Drakemall - A Unique E-Commerce Site - Review

The E-Commerce space has become quite an interesting business proposition. Now that we have a good deal of multiple E-Commerce services currently available, it has become essential for the companies to come up with a few unique concepts. One such adventurous E-Commerce service that has become popular enough is Drakemall.

Have you heard of Drakemall before? Possibly not, because it is quite new and still developing. Possibly yes, because it has been making a little presence felt over the internet. If you are uninitiated into the concept, we may introduce you to the unique E-Commerce site as something that incorporates a gaming feature into an E-Commerce site. What exactly is it and how does it work? Let us find it out through the following paragraphs.

Drakemall - An introduction

Well, it is a simple E-Commerce site wherein you can buy items. Well, until that point, it works similar to a host of other online retail stores. However, it performs with a dash of uniqueness, or should we say gamification.
Drakemall Logo HQ
You need to buy credits from them by making payment through any of the standard modes you would prefer to. The website comes with a gaming feature built into the system. You should be able to win an assured prize for each of your draws.

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How does Drakemall work?

Well, the functionality is quite simple and easy to follow. You would buy the loans or credits from the site and use these to open cases available at your disposal. You have access to several prizes within one single case. You would win at least one of them, and that should make it one of the excellent means of winning prizes on a site on the basis of your lack, isn't it?

The website is laid out in a simple and easy to understand manner. The front page of the website is quite attractive and designed in such a way that any new visitor to the site gathers a complete information about the functionality of the site in a clear to understand manner.

drakemall homepage

The rules and functionality should work quite seamlessly. To begin with, you need to register for the service with either your Email ID or other social media profiles. Once your account is successfully registered, you can buy credits by opting to Add Funds. The funds will be added to your Drakemall Wallet. That should do it and you are ready to take part in the bidding for the products.

How to bid on Drakemall?

In fact, the concept should be quite easy and simple to understand. Now that you have registered for the service and bought the credits, the next step to winning should be to choose a case and open it.
You should find the eight cases right on the homepage of the site. Click on a site you would want to open. You may need to ensure that you have enough credits required to open the case. You will be presented with a finite spinning and the case will be opened. If you are lucky enough, you would get something more expensive that you are actually spending on the product.

Yes, we forgot to mention - you can click on the case before you would actually open it to find the items in the case. This should give you a fair idea of what you are likely to win.

Now that you are aware that you can win practically anything, you can either choose to resell it or ask for delivery. In fact, all the prizes you have won would be saved in your inventory under your account. You may choose to sell the items so that you can earn decent credit back into your account. You may use these credits to open other expensive cases that may contain still more expensive products.

However, if you want the product, you can request delivery of the items. The support staff will create a delivery request once you request delivery by paying 5 to 20 credits. The delivery of the item should take around two to four weeks. Please note that in case of overseas delivery, you may be responsible to pay the customs duties.

How can I request delivery?

Well, the products you have won are listed under your profile. You can either request delivery of the products or resell them here. The steps involved would be
  • go to the Products page under your profile.
  • Click on Deliveryagainst any of the items you have won. You may also decide to sell an item on this page.
  • Fill up the Delivery Request form. Provide the delivery address and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Confirm your request, and you are good to go.

Is Drakemall safe or scam?

The E-Commerce site has a unique functionality and a kind of out of the box innovation as the backdrop. Maybe the unusual mode on which the service works can give you a feeling that the site could be a scam.
But, there have been positive reports from the clients around the globe. Hopefully, that should answer your queries quite well and in a positive manner. Another fact that would make us believe in them and their reliability would be the active social media profiles that they have. Drakemall has an active presence on Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, and Twitter.

Before We Conclude

Drakemall is indeed an attempt at bringing the new air of freshness in an oversaturated E-Commerce market. The unique working that the site has brought in the online retail business arena should be a trendsetter if it becomes a success. Of course, the possibility of your winning something big would be a matter of pure chance, but the fact that you are winning something should be a breather in itself. In fact, you have a chance of winning something like an iPhone for just under $ 10 should be a great morale booster to partake in this venture, isn't it?

From that positive perspective, we would indeed expect you to try it at least once. Who knows, you may find it interesting and beneficial in a better way!


Guest Author: jacknichs0l06 Jul 2020

this post showed me that drakemall is a good place to buy mystery boxes online as they were cheap and easily available. They have tons of rare items and it's really quite easy to buy from here. They also sell games too and you don't have to bother asking for any sort of proof when you buy online.

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