Content Delivery Network: Why do you need one

Do you own a website? Do you need a boost up the loading performance? Subscription to a CDN service can bring you the desired effect.

What is CDN

CDN is the short form of Content Delivery Network. Today CDN is getting more and more popular in the digital world as it could make a huge difference in the performance of a site. Entrepreneurs who work with domains and websites consider it to be one of the most fruitful methods to make a site load at lightning speed. Even the major speed checking tools like GT Metrix and Google Page Speed prefer to make use of content delivery network (CDN) services. Here are few ways to know, if it is time for you to subscribe one.

How it works

Most of the website owners and bloggers today prefer to work on shared hosting, and there all their files are hosted in a data center. But when a user is far away from that data center, his website can suffer latency due to too many numbers of pings. Thus, what comes out, as a result, is, a delay in loading the page, crashing or the webpage being unresponsive.

To troubleshoot this problem, a content delivery network is developed which would have data centers placed in different geographical locations, so when a site gets subscribed to a CDN, all these files that contain images, videos static files, and other elements would get served directly by the nearest CDN data center. Whenever someone visits that site, the site loads immediately and the website works smoothly with no hitches or response issues.

Here are the benefits of using a CDN service listed below:
1. CDN Reduces the Latency in Pings
The primary and most positive effect of using a CDN is the reduction in the latency of pings. It happens because in the CDN the system uses a replication technique for the content in which the content gets copied on different servers that are located in different regions.

2. Boosting up the Performance
CDN is also preferred mostly for its effect in the performance in loading a webpage and in its responsiveness. As in CDN, the content gets cached through the digital space, now it has to cover only shorter distances to reach the device of the users. This does not only help in reducing the latency but also helps largely in minimizing the loss of packet data.

3. Highly Scalable
CDN works by offloading traffic to the server. As a result, it becomes a lot easier task to managing the traffic spikes as it can effortlessly scale up or down the traffic within a short period of time.

4. Holds Reliability
In a CDN system processing, any user request is a breeze. Whenever there is any request made by the user, the data immediately gets routed to the nearest possible server location. So, even if an issue arises with one server, the requests automatically get transferred to the next server available in the closest proximity.

5. Lower the Total Cost
Another reason behind the steadily growing popularity of content delivery network is that it requires lesser self-managed infrastructure than a shared hosting one. Thus, it becomes easier with a CDN subscription to pay less for the infrastructure and even the overall maintenance costs.

6. Improvement in SEO Results
For any website, the Page speed ratio plays the big role in Google ranking procedure. In most cases, the loading time of a page is considered by the search engines to be one of the most important criteria for their ratings. As CDN directly helps in reducing the loading time of a webpage, it automatically contributes to improving the SEO results of a website.

7. Increasing in Sales Order and Conversions
As CDN reduces the page loading time, it works faster, and people get happier with these websites. As a result, they visit more often and in many cases, they do recommend others to use this site for certain purposes. Things get even better if it is an e-commerce site because it involves smooth money transactions without any server error to take place while placing an order or making an online payment.

8. CDN is an Expert in Handling More Traffic
When a website gets popular, it is definitely time to celebrate. But what if the server is not able to handle the rush of traffic and finally gives it up with an embarrassing error message? Well, the services of CDN comes handy in such cases, as it is highly efficient in handling a large traffic. So, a CDN subscriber would never face any trouble with the increasing number of traffic. The difference gets noticed especially when a website goes viral on the net. Many times, such websites face a severe latency and end up crashing down while loading down the page. But CDN has removed this possibility with its latest content delivery system, and thus it is obvious that anyone who knows the value of website traffic would never undermine the importance of a CDN service.

9. Reduction in the Total Cost of Hosting
For those who are using a dedicated, VPS or any other hosting packages with a limited bandwidth, a timely subscription to a CDN service would save a lot of money. As the total packet data is less used in a CDN service, the total hosting cost would come down automatically and the owner of the website can enjoy the benefit a significant margin of profit.

The Bottom Line

As CDN services store all your files on the close-knit CDN servers they are way cheaper than any of the other existing web hosting services. As technology is advancing every day, receiving the benefits that cost you less is always a clever decision. The Internet is evolving from good to better with every such forward step, if you do not keep up with the pace, your competitors would leave you behind.

The benefits of CDN have been discussed above and till now there is no negative report available. So, if you are keen to get the best out of your website or even a blog, with a higher ranking in Google, isn't it time to go for a CDN?


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