Best Paid Websites to Learn WordPress from

Tired of incomplete tutorials and unprofessional tips which just waste your time, which you are with so much hard work, trying to use to learn Wordpress? No more, opt for premium services that guarantee quality tutorials and live help to allow you to learn Wordpress development with full efficiency.

Over the years there have been many changes to technology and it can often be difficult to keep up. Which is why many people spend their time creating guides to assist those using different software and programmes and one particular piece of software that this can be seen with is WordPress.

Over the years it has seen many updates and the various tools used to design and control blogs and websites have been renamed, changed and moved around. Which if you're not a regular user can be a real pain. So, to help there are various paid sites that will assist those in learning about the site and how to use it. But not all are known, so we have listed the top 5 that we think are easy to follow and very informative.
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1: WP Apprentice

Produced by Kirk Biglion, an Oxford Meria Works resident WordPress expert, WP Apprentice is the ideal place to start learning all about WordPress. This site is perfect for those with little to no experience as it offers a basic structure that is easy to follow and understandable.

With easy step by step video tutorials this site allows you to delve into the world of WordPress and slowly but surely become an expert in the software. All lessons are up-to-date providing the correct information for the right version of WordPress. Of course, there is also training available for those who are more knowledgeable in the world of WordPress but just need to sharpen a few skills.

Payments for this site are as little as $47 which will provide you with up to 59 video tutorials, a WordPress security briefing, access to the member support forum and complete lifetime access to all of this information. This is highly beneficial as WordPress has been known to change a few times so this will assist you in keeping up with these changes.

2: Team Treehouse

As a provider of over 200 courses, Team Treehouse is another site that is perfect for those looking to expand their WordPress knowledge. With courses that cover a multitude of things from what WordPress is to the basics tools you will need to know in order to use it this site is ideal for anyone with a keen interest in WordPress and what can be done on it.

As a quality site to learn from Team Treehouse is completely user-friendly meaning that there are no chances that you will struggle finding what it is you're looking for, not to mention it's very well laid out which is helpful as it means that it is easy to navigate.

Starting from as little as £20 a month you will have the option to view over 1000 high-quality videos as well as on-demand learning and community support from various other learners. Team Treehouse does offer a more expensive plan that offers learners the opportunity to download content for offline learning as well as exclusive bonus content and talks from industry leaders that will understand and know all about WordPress.

3: WP101

Offering over 100 WordPress tutorial videos WP101 has been around since 2008 and has supported more than 1.5 million learners with their WordPress needs. Each video is professional, up-to-date and informative which is perfect for those wanting to learn more about the software.

This site will teach you all you need to know right from the start, starting with the basics of what it is and the benefits of using it to how to use the various tools that are available. The site even has a forum where all users can ask and answer questions in order to help out their fellow learners.

Pricing starts at $24 a year and offers two courses. One is a WordPress 101 course and the other is WordPress quick tips. But it also offers full access to the Q&A forum that is designed for members only as well as 28 easy video tutorials to assist with learning.

4: Udemy

Providing all the information you need to learn about WordPress Udemy offers a great service that will allow anyone to expand their WordPress knowledge. With 11 articles, eight hours of videos on-demand and with both mobile and desktop access as well as TV, this course is perfect.

Udemy will teach you everything from how to install WordPress on your PC or Mac to how to best protect your site from hackers and spammers. You will also learn how to correctly use categories and create a website that is both attractive and functional.

The price is usually £194.99 but Udemy often has deals available for their various courses so it's best to keep an eye out. However, it is well worth the regular price as it gives you all the tools you need to become an expert in WordPress. Not to mention that you will also receive a certificate on the completion of the course.


The last one on our list is that offers training for those with little to no experience to those who only need a refresh on their skills. Not only will you learn the essentials and basics of how to use WordPress but you can also learn all about the various plugins and how to build an app that will accompany your site.

Perfect for the various different learning styles that often come with learners this site will offer step by step information to whatever it is you need to know about WordPress. It also has an extremely helpful search facility and the site its self is simple and easy to navigate making it easy to use for all learners.

The basic price for this is as low as £12.95 a month and with this, you will receive unlimited learning from not just this but the other 6,420 courses on offer as well as free cancellation and the opportunity to access your progress with quizzes. There is also a premium service that starts at £18.95 and it does offer a few extras like the option to view resources offline and access to project files to practice what you've learned.

Each of these sites is extremely useful and will offer all the information you need to learn about WordPress. No matter the extent of your skills there is always something new you can learn, especially when it comes to WordPress and its regular changes. However, you can also utilize the premium WordPress services on web development, that is if you need it up and running and can't wait to start from scratch.

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