How to Choose the Right Topic for your Blog?

How to choose the right topic for your blog? Choosing a topic of the blog is the key to success. Some nuances are to be taken into account as the number of readers depends primarily on the theme.

Factors to consider when Choosing a Blog Topic

Many people dream of their blog. Some of them have many things to share; others would like to communicate with the audience by writing on hot topics. The most frequently asked question is how to choose the right topic for the blog. Here are some effective tips from experienced bloggers. They will help to choose the right blog topic for you.

Step #1. Determine Your Goal.

In most cases, your main task is to form a loyal audience that will read you. Even if you do not want to monetize your project, at least, you want to receive feedback in the form of comments, likes, and shares. Therefore, it is so important to determine your goal personally.
So, you are to make the following things:

  • Make a list of your interests. What do you want to broadcast to the world?

  • Make sure you know who your readers are.

  • Think about the tasks and problems that will be solved with the help of your blog.

  • Plan the number of articles you are ready to post. Think about the frequency.

  • Decide how you will develop your blog.

You are to understand all this before starting. However, there are cases when people just begin to write what they think, what they feel and experience and soon they become successful. Anyway, it is better to work on the strategy beforehand.This will help you to choose the Right topic for the blog.

Step #2. Choose the Theme of Your Blog

You should understand that your content should be exclusive. It is meant that you are to share something new. It is a bad idea to rewrite someone's blog. You are to be unique to be read. So it's important to choose the best topic. You should be ready to constantly share personal experiences and insights. Of course, there are bloggers who order post from writers as students pay for coursework. It isn't a good idea as readers will quickly recognize fake.

Writing your own experience, you'll be able to show your individuality, your manner of writing and personal characteristics in a blog topic. To understand if you have chosen the right theme, prepare a content plan for a month. Does it interest you? Could you think of 15 or more topics? Most likely, you are on the right way.

Step #3. Choose the Blog Post Format.

It entirely depends on the Blog topic that you chose. The most popular Blog Topics are :

  • Healthy food and vegetarianism

  • Sports lifestyle and training

  • Fashion and style

  • Books

  • Self-education and development

  • Study

  • Interior design

  • Hobbies

  • Traveling

  • Beauty and healthcare

  • Children


The main question is "What"? What is planning to share? What is the goal of your blog? What is the best topic for your Blog? What kind of readers do you want to have? Think all of them over. If you don't know the answer to them, it will be difficult for you to form loyal readers around yourself.

Choose the direction. Understand where you are going. Be sure to think about the development vector of your site. Do you want to develop yourself as an expert (for example, model, photographer, coach, journalist, writer)? Do you want to monetize the project? Some people earn much money by writing. Blogging even becomes their main job. Commonly, they are specialists in a specific sphere.

Constantly develop in the chosen theme. It is important that you know everything about the selected Blog topic. And here the following rule will help you to find the best topic for your Blog. you can be considered an expert if you spend about 8,000 hours studying a topic.

Diversify the formats of posts. Here it is worthwhile to take an example from modern media. Infographics, compilations, interviews, author columns, personal experience, reportage, long read, podcast, video of different formats – all this can be implemented on the pages of your project.And all this will affect your Blog Topic.

Analyze the results. Pay attention not only to statistics and comments but also to personal interests. People tend to change, so it's better if you change the subject and the vector of the development of the blog than you will continue to create content on a right blog topic that has ceased to be interesting to you.


It is best to choose one main theme of your blog. Choose the Right blog topic. The worst idea is to write about everything. Your posts will not look reliable. Moreover, you are not the expert in all the spheres. Choosing different themes, you risk losing your audience because people like to read thematic blogs. They don't want to spend time on searching interesting posts on your site.

On the Internet, it is advised to check the right blog topic for relevance, to forecast and estimate the cost of clicks in case of advertising installation. Here you can act as you see it better. What you should write about is still to be chosen by the heart, not by the mind. If you want it only because of future profitability – this will be a failure. You just cannot write without interest and desire for a long time and give it up, despite the profitability. It is best to choose the golden mean – the theme should be at the junction of your hobby and the demand for it.

Summarizing, one can conclude that the choice of the right blog topic is a serious matter. Take your time, think, analyze, determine based precisely on your desires. After all, a blog is a creation; you will devote a lot of your time to it. To create a successful blog, you should first of all be interested in it, and then your audience.


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