10 Gadgets to Secure Your Home

Shifted to a new home? Looking for the best safety measures? Here are a handful of gadgets that can secure your home and family from every angle.

Home Security Gadgets

Home comes first when we prioritize things in life. Keeping it safe is equal to saving your dear ones and that can never stand second to any other thing. We all are aware of the dangers that surround us and are quite jittery to deal with the threats we receive from every corner. Hence, when talking about Safety, it has to cover all aspects. In this scenario, the only shelter we can turn to is technology again. Starting from fire attacks, to anti-theft, from child safety to maintenance of assets, technology today has answers for all. Let's have a look at these 10 gadgets that were handpicked from a list of many, because of their sparkling smart technology and functionality.

1. Smart Locks:

Smart locks are easy to install gadgets through which the users would be able to open the doors via a smartphone. This smart gadget adds the facility for any user to grant access to the outsiders whenever someone visits their home. Irrespective of being where they are at that time, the door would not remain closed to the guests and refuse hospitality. The cool features of this lock include quick installation into the deadbolt within a time frame of only 5-10 minutes. You can get smart locks that are compatible with all basic OS, like Android, iOS, and Windows to ensure it can include all the family members as its users.

2. Smart Alarms:

Smart alarms are gadgets that are basically motion-based sound alerts created for noticing all activities. These alarm systems can be monitored through emails or remote pushes. These gadgets are given the capability to send out to its users clearly audible notifications in order to help ensure each activity taking place inside the house premises is notified to the owner.

3. Security Cameras

A home security system is incomplete and handicapped without cameras that would be installed just to keep a 24x7 watch at all the corners of your home. The best places to install them are the corners that are less frequented by the family members or have easier access to the outdoors. These cameras can keep a record of every incident that takes place. So, if anything goes wrong, the user can time travel back to that hour and place to see what has transpired. These cameras are specifically crafted to keep an eye on every movement, and storing those significant moments up in their storage space as the footage with date and time showing up the history of events that have taken place within a time frame. These cameras reduce the risk of opening doors without knowing who is standing out. It also comes handy when you need to keep a watch on your babysitters and domestic help and monitor their activities and to see how good they are at performing their duties. It would detect whenever there is a foul play.

4. Sensors

These are smart devices that are programmed to react to specific activities while sending alerts to its users. Today, the types of sensors are increasing day by day and you can install as many as you like to ensure maximum safety from all spheres. The range starts from fire sensors, smoke sensors, window sensors, temperature sensors, water leak sensors, and the list goes on. These are sensors that can start playing an audible alarm to defend the people at home from intruders and they won't stay quiet to any attempt to breaking in the barriers and enter in your house premises.

5. Combo of Motion Cookies and Versatile Sensors

These sensors are to keep track on your home with the help of Cookies. The package contains a combination of multiple sensors that can detect fire, smoke, water leakage and more. The batteries in this device would last up to a whole year. These sensors go well with all smart devices, be it Android, Windows, or an iOS.

6. Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

This is a wireless video monitoring camera that comes with loads of features. To set it up and get installed it takes only a minute. You can view the footage by zooming in, enable Night vision, and the camera can shoot at 130 degrees of view diagonally to ensure that everything gets caught up. There is a secure offsite available with the recording that you can avail with an additional cost that allows you to review them and an extra editing footage feature through a month.

7. Wi-Fi Day/Night HD Baby Camera

This is one of the best devices to keep a check on the babies, the most precious member of your family. Compatible with iOS and Android, these devices send Motion and sound alerts to the users to keep a track on the babies. It is flooded with lovely features that include remote lullabies that help the babies to sleep and the two-way communication system allows you to comfort your baby when you are not with him/her.

8. Garage Door Controller

The Garage Door Controller is a remote-control device to check on the garage door. It can be opened or closed with the touch of a button on your smartphone. Installed in minutes, it can work best for the doors of garages that have garage opening system installed. It is to send alerts automatically to the users to let them know when and by whom the door of their garage has been opened and when. The controller comes compatible with Android and iOS devices.

9. Home Monitoring Kit

These Home Monitoring kits include many of the above-said gadgets all packed in one. They secure every home ticking off any extra monthly monitoring costs that one needs to pay to avail any traditional security system. These home security systems monitor the arrival and departure of people in your home, checks out and detects the levels of smoke and excess carbon monoxide and sends out Notifications to the users to let them know whenever something is not right.

10. Voice-Activated Wireless Portable Intercom

Finally, safety is based on communication with your family members. In this regard, what could be a better choice than a Voice-Activated Wireless Portable Intercom? This device is fully Battery powered and the intercom is all set to help you to get in touch with your near and dear ones in the family through a secured single or multi-channel connection unit.

Few More Thoughts on Safety Awareness

To sum up, we all need to remember, that gadgets are only inanimate tools. To get the most out of it, you need an alert mind, that can take quick actions based on the information input provided with these gadgets. Along with the knowledge, one needs to be quick-witted enough to resolve the issue, if the situation demands. So, to be safe, you need to play safe.


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