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Losing your photos and other media can be quite common in our day to day hurried lifestyle. Your valuable data is suddenly lost and you are repenting for the mistake committed. That is where a Data Recovery Tool would come to your rescue. One such capable Data Recovery Tool you can give a thought is PhoneRescue from iMobie.

Data Recovery tools come under the most important software tools with multiple benefits. You may tend to lose data for several reasons. It could be due to system malfunction or accidental deletion. Whatever be the cause, a Data Recovery Tool would be an essential companion to take a corrective action just in time and get all your photos back in a jiffy. From that perspective, iMobie's Phonerescue for Android is an excellent option you can go with. The tool can recover a host of file formats including third-party app data. Let us get to know the software in a finer detail in today's review.

PhoneRescue from iMobie - An Overview

Well, PhoneRescue is a software developed by iMobie. You would be able to use the tool to recover the files you have lost from their Android devices. The software is capable recovering over 20 different file formats. In fact, iMobie claims that this is almost two times better than the other similar tools.
Phonerescue initial screen
The application is available on Windows and Mac platforms. Installing the software should be one of the easiest among the tasks. Apart from the text and call logs, the tool can also recover photos, music, chat history, voicemails, and ringtones. It can even recover your browser bookmarks.

How does it work?

The user interface and functionality of the data recovery software is quite simple and easy to use. The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. And yes, PhoneRescue can recover your data whether you are on iOS or Android.
Here is how you would use it. Please note that we will be focussing on the Android variant here, though the functionality would remain similar across all versions with a few minor differences -
Step 1 -
Install the software from the official link. You can have access to the software from iMobie website. You may choose the version that you would need. The software is available in two separate packages both for Android and iOS operating systems.
Phonerescue connection
Step 2 -
Once the software is installed, connect your Android device to the computer through USB cable. Before that, do ensure that you have enabled the USB Debugging on your device. If you are not aware of how to do it, follow these steps -
  • Go to Settings ->About Phone and then tap on it 7 times.
  • Once Developer Options are enabled, locate and enable USB Debugging.
  • The PhoneRescue app will be installed on your PC as well. Provide all permissions and let the app run on your phone and PC simultaneously.

Step 3 -
Choose the items you want to recover, and click on Next
  • Now opt for either Quick Scan or Deep Scan as per your preferences. Phone Rescue scan modes
    Please note that Deep Scan functionality will only work with rooted devices.
  • The the software will begin scanning your phone for the deleted files. It may take time depending on the files on your phone and the total size of the drive.
  • phone rescue scanning
  • Once the recoverable files are shown, you can choose the ones you would want to recover. You can click on the Download button at the bottom to begin downloading the files.
  • Phonerescue recovery

    What makes PhoneRescue a powerful performer?

    Well, the tool is an excellent performer in what it does. Use it once and you will indeed love a host of features that would make it an indispensable option for recovering your lost files.
    Some of the features worthy of attention can be summed up as

    A wider file format support

    The tool is one of the best when it comes to the number of file formats supported. As per the claims by iMobie, the PhoneResue recovery can recover up to 31 different file formats. that would probably make it one of the best in terms of what you can recover.

    Ease of operation

    The interface is what should make it a power performer. The functionality does not need you go through any complicated learning curve to master the functionality. The user interface is intuitive at its best. No matter whether you have any kind of technical expertise or not, you should be able to work with the software with ease.

    A Huge number of satisfied customers

    The software has over 5,000,000 customers who are satisfied with the functionality and usefulness of the software. You should be able to retrieve all your data with ease. What would make it one of the most preferred data recovery tools is the ability to recover the type of files you want to. The software boasts of an excellent success rate in recovering almost all kind of files with ease.

    The Plans and pricing

    The iMobie PhoneRescue is a tool par excellence for all your requirements. If you are indeed interested in opting for the superior Data Recovery Software, you can check out any of these plans depending on your requirements -
    PhoneRescue Pricing
    Single License
    The license covers one PC and is available at $ 49.99. You have access to all the features and updates.

    Family License
    The Family License is available at $ 69.99. It would be valid for 5 computers in a single family.

    Business License
    This will be available at a pricing dependent upon the number of PCs you would want to be covered. The price for 10 computers would be $ 199. There is differential pricing based on the number of PCs at your business. If you are looking for unlimited access, you would be charged at $ 599.

    The software has updates released every two weeks. All the plans would be eligible for the updates as they are available. All the purchases come with 60 days of money back guarantee. You would get a 100 percent risk-free and unconditional refund.

    The Pros and Cons

    As with any software tool, PhoneRescue too comes with their own Pros and Cons. It may be worthwhile to check them out.

    • Faster functionality. Simplified service would make it the best option for your needs.
    • An user friendly interface and step by step wizard makes it best suited for technically less efficient.
    • Supports multiple file formats.

    • The Deep Scan feature needs your phone to be rooted.
    • The software can be used to rrot the phone, but the root is not reversed.

    In Conclusion

    The software is quite simple and easy to use. That should make it one of the best options for all your needs in data recovery. In fact, we would treat it the best option because of the tips and other knowledge base articles for your requirements. It supports almost all devices currently available and that would make it one of the best options as such.
    The fact that it covers even messages, contacts and other details should make it your best bet for recovering practically any file from virtually any software. Use it once and you will never regret your decision.

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