How To Play DVDs on PS4?

Play Station 4 from Sony is indeed a great gadget by any standard. The host of games that you can play on it should make it an exceptional option in every right. But, would you be able to play DVDs on your PS4? Well, the gadget does support the functionality, but how would you achieve it? We will explain how.

Ever wondered whether you can play DVDs on your PS4? Well, if you are one of those who checks each and every detail provided in the user manual, you should be aware that the PS4 supports playing DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. In fact, if you already own a PS4, you don't need to go for a separate DVD Player. However, several users have claimed that it isn't much easy to play a DVD on a PS4. We thought of helping those guys who are struggling to play DVD on a PS4. And here we go!

How to play DVDs on PS4?

Well, there are few ways you can employ. Even if one of the methods does not work in your case, you may check the other options available at your disposal. So, without much ado, let us move ahead and find the ways to play DVDs on your PS4.
How to play DVD on PS4

Play your DVD directly on the PS4

Well, this step would need no further introduction. Just insert the disc onto your PS4 and play it. In case your DVD format is supported by the PS4, you should be able to play it without any issue.
In fact, the latest update to the PS4 software has enabled a few new features and thus you should not have any issues with respect to playing most of the DVD titles you may have.
Prior to playing the DVD on your PS4, check for the latest software available on your PS4. Connect your PS4 to the Internet and go into Settings. Check if your device has any software update. If it does, update your PS4 and continue playing the DVD on your PS4.

Rip your DVD to PS4 Format

If the above method fails, it would indeed mean that the format on your DVD is not supported by your PS4. Please note that the PS4 does support playing DVDs, but the choice of formats is limited. That would mean if you have a DVD with PS4 compatible format, you would be able to play it with ease.
In such circumstances, the best option you would have at your disposal would be to rip the DVD to a compatible format and watch it on your PS4. You can make use of a professional quality DVD Ripper for the purpose.
You can check for the best DVD Ripper Tools you may be able to find from reputed developers and use it to rip your DVD to a compatible format and play it on PS4. Some of the advantages of using a DVD Ripper would be
  • It can convert your DVD files to a format commonly used.
  • The ripping process would provide you lossless conversion.

Rip Your DVD for free on your Windows PC

One of the simplest ways to play your DVDs on PS4 would be to rip them using the free utilities available for Windows. Some of the popular names that can help you in this attempt is DVD Shrink, DVD Decryptor or DVD Factory.
Using these tools should be quite easy and simple. You would just need to insert your DVD into the computer and choose a destination folder for saving the decrypted file. Once you have ripped the DVD to your computer, you can use a tool like Format Factory to convert the file to a PS4 compatible format so that you can save on the DVD disc and play it on your PS4.

Any other options?

Well, there are a few options suggested by the users over the forums. We are not sure whether any of them work or not. However, we would not see any harm in giving them a try.
Users suggest connecting to the internet when you are playing a DVD for the first time on your PS4. Once you are able to play the disc on your PS4 being connected to the internet, there is no need to connect while playing the DVDs subsequently. This method probably downloads the necessary software and updates your PS4.
If you are unable to play a few DVDs on your PS4, it could be due to region restrictions as well. Usually, a PS4 would play the discs that have the same region code as its own. In case this is the issue affecting you, it would be advisable to go with a DVD Region Killer Tools so that you would be able to play your DVDs without regional restrictions.

In Conclusion

That is all we have with respect to playing DVDs on your PS4. Theoretically speaking, there should be no issues with playing your DVDs on your PS4. The only issue that would affect the playability of your discs would be the other issues like compatibility and copyright violations.
You can either opt for Region killing options or go with the DVD Rippers for making the DVDs playable on your PS4. If you are aware of any other options for the purpose, do share your thoughts with us.


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