9 things that you can do on a non-rooted Android phone that you couldn't earlier

Did you know that you could do a whole lot of things on your Android device without having to root it? No? It's true. The days of 'rooting your Android phone' just to perform a small task are long behind us. In fact, today, it's the opposite - you can do much more. Take a look.

Do you know that in the earlier times when the Android phone was being introduced, you would have to root your device if you wanted to take a screenshot? But today, with the advancement of technology, most of the stuff on an Android device can be handled with ease without your device needing to root.

That being said, I admit that rooting an Android device does offer you with a whole lot of options but on the other hand, your device gets vulnerable to security attacks. But fret not, today we are in the era of technology, and hence, there are many things that we can do without rooting our phone.

On to the list –

1. Automating tasks – Do you know that much of the Android device's settings can be automated and that too, with the help of a simple app? Yes, that app is none other than 'MacroDroid' and in which the majority of the templates are for non-rooted Android devices.

So, you see, no matter what you want to do – be it taking an intruder selfie or plugging in your headphones while playing a song – you can do that without voiding the warranty of your phone. The best news is that with this app, you also get the option to build your macros and program the Android device to complete them at the right moment.

2. Changing the screen resolution of the phone – Do you sometimes notice that the fonts and the icons on the Android device feel a bit small or maybe, big as compared to the device? This happens because of the DPI values of the phone that are often not on the screen of the phone.

You can, however, change those values with the help of 'ADB Commands' as all you need to do to enable the developer options and then turn on the USB debugging mode and run the command – wm density [DPI] && adb reboot – and it will be done. But yes, before changing, don't forget to note down your DPI values, just in case, you need it later.

3. Dual apps – An Android device which has not been rooted, it lets you enjoy the privilege of having two independent space and that too, in a single phone. With this feature, you get the option of running two Whatsapp or Facebook profiles from the same device. You can achieve this feature with the help of numerous apps from the Play Store out of which apps like Parallel Space, App Cloner are noticeable.

4. Hiding the apps from intruders – Want to hide any apps from intruders? Then, your best bet is to get an app locker. That being said, you can also hide your apps with the app drawer settings if your launcher is the Apex Launcher or the Nova Launcher.

5. Remapping the hardware buttons – Remapping the buttons was a privilege which was available to the rooted devices' users earlier, but today, it can also be enjoyed by the users of non-rooted Android devices. All you have to do is to install the app – Buttons remapper (no root) – and it will allow you the option to have a dual use for the hardware buttons on your Android device.

6. Changing the navigation bar – If you are tired of seeing the same old navigation bar on your Android device, how about getting a few emoticons or better yet, a funky background? You can do this with the help of an app called the 'Navbar apps'. With this app, you can have the colour of your apps as the backdrop for your navigation bar as soon as you open it. So, that means, if you open the WhatsApp, the navigation bar will be green and with the Facebook app, the navigation bar will be blue. Kind of cool, huh?

7. Mirroring your Android device to another Android device – Do you know that a non-rooted Android device can offer you onscreen keys along with sharing your screen to another Android device? Yes, it can, and all you need is a simple internet connection and an app. The app in question – Inkwire Screen Share + Assist – is the one with which you can completely control what the other person wants to see without giving them full control.

8. Accessing the computer – The desktop app of 'Chrome Remote' along with the Android app makes it quite easy to access your computers remotely. All you have to do is to set up a secret PIN for the connection, and you are ready to go.

9. Adding soft button keys (home/back) on your Android device – It's true, by the way. Today, you can add a set of software keys to the device of your Android screen and that too, without rooting. In fact, they are quite good, and you won't feel any difference.

For this feature, you are going to take the help of an app – Simple Control (Navigation Bar) – and the accessibility permission, and you are ready to go. What's more is that you can even select the location where you want them to appear and their size as per your choice.

So, you see, there are a whole lot of things that you can still do without you having to root your Android device. What other things can you do while avoiding the rooting of your phone? Feel free to share with us.


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