Why biometric security systems preferred over traditional security systems

Biometric security systems are more secure than the traditional security systems. Biometric systems with the fingerprint, face detection and password verification provide greater security.

The need to ensure the safety of offices and homes today is like never before. Not only to ensure that you are not the victim of a crime which could have been easily prevented but also to ensure that you are keeping a tab on who knows what or who came and left, the need for smart security systems today is like never before. When you think of security systems, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? If we are not wrong, you just pictured some complex CCTV cameras, right? Oh if you did that you're not wrong. But imagine the dimensions into which security issues metastasize every day. Put in a few minutes into this and you'll realize that security systems today mean much more than CCTV.

Although a CCTV at the gate of your premises might make you feel secure, the question is whether that is all. Business enterprises today struggle to find the right security systems solution provider that can cater to all their needs at prices that don't hurt. In the past, we have referred some of our querists to Lanoviz and thankfully we haven't received grievances until now. Today's secret in making the correct security system profile for your establishment is relying on systems that are at par with the current technological requirements. We're definitely talking about biometric security systems and why they are preferred over traditional security systems. Allow us to remind you that the advantages of biometric security systems are only bettered by the flaws of traditional security systems.

Inefficacy of Passwords

Perhaps Lanoviz experts of security systems in Bangalore would tell you the same because passwords really are not efficient anymore. Not only can they be prone to hacks, but there also is not anything 'physical' about them in the sense that someone trying to break a password is almost confident that everything that he needs to break is inside the system. With biometric security systems, half of what is needed to break is with a person and only someone possessing the right key to it can open it. Here we're talking about fingerprints, iris scans, retina scans and so on and it is common knowledge that no two persons can have the same of these. Also, many organizations today prefer to rely on double-layer protection or two-factor authentication. But the fact remains that no matter what, we're still relying on passwords.

Biometrics identifies the right person and keeps a tag on who performed the action

With the traditional password security system, it is possible that someone besides the actual user who was acquainted with the username and password can enter the account and perform activities which would otherwise be assumed to have been done by the actual user of that account. If you had used Facebook as a teenager you would know the gimmicks of the so-called hacked-account issues. We're looking at someone logging into the accounts of another person and doing bizarre activities for which the original account owner is held accountable. Imagine your Facebook account was protected by your fingerprints. That would mean total security of accounts and no possibility of people making excuses about their accounts being hacked because activities performed by biometrically approved accounts are better attributed to the actual performer of the acts.


As much sophisticated it might sound, biometric security solutions are actually cost-effective for the reason that most of these solutions only require a one-time investment. Also, there is not much requirement to train the personnel involved as it is the machines that do the job.


The advantages of biometric security are innumerable. A simple biometric time attendance device from ZKTeco India can save you enough time and human resources then you can possibly imagine. Also, currently, the mechanism usually found in use as access mechanisms would either be cards, tokens or something like that. But the problem with these options is that your card can be stolen and your token be lost. The advantage of biometrics is that you don't have to concern yourself with what you're going to do if your access card or token is broken or stolen or lost. That is because you're always going to have what it takes to register your attendance or have access to where you belong – because you're always going to have your eyes, your face and your fingers with you.

Being Economic with Time

Using biometric security systems is not only convenient but also time-saving. It is only a matter of seconds and the right finger perhaps to grant you access or lodge you in. This can mean a lot, especially during rush hours, big meetings and so on.

Other dimensions

One can safely conclude that biometrics are easily going to outdo the traditional password-based or other security systems. The reason is that once you install biometric systems across every point that needs to be guarded, not just gates and doors or private halls but also computers, data and networks, you realize that not only is it simple, efficient, less costly, time-saving but also something which can possibly be integrated with everything. Lately, even Indian companies have started relying more and more on biometric systems for their sheer simplicity of it.

One of the best reasons why you want to install the best available technology at your system is that it delivers more than you can realize. You are going to save time as well as money. Plus, there are more ways than one in which it increases your efficiency. We're looking at corrupt watchmen or clever employees trying to manipulate the actual time of entry in the office. After all, what is it going to take to write the wrong time in the register once the names are alphabetically arranged and mentioned already. All employees need to do is make sure nobody's watching and late entries can easily be sheathed because nobody really cares to go through the CCTV footage for each and every employee for every day of the week just to find out what time they entered the office. However, increase this manifold and think about the recalcitrant late comer and you, as a CEO are going to find out that the losses are huge given that you're losing out huge on valuable employee office hours for which you're already paying them handsomely. And even if there is a watchman or guard taking care of these things, well, who minds giving out small favours in exchange for some small bribes. Well, it doesn't matter who wins in the exchange, you, as an entrepreneur or a business owner, are definitely losing out on every end.

If you aren't convinced yet about getting rid of the meaningless access cards and everything that gets slow, try going through the product description at Lanoviz's website which will definitely throw some light and enlighten you why each biometric device is capable of creating a magic you didn't even know until now.


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