Use these 7 tips to survive on an Android device with low internal storage

We all know too well the frustration when we see the dreaded message on our Android phone -"Memory full". Fear not - it's not the time to part away with your Android phone. At least, not before trying a few tricks. Have a look.

If you have an Android device that has low internal memory, then, you will know that how much hard is it to survive on it. It's going to take a whole lot of managerial skills and if you are the type to take new pictures and play games, then, you will have to know which ones you have to delete and which ones to keep. And if you want to download a new app, then, it becomes quite a headache for you as to which app you should delete to make a place for the new one.

But fret not, since there are numerous ways as to how you can make the best out of an Android device with low internal storage.

On to the list –

1. Backing up all of your photos – Do you know that the photos eat up a whole lot of space on your device's memory. If you don't want to delete all those photos, why not back them up to the 'Google Photos' app? Doing that will save much space on your device along with providing access to photos even if your device ends up getting stolen.

2. Going for light apps – There are many apps which many we use daily and are they are mostly large in size. If you have a device that has a good processor and big storage, it's not going to be a problem; but if your device has low storage, then, it's going to be a problem. In such cases, it would be better if you can get one app that will translate most of the apps into light apps. One such app is the 'Hermit' app and which you can use to convert all of your heavy apps into light apps that will increase the performance of the Android device.

3. Clearing the cache every once – If you own an Android device, then you know that they store temporary files such as videos, text files and such for later use and which is done to save the time as well as bandwidth when the app is launched. But as time goes on, the apps end up collecting too much of cache which makes the app slow and starts taking too much of storage space. In such cases, it is suggested that you should clear up your cache on frequent intervals.

4. Getting rid of the WhatsApp photos – It can be quite a headache to clean up all of those photos, videos of the folders if you are a member of various groups on WhatsApp. But why the headache? That's probably because you are removing all those unnecessary things manually. Why not try 'Siftr Magic Cleaner'? This app is known to sift through all of the folders through your device's gallery and separates all of the junk and duplicate files. All you need to do is to start the analyser and press 'ok' at the end.

5. Streaming the music online – If you are the type to download bundle and bundle of songs so that you can listen to them offline, do take note of this fact they can too hog up your memory. If that's your case, it's better if you switch your preference to an online streaming music app like Gaana, SoundCloud or Spotify.

6. Storing your files in external storage – No matter how large is the external storage is, all of the files end up getting stored in the internal storage; and if it gets bigger in the long run, then, it's going to stop you from downloading any new apps as it will require more storage. In such cases, you have to root your phone. After rooting, you can use the app 'FolderMount [ROOT]. It is this app which will create a mapping between the storages which will let you save anything to the microSD directly.

7. Checking for adaptable storage – If your device isn't rooted or if you simply don't want to, then, it is recommended that you should check for 'adaptable storage'. This option formats the SD card and makes it a part of the device's internal storage.

And that's it, guys. What other tips have you used to make the very best of an Android device with low internal memory? Feel free to share with us!!


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