What all a blogger can do to make his website Google search updates proof?

If you are a website owner, we are sure you scared of Pandas and Penguins. Don't be confused. We are talking about Google updates by those names. If you have been a blogger by profession, you would understand what we mean. How would you keep your blog update proof and stop worrying about being affected by the algorithm updates?

If you are a webmaster or a website owner, you would have always wished to make your website updates proof, so that it is not affected by the newly updated algorithms. However, do remember that being able to steer clear of the updates and their effects are practically next to impossible. As long as your site is indexed by Google, you will be forced to undergo "tests" of a sort from the Google algorithm that will determine your site ranking. More so, if you are dependent on organic search. Even then following a few guidelines and tips can be a little helpful.
Stay Update Proof on Google
To begin with, remember that the Google algorithm updates have nothing against you as your website owner. The sole aim to remove the low-quality content from getting ranked higher in the search results. In fact, Google wants to offer a better experience for its users - the people who search on the web using their search engine. Having said that, it should also be noted that Google will continue coming up with updates in the future and as such it would be practical to keep your site Update Proof or Google Proof to be precise.
The following tips may be helpful in that direction -

Empahsise the need for Social Factors

Yes, social factor has a huge bearing on the success of your site. Make sure you are opting for facebook likes, Tweets, the +1s from Google+ and Stumbles out there.
Ensure that you have the buttons for social sites on your sites, preferably on every type of content. The +1 button should assume a better place of prominence. Set up a Google+ account for your personal account and your business. Social SEO has been acquiring importance and as such, it should be quite useful as the social signals are one of the best options to improve search engine rankings.
Google is also making a huge connection between the content and the author. Search results have begun showing up with author's name and image, which should be an indication towards the emphasis that social factors gain.

Hire services of experts

If you feel that these steps are going to take a lot of time to implement then there are many search engine optimization service providers like SEO Analytics that can do these optimizations for a fee. These companies have a lot of resources at their disposal to do in-depth research of your website metrics, identify the problematic areas and take a focussed approach to improve your website rankings.

Keep your content fresh and updated

Keep creating a great content to keep ranking high. That has been an all-time truth. The freshness of content is what would be the right way to succeed. A good and useful content is what your visitors are looking forward to and in turn, that is what Google expects you to provide.
Focussing on your visitors rather than on the advertising revenue would be the right approach. Write compelling content that your visitors would jump to share and comment on. It has been proved from studies that longer content has been gathering better ranking. At the same time, you should also pay attention that the content is high quality.
Duplicate content is big No No. Google has been discouraging it time and again, but the rules have been quite stringent of late. Google can detect the same patterns in the text and thus penalizes the duplicate content. Of course, you may check out options for curating content where you may use duplicate content and add your own inferences. But, remember to do it wisely.

Use of keywords sensibly

Keywords play an important role in helping you rank your website, agreed. But, you need to use them sensibly.
Keywords may be essential, but do ensure that you use them naturally using Latent Semantic Indexing technique. Keyword stuffing can work in the opposite direction that you would want it to work. Yet again, paying attention to the customer needs would amount to a better prospect than opting for satisfying search engines. The best way to read your content once it is finished. Are you seeing the same phrase over and again? Well, that is something neither your customer nor Google would want. Try using different variations of your keyword. If you are attempting to use your keyword in every possible manner and at every possible location - you may end up indulging in keyword spamming.

Links play an important role

Backlinks were considered to be a positive factor in getting a better ranking. If more sites liked linking to you, it meant you are being supported and thus you have what was believed Vote of Confidence. But, exploitation of the feature has made it work in the opposite direction.
Buying links were what sprang as a result of the emphasis that backlinks offered. Google soon detected this tendency and developed algorithms to identify millions of such links and then eliminated them altogether. Of course, there are a few websites that survived this onslaught from Google, but still, we would advise you not to fall prey to this tendency.
In short, buying links should not be something that would work. And yes, while backlinks could be a blessing if done properly, but remember the importance associated with the links you provide in your pages. It has been proved time and again that providing internal links in your content would work better than the external links. Of course, the external links would be practical - if done to the authority sites, but not more than one or two. As for internal links, attempt including as many as possible. A point you should note is that the links should be natural. Linking internal pages wisely can go a long way in improving your performance as a website.

In Conclusion

Well, those could be some of the techniques you can employ in making your website stay ahead of the competition in tackling the Google algorithm updates. It would be worthwhile to remember that even with the best content and other aspects being taken care of - if you tend to take care of your on-page SEO properly, it may not show results that you are looking for.
Setting up on-site SEO properly should be the main concern and if not done the way you should do it, your high-quality content will go wasted. We assume the tips here should be helpful enough in taking a practical approach towards making your site ranking high in Google searches, and keep ranking high. Be Google Proof and stay ahead of the competition!


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