How to Transcribe YouTube videos for free?

Videos are the best way to learn new things. As they say, videos tend to be the better option than text in making notes of newer concepts. However, you may need the transcription of the videos that you have at your disposal. How would you transcribe video for free? Well, we will focus on how to transcribe a YouTube Video for free on your PC in the following article.

Videos of lectures and other important events are indeed a treasure most of the times. But, there are times when you would want to transcribe the video. There could be various reasons as to why you would want to do it. Of course, we have a few tools that would do that, but we would be focussing the simpler and easier methods in this post. How can you transcribe your YouTube videos for free? Let us find out.

Why do you need to transcribe a YouTube video?

Well, there can be several reasons. One of the most important aspects of transcribing a video is to explore the SEO benefits associated with it. Apart from that, there are several other aspects that influence your choice for transcribed videos. Some of them can be -
  • Understanding the Accent - Yes, transcription comes in quite handy when you are watching a video from some other part of the world and accent can be a huge issue. For instance, the English spoken in the US may be quite incongruous for a visitor in India. Transcription helps in understanding the concept in the video in a better manner.
  • The Foreign language - Foreign Movies and TV shows can be better understood if you can make use of transcription features. This would prove to be a better option when you have no transcription already available over the internet.
  • Blogging - You may have chanced upon a great video. Or maybe you have uploaded an expert video yourself on YouTube. What if you are interested in using the same concepts from the video for a blog post? In such circumstances, video transcription can come quite handy.
  • SEO - This can be one of the best reasons why you would want to transcribe a video from YouTube or elsewhere. Now that you have added a video, transcribing it can aid you in adding captions to the video and thus aid in better SEO benefits.

How Can You transcribe a Youtube Video?

Now that we have understood the essence of why would we need a video transcription for YouTube videos (in fact, this would apply to all videos for that matter), let us explore the ways that we can use to transcribe YouTube videos in an easy manner.

Method 1 - Transcription using automatic transcription on YouTube

Generally, YouTube videos are automatically transcribed through Google's Speech recognition technology. At times, the uploader also prepares a transcription and adds it to the video. In any case, you may access the transcript through following steps -
  • Click on MoreButton and choose Transcript option.
  • In some cases, you may need to click on More and choose Caption->Choose Language and you should find the subtitles.
  • Just copy and paste them.
That should do it. In fact, you can also use the third party tools for the purpose. We would recommend DIYCaptions as one of the best options you can opt for as it offfers you a simple method without any redirects.
The method will work only if the video in question has the subtitles and you would be able to extract them with ease.

Method 2 - Transcribe YouTube videos using Google Docs

Well, we checked the Third party options that would be helpful in transcribing a YouTube video. But, believe us, we found our own Google service to be more effective in addressing this requirement. How? Lets us check it out.
Google Voice to Text feature is one of the best when you want to transcribe your YouTube videos. In fact, the method above can work only when the YouTube video has an automatic or uploader added transcript. The service can listen to the video and can automatically type everything it listens to.
Please note that if this method has to work, your PC should listen to the video (and audio) directly. That is exactly why you would need to go through the following settings on your PC.
Follow these steps carefully -
  • Right click on the Volume icon on your taskbar and click on Recording Devices.
  • recording devices
  • Locate the option for Stereo Mix.
  • Stereo mix
  • Click on it to select it and then make it default by clicking Set Default.

After the above step, your PC should be able to listen to the audio coming out of the speakers and record it efficiently. Once this setting is done, follow the steps here below -
  • Launch Google Docs in Chrome. Please note that non Chromium browsers do not support voice typing.
  • Create new document and choose Voice Typing from Tools menu.
  • Google Voice Typing Transcribe Video
  • You should see the microphone icon. Tap on it and start recording.
  • Launch the YouTube video and play it.
  • Google Docs will begin typing as the voice is available on the video
  • Google Voice Typing
Google Docs supports over 40 languages. Yes, you will need to wait till the duration of the video, but you should end up with a considerably great video transcript at your disposal. You may also click on the Voice Typing menu to change language.
The Voice Typing method should work best if you are looking for a reliable transcription. In fact, since the YouTube Automatic transcription service uses the same concept of Google Speech Recognition - the transcription quality should be the same as for the original transcripts.

What if you have no stereo mix option available on your Windows PC?

Some sound cards do not support Stereo Mix option. If your PC or laptop does not come with support for such an option, you may consider alternatives options. Please note that the methods may or may not work.
One such option is to use VB Virtual Audio. Check out if you have access to the methods described in this mode. Explanation of this mode is beyond the scope of this article.

Concluding Thoughts

That should be the concise explanation on how you can transcribe the YouTube Videos for free. In fact, the transcription service can indeed be the best option you can go with if you are into the transcription services on the freelancer websites like Fiverr.
Have you used the method to transcribe YouTube videos? If you have found any other easier method, do let us know through the comments here below.

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