10 tricks that you didn't know your Android device's camera could do

Click. Click. Is that what you thought that your Android device's camera could do? Clicking photos? Not anymore. There's a gamut of tricks that you missed out on your Android device's camera earlier. Curious?

Wouldn't you all agree that the camera of our Android devices has made our lives quite easier? Just think for a minute – what can't our camera do? They have the power to capture, share and access images like nothing before around the world, and not to mention, videos too, at the instant. The cameras of our Android devices have changed the way we express ourselves (think of the selfies and all those memes).

Let's just say that people have embraced the culture of the mobile photography with open hearts; and because of that, the gadget makers too have responded with equally powerful cameras on the Android devices. Chances are, there are many things which I am sure you haven't utilised to the full extent. In fact, there are many things of which you are not aware that the camera of your Android device could do. Let's start with the list, shall we?

On to the list –

1. Android camera with the telescope/binoculars – This is quite a useful trick which most people are not aware of. All you have to do is to bring your camera lens right up to the telescope, and then, you will see that you are able to capture the other side's magnified image. The best part is that, instead of the telescope, you can make do with binoculars too!!

2. Taking a selfie with the volume button – Taking a selfie doesn't have to be rocket science. It is surprising to know that there are many people who are not aware that they can take a selfie with the volume button (regardless of the top or bottom portion).

Photo 4

That being said, apart from the selfies, the back cameras can also be molded to the volume button. If you haven't used the volume button to take selfies, just try taking it once, and you can be sure that you won't have to hit the virtual button on the screen.

3. Scanning and digitising old negatives – If you are planning to digitise or just plain viewing your old film negatives, then you can do so by using the negative effect of your Android device's camera.

Photo 3

If however, you don't want to use the negative effect of the camera, then, you can take the help of Android apps such as HELMUT Film Scanner.

4. Using the panorama shot in transit – Today, almost all of the cameras on the Android devices come with a panorama function. It allows you to capture big wide vistas by stitching various images of you together as you tilt or move the camera.

Photo 1

Even though this feature is created for a person who will be standing in one place; but you can also make it work while you are in transit. All you need to do is to hold the camera steady and point it out of the window.

5. Reading the barcodes – Of course, you know this, right, that the camera of your Android device can read the QR codes. The best part about letting your device's camera read the barcode is that the info regarding the USPS, UPS and the FedEx ecosystems of the packages will be sent to your device.

6. Lets you know everything – Your Android device's camera is not just only for capturing photos. Rather, they can help you know a lot more of everything around you. Android apps such as "Amazon's Flow" can help you to recognise places, objects and even texts.

Photo 2

And did you forget the "Google's Translation App"? It is known to recognise as well as translate every written language so that you can read any language in any part of the world.

7. Reading your heart rate – Do you know that your Android device's camera can even read your heart rate? Download the Android app – Instant Heart Rate – and then, place your finger in the front of your back camera. The app monitors whatever changes goes in your skin colour by the pumping of the blood in your finger and then, calculates your heart rate.

8. Adding a pinhole effect – For this effect to come to light, you only need a little piece of cardboard and a thumbtack. After that, hold up your camera up to the hole, and you will have a nice framing effect. Want to achieve various visual effects? You can do so by playing with the sizes of the hole and by using different materials.

9. Going the retro way – Who says that you are going to need Instagram for just achieving a Polaroid effect? You can do so with the help of white cardboard. All you need to do is to cut a frame, but remember that the frame's one side have to be thicker on one side so that you can get that old school experience. You can also make objects come out and through the frame for more fun.

10. Making use of the headphone's volume buttons as a camera remote – This trick is added to the bottom of this list because it doesn't work on most Android devices except a few. With this feature, you will be able to use the volume button on your headphones to make do as a remote control for your camera app.

And that's the end of this list. What other tricks have you come upon? Feel free to share with us!!


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