Comparison between Tata Sky, Dish TV and Airtel TV services and performance

Looking for a new DTH connection but not sure which one to take? The truth is that each of the big players has their own pros and cons and you need to decide on some parameters which one suits you. Read this article to know what these parameters and make the right decision for selecting your direct-to-home provider.

There was a time when cable operators ruled the roost, but after the directive passed by the government set-top box was made mandatory for viewing the television in India. This has revolutionized the TV industry and given rise to the different players, but still, no one can beat the best DTH service providers like Tata Sky, Dish TV( now merged with Videocon), and Airtel. Here, in this article, we have compared the three of them so that you can pick the service provider which is worth every rupee. Let's have a look!

A brief introduction on major Indian DTH providers

Tata Sky- Tata Sky has been in the news for its increasing rural subscriber base, as it customizes the recharge package to suit the subscriber's needs. The company, who claims to have 10 million subscribers in India, will soon witness a huge challenge from Dish TV and Airtel TV.

Dish TV- A lot of news flaked before its merger with Videocon (all for good reasons). Thus, making the subscriber feel standstill, but after a year of a snag, finally it concluded. And now, it is believed that the company is set to generate goose bumps among the audience by launching new offers and rewards. With a subscriber base of 28 million, let's see will it be able to give a stiff competition to its contemporaries like Tata Sky and Airtel TV.

Airtel- After the merger of Dish Tv and Videocon, Airtel is taking a leap ahead by associating itself with Amazon, BARX to improve its viewership globally. But will it able to fight against its competitors?
Difference between Airtel TV, Tata Sky and Dish TV

Customer Base

Tata Sky- The company is outperforming its competitors by improving its rural base. Its daily recharge pack of Rs 8 instantly became popular among the low-income customers and areas where power cut has always remained a big hiccup. Apart from that, the company has partnered with Shemaroo to tickle the funny bone among the people. Priced at Rs 59, the company offers classic comedy shows to the viewers like Ye JO Zindagi, Office Office and Zabaan Sambhalke, etc. The company is also trying to create a system through which its viewers can make the payment through their mobile phones using the QR codes.

Dish TV- Once the biggest player in the market has now partnered itself with the Videocon to give a cut-throat competition. Earlier the company launched various initiatives for its urban subscribers like "HD for all" to pave the way into the Indian households.

Airtel- The company has partnered with the e-commerce giant to offer one-year free of cost subscription to its postpaid subscribers. It has even ventured into internet TV set box for the next generation customers.

Verdict- Every DTH service provider has a different customer base. While for the rural customers, Tata Sky remains the best option and for the urban customers who want a lot of offers in their kitty and dozens of TV channels for the entertainment, can opt for Dish TV and people who are internet savvy should go for Airtel TV. Airtel TV has just 354 channels in its catalogue so you can't expect much of entertainment here.

Picture Quality

When we compare Tata Sky, Airtel TV and Dish TV, with respect to the picture quality, it's almost the same. Channels look crisp and clear on both the DTH service providers. In fact, Airtel TV offers more immersive experience as compared to both of them.

Verdict- You can opt for any of the service providers when it comes to the picture quality, but Airtel TV tops the chart.

TV recording

Tata Sky is a step ahead when it comes to the channel recording because Dish TV doesn't come embedded with the additional hard disk, so you can't record many TV shows or movies. Secondly, it doesn't have the feature of the record one and watches which is available in Tata Sky. With this feature, your TV will be able to record the future episodes of the program without any further instruction. Another big disappointment in Dish TV is you can't watch a different channel if you are recording a particular channel. You need to stick yourself to the same channel till it gets recorded.

Airtel TV- Airtel TV lets you record the high definition channels as well as standard channels easily. You can record your favourite movie or a show or make your own personal HD collection. And you don't even need to watch a show until the time it is recorded. Its watch one Record one Feature helps you to record the show while you are watching another.

Verdict- If you want to enjoy high definition shows and record it on the mobile or the internet, Airtel TV leads the league, the second one to consider is Tata Sky and with the merger of Videocon it is believed that the Dish Tv will soon sway away its disappointing features.

Price and Plans

When we compare Tata Sky and Dish Tv, the price and plans are almost the same. There is no big difference between the prices, but Tata Sky's tailor-made packages and annual plan (can help you to get access to all the channels free of cost) have made him the winner.
Airtel Digital TV plans extend for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, with a host of entertainment channels, but it also doesn't offer an annual plan like Tata Sky.

Verdict- If you are a customer who believes that money makes the mare go, should opt for Tata Sky.

Set Top Box

  • Name: Digital TV SD Set Top Box
  • Device Type: Standard Definition
  • Technology: MPEG4
  • Resolution: 480 P
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Sound Quality: DVD Quality Sound
  • Price: 1885

Taka Sky
  • Name: SD Set Top Box
  • Device Type: Standard Definition
  • Technology: MPEG4
  • Resolution: 480 P
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Sound Quality: DVD Quality Sound
  • Price: 1800


In a nutshell, every DTH service provider has its own pros and cons. While Airtel TV is for the next generation customers, Tata Sky is for the customers who demand worth and Dish TV is for people who want entertainment.


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