10 unknown Android launchers that you should explore right now

When was the last time that an Android launcher became one of your favorites? Chances are - a few, right. Well, not anymore. Have a look at these launchers - they are guaranteed to make you fall in love with all of them.

It is a good launcher which paves the way for a good Android experience. I am sure that there are many Android launchers which you have come across in the Google Play Store such as Action, Nova and such. Due to their powerhouse of features, they have won the hearts of many, but don't forget that there are still a whole lot of Android launchers that you have yet to explore. These Android launchers, though are not quite popular, but note that they also provide the same kind of functionality and customizations that you are going to find in the popular ones. The choices are many. Come and let's explore a few of those Android launchers that you have yet to come upon.

The list –

1. Nano launcher – Out of this whole list, this is the only launcher which measures only a mere 2MB, but it comes with its own set of features. One of the best features of this launcher is that it can figure out which apps you frequently use and based on that, the launcher will place them on your home screen for easy and quick access. This launcher also comes with a nifty tool that includes tools like the volume slider, brightness control, WiFI switch and such. If your Android device is running low on memory and you want to download a new launcher, then, this is the one that you should go for.

2. Peek launcher – This is a launcher which favors simplicity – it's all about accessing your apps super fast as it features an easy-to-understand interface in the form of a T9 keyboard which you can use for searching apps. One of the best features of this launcher is that the color of T9 keypad changes according to the color of your wallpaper. But keep in mind about one thing that if you are looking for a launcher that requires customization, then you should probably skip this one as this launcher is all about quick access.

3. Power+ launcher – If you want the benefit of having power saving mode on your Android device, then, this launcher is for you as this launcher can figure out the apps that are running in the background and put them in hibernation mode. Also, it has a super feature in the form of the 'search feature' as this feature can search not only apps and contacts but also any results from the web.

4. Swipe launcher – This is not exactly a launcher but is more of a home screen widget that runs on your original launcher by providing you easy and quick access to apps.

5. OF launcher – This launcher is the most beautiful launchers among this whole list. Beautiful being, it organizes the apps in slide-out folders that have gorgeous wallpapers. To access the apps, all you have to do is to swipe and select the right folder. Say, for example, the app 'WhatsApp' will be filed under 'Social and Communication' folder. If however, you want to customize, then, you only need to long-press on the home screen.

6. ap15 launcher – Want your launcher to spell out the names of your apps? Then, go for this launcher. This launcher will replace the icons with the names of the apps. One of the best features of this app is that the apps which you frequently use will be spelled in a bigger way for easy and quick access. This launcher is fully customizable as you can customize anything – colors, fonts, background, to name a few.

7. FastKey launcher – This launcher was only launched last year and it aims to bring the same 'Spotlight-like' search feature of iOS for quick and easy access. It is even touted to have a 16ms turnaround time.

8. Anole launcher – If you are a private kind of guy and want to protect your device from the snoopers, then your best bet is this launcher. Since the USP of this launcher is hiding apps, all you need to do is to select the choice of apps that you want to make them private. In fact, they won't even show up in search results except for the private box. Another great feature of this launcher is the 'Share mode'. With this, you can choose the apps which you want others to see, should you ever need to hand over your device to others.

9. Lens launcher – This launcher is kind of similar to the a15 launcher, the only difference is that instead of the app names, you will get a showcase of all apps in the form of icons on a single screen. However, it is best to avoid this launcher if you have many apps on your device. You should only use this launcher if you have only a few apps on your Android device.

10. Buzz launcher – This launcher is included in the last of this list because it is considered to be the mother of all launchers. This is because this launcher consists a combination of various features from various launchers. Be it gestures, themes, widgets, you are going to find it in this launcher.

So, which launcher turned out to be your favorite? Feel free to share with us!!


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