouchPal keyboard is an excellent option in its own right. In fact, the developers have been adding new features quite regularly. Here are a few features that make it a great choice -

Personal Assistant

Well, that is exactly a feature that it takes it ahead of the competitors. The personal assistant on TouchPal is known as Talia. It is accessible at all times and situated at the right top end of the keyboard. It is almost equivalent to the Google Search option on your GBoard but offers a better-personalized experience than the official version from Google.
A couple of features that make it an excellent option is that you can look for relevant information right within the app. For instance, if you are sharing some kind information while you are within your instant messenger and want to look for some sort of clarification, you can do so from within your app through Talia.
It can handle a host of functions. Ask it to convert your currency, do calculations, convert text to GIF, or even call someone - it can do practically everything you expect a personal assistant app to do.

New AR Emoji

TouchPal recently launched the new AR Emoji functionality through an update. How about an emoji that can replicate your facial expressions and playback your voice? Well, the new feature lets you share an emoji that replicates your movements and says what you want it to. Isn't that a wonderful option?
Here is how you can do it. The steps are quite easy to follow.
  • Launch TouchPal on any messenger app.
  • Tap the smiley face at the bottom left corner.
  • Next, choose the wink face emoji at right top bar on the keyboard
  • emoji 4
  • Choose from the four different characters you have at your disposal. If you are using the feature for the first time, the app will download the necessary data.
  • emoji 2
  • Once done, choose one among the four characters -a gingerbread man, a capsule, a gorilla and a white bear.
  • emoji 3
  • Begin recording your movements after tapping the RED button
  • emoji 1
  • Move your head, wink or perform any kind of facial expressions and the character will emulate it.
  • AR Emoji
  • You will be able to create a GIF video of 10 second duration.
You can now send the video to any of your contacts or share them on your social media profiles. You can also save it to your phone by choosing the appropriate sharing option.
We created a couple of emojis ourselves. Here are the GIF videos we created -

Faster Performance

Almost all the functions within the app are faster and accurate. No matter whether you are opting for typing or swiping - the keyboard is faster enough with its function. The predictions may not be accurate at times, but the accuracy is bound to increase over time. The application collects your information and makes use of this information for building its database.
There is also a Wave Sentence Gesture option as well. This involves touching the first letter of the first word, dragging to spacebar and then swiping to the first letter of the next word. For instance, to type See You, you need to touch S, drag without leaving to spacebar and then drag to Y.
All the modes of typing work seamlessly smoother and faster.


Well, TouchPal works on the basis of AI and it would need to collect that data that includes your writing habits, frequently used words, writing style, and other similar important user data. In fact, the data collected is used for the sake of an enhanced prediction level.
The app is quite clear with its privacy policy. The list is available on the Privacy Policy document is quite transparent and that would tell you exactly how they take care of your privacy.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, the TouchPal Keyboard Pro is indeed a quite advanced option for almost all your needs in a keyboard and personal assistant combination. In fact, the time that we spent with it has been a sufficient evidence of its extreme abilities and usefulness. The inclusion of AI and a Talia is what would make it an app that you can look ahead to.
We would indeed foresee a huge growth in the days ahead. The kind of developments that the app plans to inculcate and the excellent options that it offers you a huge incentive in the form of a new age technology. The host of features is just one of the reasons that we would recommend the app to everyone using a smartphone out there.


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