Leaf Ear Bluetooth headphone Review - My personal experience

I have been using the Leaf Ear Bluetooth earphone and love it so far. Read my experience and review of Leaf Ear Bluetooth headphone.

Since the time I switched my primary profession from blogging to digital marketing, the biggest challenge for me was the number of phone calls I need to handle every day. Let the scientists continue their debate on whether excessive cell phone usage causes brain cancer or not but one thing is for sure - after long hours of calls during the day, I feel dizzy and tired.

I was looking for some earpieces that would help me continue my important business calls without causing the vibration in my ears. The first headphone I purchased was "JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphone" and it worked just fine but the main challenge with that was, it always gets tangled in itself, making it hard to use it while driving. Then I purchased another one - "Logitech H151", which was a pretty big headset with a projected mic. It was much more comfortable than the previous one and the tangling issue was much lower. In fact, it was easy to pull it from the dashboard and place it over the head while driving. The issue with the over-the-head headset was that it gives an appearance of a "call centre guy". One day, I was stopped by police while driving wearing the headset and according to the officer, wearing the phone headset was as bad as using the phone while driving. That was the last day I used that headset and I started looking for a handy headphone.

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In-ear Bluetooth headset by Leaf Ear

I was sure I don't want a wired headphone anymore. I started looking for a Bluetooth in-ear headset and finally got the "Leaf Ear Wireless Earphone". I have used Leaf Ear for some time now and read this review of Leaf Ear based on my experience so far.

The device came in a small box that has a premium feel. I had handed over my previous headsets to my wife but the moment she saw the Leaf Ear headset, she made a claim for that. Somehow I managed to convince her of the need for me to have a Bluetooth headset for my safety during driving and she fell for it. So, now I have the Leaf Ear for myself!

My experience with Leaf Ear - A comprehensive review

It has been 4 weeks since I am using the Leaf Ear headphone and I'm very happy with it. I'm glad I decided to replace my other wired headphone with this wireless Bluetooth headphone. Here is my overall review of Leaf Ear Bluetooth Headphone:

Excellent sound.

I'm not really a music guy and usually, any sound is the same for me! Not really, anymore. Leaf Ear made me realise how poor the quality of all other devices I've been using so far. For a normal phone call, there is nothing much to differentiate but when it comes to listening to music or watching movies on the phone, the stereo sound quality of Leaf Ear really amazes me.

Built-in microphone

Leaf Ear wireless Bluetooth earphone has a built-in microphone to make the phone calls directly from the earphones. It works on Bluetooth 4.1 technology and provides uninterrupted communication between the phone and the earphone.

The company claims up to 10 metres distance between phone and the earphone but in reality, if you go beyond 5 metres from the phone, the earphone sound quality goes down and you may feel interruptions in the call. Practically, you should keep the phone in your hand, car or pocket while using the headset for the best experience. If you place it on a table and walk around the room talking through the earphone, you may accidentally walk away and may start losing sound clarity.

Leaf Ear earphone review

Rechargeable battery

The Leaf Ear comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery of 75 mAh, which will provide enough battery backup for a full day of use. The company claims up to 150 hours of standby time and 6-8 hours of talk time. I haven't actually tested the battery but I never had to recharge during the day, even on a busy day with a lot of long phone calls. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully recharge the device using the microUSB. A short micro USB cable is included in the box.

Ergonomic design

Leaf Ear earphone has a unique design. Initially, I was afraid to buy this when I saw the pictures on Amazon. After reading a few reviews, I felt comfortable. It has a unique strip projecting out on the both the earpieces that will help it stay safe in the ear. It took 2-3 days for me to get familiar with placing this properly on the ear. But once I got familiar with it, it became very comfortable. Now I can place the device in the ear with just one hand and it fits just fine on the ear.

Sweatproof material

The Leaf Ear earphone is made of a premium quality material and is protected with invisible nano-coating technology that protects the earbuds against sweat during work out. It is CE, FCC, RoHS certified and ETA from WPC granted.


Unlike many other Bluetooth devices I have used, I never had any pairing issues with Leaf Ear. When you wake up in the morning, if the device appears not connected, just click the button on the earpiece and it will give you the voice message - "connected". Be confident that it will stay paired and connected throughout the day. The company has certified the compatibility with a range of smartphones including iPhone 7, 6/6S, 6S Plus, 5 5c 5s 4s,iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3 Note 4 3, HTC M9 M8 M7, LG Flex 2 G3 G2, Apple watch and Other Bluetooth smartphones/devices. In theory, it will work with any devices that are compatible with Bluetooth 4.1.


Unlike most other earphones, the Leaf Ear comes with 1-year warranty with doorstep services, which shows the company's confidence in the products. The doorstep warranty assures that they will pick up the product from the door-step for free and deliver back to you. Warranty claims all manufacturing defects.

On-ear controls

Leaf Ear Wireless Earphone has a few controls on the earpiece:

a. Volume up-down control
b. A multi-purpose button that can be used to accept, reject and transfer calls depending on how you press it (single press, double press, long press etc).
c. micro USB port to recharge the device

Overall review of Leaf Ear as a brand and as an earphone product

I chose the Leaf Ear after evaluating several models in Amazon.in and also talked to several people who are using different brands of Bluetooth headsets. I'm glad that I chose to go with Leaf Ear. It works very well for my needs, and above all, it gives exceptional sound quality and easy pairing with any devices. Pricing is very reasonable. Leaf Ear has given me a Coupon Code that I can share with my readers and will them eligible for Rs 200 for any products purchased from their store.

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Article by Tony John
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Amazing earphones, loved it!

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