14 unknown codes that you can use on your Samsung Galaxy device

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy device? Yes? Then, that's good news. Why, you ask? Because there's a whole lot of codes, that I am sure you have missed earlier. Interested? Take a look.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, then, this is going to be great news for you. Do you know that there are many hidden menus on your Samsung Galaxy device that you can use to your advantage? Yes, you can do that and all you need to do is to input the USSD, GSM, and the MMI codes. By inputting these codes, you can practically unearth a whole lot of information on your Samsung Galaxy devices.

Just like any other codes, these codes too can be entered by typing them on the dial pad of the Samsung Galaxy device. But remember, the codes that I am about to list here won't work on all the Samsung Galaxy devices as there are many which may be specified to work only on particular Samsung Galaxy devices.

On to the list –

  1. *#06# (Revealing the IMEI number) – This code is the only one which is not limited to work on Samsung Galaxy devices; rather this code when inputted into the dial pad of the device, it will work on any device, no matter what model the device is.
  2. #31# (Disabling the outgoing caller ID) – This code when inputted will hide your phone number when you call someone, but note that this will only work on the current call that you are making.

  3. *#21# (Checking the settings of call forwarding) – This code when inputted, will allow you to see what the settings of your call forwarding are.

  4. *#30# (Checking the settings of the incoming caller ID) – This code when inputted will provide you a menu in which you can see whether your device is displaying the caller ID of the incoming calls correctly. You can also use this code as a test to see whether the function of the incoming caller ID is working properly or not.

  5. *#31# (Checking the settings of the outgoing caller ID) – Input this code and you will see what the settings of your outgoing caller ID are. Say, for example, this code will show you whether you are hiding your phone number the next time when you are about to call someone.

  6. *#0*# (Opening a service menu) – This code when inputted will provide you with a service menu, which when opened, you can use it to test the primary functions on your Samsung Galaxy device. To test the functions, all you need to do is to tap the icons. However, to end the test, you can end by pressing the 'back' key twice. It is recommended that you go through each test as you will be able to determine whether any of the options are some of the reasons for your device not working properly.

  7. *#7353# (Opening up a service menu) – Input this code and you will get another service menu that you can use to run your tests quickly on the basic functions of the Samsung Galaxy device. It is suggested that you should go through each test so that you can zoom on the specific reasons for your device going haywire.

  8. *#0782# (Showing the time) – Use this code and you will be able to compare the time of the device with what is shown on the display on the screen. With this, you will also be able to see whether the time is being correctly pushed through on the phone or not.

  9. *#3282*727336*# (Getting the overview menu) – Input this code into the dial pad of your Samsung device and it will prompt you a menu that will give you an overview of the following – the space of your SD card, the call log, the number of messages and contacts, IMEI number, what type of wallpaper and ring tone is used coupled with the IMEI number.

  10. *#*#8255#*#* (Monitoring the Google Talk) – This code, when inputted will open up a menu that will help you to monitor the Google Talk app.

  11. *#7465625# (Opening the SIM lock menu) – Inputting this code will help you to determine as to whether your Samsung Galaxy device has a network provider lock, also known as SIM lock on it.

  12. *#0589# (Testing the light sensor) – Inputting this code will help you to run a test on your Samsung device as to whether your light sensor is okay or not. If the sensor is okay, then the word 'Level 1' will be prompted on your screen, though the number may be different on other Samsung Galaxy devices.

  13. *#*#7594#*#* (Switching off the device without any confirmation) – Now, before you decide to input this code on your Samsung Galaxy device, keep in mind that this code will only work on older Samsung devices with Android GingerBread. Inputting this code will provide you the shutdown app with which you can enable the device to power off immediately after long pressing the power button.

  14. *2767*3855# (Wiping out the device instantly without any notice) – Last, but not the least important code, but also the most dangerous one. You have to be very careful with this code as this code when inputted, will wipe out all data on your device, including that which is on your SD card and that too, without asking for any kind of confirmation from you. Keep in mind that you should only input this code if you are planning to do a factory reset without you having to go through the usual lengthy process from 'Settings'.

And that's a wrap. Do you know any other codes that you would like to share with us? Feel free to do so!!


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