Top 5 Affordable CRM Software in India for Small Business

Are you looking for an affordable CRM software? We have reviewed some of the popular products in India and have come up with a list of top CRM software to manage your business.

Just a little over one and a half decade, we saw the rise of wireless telephony in India. When it began, the market started getting flooded with devices which would show off the number of contacts they could save. Back then, a capacity to save a thousand contacts was rather a very big number. People would throw themselves at such devices while today, we have most smartphones not even mentioning about this. Literally, we have devices with storage capacities comparable to typical desktops now while a typical contact file doesn't take more than a few kilobytes. Earlier this decade we stopped talking about what phone could hold how many contacts, for the simple reason that phones, all of them, had the capacity to store sort-of unlimited number of contacts, given the advantages of additional cloud storage. But why are we discussing this? The right question to be asked is: wasn't the thousand contacts capacity not exciting? The reason was that it was for the first time humans were being able to observe a paradigm shift from a typical pocket diary to a tiny digital device when it came to creating / storing contacts.

Although for the common man, the significance of the ability to store contacts may not be anything more than creating a convenience for oneself whereby they don't have to pick the pen and look for their diaries every they need to note down their favorite's number. But what started as a mere convenience is revolutionizing entire industries today. In fact, no industry remains untouched, such is the role that's saving contacts play. In fact, it goes deeper than that.

Importance of Customer Relationship Management software

What we are talking about is Customer Relationship Management software, which is a special type of software which you could typically call a contact saving mechanism with a thinking ability. No dear, we are not going to talk about AI today. Let's save that for another day. A typical CRM software not only saves the contact information of your customers but also helps you channelize your marketing abilities in the right direction by allowing you to observe the patterns of every instance of interaction that you had with your customers. The medium doesn't matter, for today's advanced CRM software would help you analyze the interactions you had with your customers in the past by phone, email and also social media platforms like Facebook. Imagine. The details of all your customers. In one place. Plus the Ability to know when you want to hit them with what, convert them into buyers of your new product and whatnot.

Buying a CRM software - How to choose the right one for your business?

However, buying a CRM software for your enterprise might sound easy but for a number of reasons, it is worthwhile doing your little research bit so that you don't fall for every trap the market has set for you. Although the easiest thing to do, in case you have got tonnes of cash to trash, is to buy the best and the costliest thing out there, a big software package which would sound like an all-inclusive deal, it might not be the smartest one. The reason is that such large packages are not really tools but platforms, which implies that the complex features that the websites of this software put up do not really exist for you in the way you want them to. In order to get the most out of them, you would have to do some third-party integration with these software providers, which won't stop making the hole in your pocket you just burnt yesterday.

In order to make the best out of what you buy, you first need to understand what you need. If you have a small or medium-size business, going for a huge package might not serve your purpose. What you will need is a software that not only you must be able to use, but be able to use to your advantage and not to the detriment of your business. What am I talking about? Well, suppose you buy a complex software which neither you nor your employees understand. Clearly, you are going to need a hoard of training sessions to be organized by the support service providers from the guys you bought in the first place. Additionally, you must be able to calculate in mathematical terms the ease of use. Just imagine the amount of time you would be saving your sales team and other staff if they were able to do the task within a fewer number of clicks on a simpler software which is, if not custom tailored for your business, but definitely serves the purpose. After all a CRM software is not something you are going to boast about. You can't even put it on your website in a manner so as to lure your potential customers. It is a tool for making your task easy, so that you are able to stay connected with your customers, know what they want, like or would want or like and convert them not only into buyers of your future products but also channels to bring you additional customers. Saving a few clicks for your sales team guys every time they want to maximize the output through the CRM software, will go a long way in enhancing your own efficiency.

Free trials - Are they worth?

Before buying the software, you must not forget to get the free trials if any are available. If you have not done your research yet, most of these companies would give you a free trial, at least for a certain duration or if it is not limited by duration then a host of features would be blocked, which you can only use in the paid version. You need to figure out how your team is able to manage with this new addition in the work system. Are they taking too much time to adapt or is it fairly easy for them to move on to the new system. Also, you need to make sure that every time there is a technical glitch you are facing, which you will, in all probability, you have a very efficient support system. You must be reminded that such support subscriptions can be another monetary concern for you.

Integration with Social Platforms

The next thing you would want to ensure is that the software is enabled with the best class of social networking add-ons. Not only are we talking about Facebook and Twitter, you are also looking forward to engaging with your customers on a real-time basis. But at the same time, you must not forget the typical mail. No matter how big game-changers might the new social platforms are, the mail is never gonna die. You must ensure that you are going to be able to do just enough with your new software and make the best out of email. Your CRM software must be well programmed to analyze and capture data from your emails and arrange the records accordingly. Additionally, you would want to take some time in seeing how the software relates with mobile devices. One must ensure that the CRM software is able to support the mobile platform in use by the organization and the software only proves to be a stepping stone and not otherwise.

Marketing Automation - A key attribute of CRM Software

What you must not forget is that these days, the burning topic in the realm of CRM software is marketing automation. Although the term might sound sexy to some, bizarre to others, nonetheless, it is the feature that most CRM companies are working to achieve and excel in. Marketing automation, as the term is self-explanatory, it means the ability of the software to help your sales team stay updated with the recent interactions with your customers. How about a system which reminds you every 14 days to follow up with your customer or maybe a couple of days after he did not finish the order which he was going to through the app. Would you not want to catch up with your dear paying ones once in a little while, sent them a few fancy emails depending on some sophisticated patterns which either you set or the software does? If your CRM has the feature of marketing automation, you need to stay carefree about all of this. After all, didn't CRM mean it's going to manage it all?

Don't miss the Analytics features

You are also going to want to have your software do some little analytics for you, isn't it? Analysing how your employees are able to interact with the system and the pattern which demonstrates what type of customers are responding and why would go a long way in helping you maximize your profits. The last thing you need to ensure is that your software comes with sufficient security to ensure your worthy data is not being misused or being put in hands where they don't belong. How does software react when there is a password breach? Things like these are what matter to you, not just the features. Because there is no point filling a vault with gold coins, one without a lock or without guards around it. Now, having understood the factors one must look at while buying a CRM software for one's company, let us move on to analyze some of the top affordable CRM software in India.

List of affordable CRM software available in India

We have done some research as part of buying a CRM software for one of our clients and have come up with a list of best and affordable CRm software solutions available in India. Please note that being a software, they have no country boundaries and a software made in any other country can be used in India. However, we have given some special emphasis for the software that has a strong presence in India with some sort of local support options.

So, below is our list of recommended CRM software in India:

Maple CRM

We conducted a test on the major affordable CRM software in India and the above-listed are some of the best ones we found. However, we were able to discern a clear distinction between the goods and the best and allow us to introduce you to the clear winner with a shining edge Maple CRM. As you can decipher, within the scope of this article we had software which would not only meet our affordability criteria but also the source of the creation. To begin with, Maple CRM is software created out of Bangalore and the pricing of the software would reflect that. Based on our assessment of the software and assessment of the same, the software is a remarkable creation to cater to the needs of the small and medium enterprises and offers quick cost-cutting mechanisms. Although it requires a second thought to be given to what extent the software will be able to fulfil the requirements of large business enterprises, however since affordability is our major concern, and thus impliedly it is expected out of the software we reviewed that they should be able to pass the internal benchmarks and parameters we observe while reviewing the software, Maple CRM is an outstanding piece of work and is optimized for enterprises which are not looking for big platforms.

Features of Maple CRM
To speak of the features housed by Maple, it boasts automated lead assignment, which means that it will be able to analyze material from your websites, landing pages and integrated plugins. You can set rules based on which the software will assign leads automatically and send the notifications for the same to your sales staff. Additionally, it can send automatically acknowledgement emails or SMS to customers too.

Workflow Automation:
Apart from this, the software is equipped with an efficient workflow automation feature which lets you define the stages of work and the nature of the workflow. This means that if a task is to be completed through various stages, you can configure in advance which requirements are to be fulfilled in order to go from one stage to the next. This can be done by defining the stages of work. Not only does this save your staff the time in understanding the processes that support the workflow of your enterprise, but it also ensures minimum deviation from the ideal. Your customers can be apprised of the progress at every stage of the work.

Role-based access control
Another important feature to showcase is that Maple CRM allows role-based access control. This means that as an administrator, you can create a hierarchy amongst your staff members and allow them access to the system based on their ranks and grant them privileges in the system accordingly. For instance, there can be created a group for all the managers in the enterprise, of which branches are situated in different places. Group access can be created for all these managers who will be able to access the system from anywhere and will be able to manage the affairs related to sales and conversion accordingly. On the other hand, for the end uses, feature-wise access may be created whereby the end users will be able to use the system for his own benefit according to the privileges or accesses granted to him.

Cloud and Mobile based solution
Not to forget, Maple CRM is not just a cloud-enabled software, it also enables you to look into valuable customer data and call leads directly through your phone, should you be a sales manager or staff employed for this purpose. By virtue of apps available both for iOS and Android platforms, you can engage with your customers on the go. Further, it is common knowledge that in enterprises, both big and small, there are some tasks that the staff members perform on a regular basis but which are repetitive to the extent of decreasing the efficiency and the over the outcome in value of the time spent by the staff in performing such repetitive tasks. Here also does Maple CRM come to your rescue by allowing you to create automation to tackle these monotonous repetitions. For instance, if configured accordingly, Maple CRM reminds your staff about their pending work and sends notifications to your customers regarding a pending payment due to be paid by a certain date. Would you not like to send free birthday greetings to your customers in general and maybe a few perks/gifts to the highest paying ones. After all, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Impliedly, the purpose of buying such software is so that you can build on the relationship between you and your customer. A few timely reminders and freebies can go a long way in nurturing this relationship to the betterment of your business enterprise.

Task Management System
Maple's efficient task management system allows you to create/define a turn around time for every task in every stage of the process to address situations or tasks which require being completed in not one but multiple stages. Not only does it allow you to define the task, but also define the experts to deal with the subject matter accordingly. It will send out requisite alerts and notifications automatically to the concerned staff/employees in the nature of a reminder to apprise them of impending deadlines in a particular stage. On the other hand, if and when the task is completed, you can stay assured that your dearest customer is apprised of the fact in time.

Create and manage quotations
To build on the list of features Maple CRM also empowers you to automate the creation of quotations. Now, if you have been part of a busy enterprise, you need not be told how complex, tiring and redundant can these quotations be. You need to describe the item in full which is the concern of the invoice, the price, along with specific details of your enterprise such as your contact details, your logo to be placed in the invoice properly, the standardized terms and conditions to oversee and regulate the transactions and so on. However, if you have Maple by your side, this is done automatically. You can create a template with the required taxes, their rates, discount options, item description, rates, logos and other such information to be presented in an invoice. This is a one-time investment of your time and effort and you are set for the long run. A similar feature is also available for invoices whereby clean PDFs are generated to represent transactions in your business. Apart from creating PDFs automatically, Maple also allows you to send reminders automatically to your customers regarding impending payments.

More features
Apart from the inherent features the software possesses, it also allows integration with several plugins so that you are never limited by the features of one single creation in code. Speaking of possible integrations, you can begin with mVaayoo, which enables you to send customized SMS messages to your customers pertaining to the specific transactions they had with your enterprise. Knowlarity connects with Maple to allow you to gather data from the receptionist directly and allows your staff to make calls to the customers directly from the system and further record the conversation you had with them for any analysis you may want to do. We believe we don't need to introduce what JustDial. Connect Maple with JD to capture leads directly from JD's huge database and send and receive messages in a matter that suits the needs of your enterprise. Olark is an important integration to have with Maple CRM so that you can capture important data from chat transcripts that your customers or potential customers have with you on Olark. Additionally, you can use this integration to enlist and address any support requests that your customers might have. If you are an education-based enterprise, you may want to integrate with Shiksha's platform to allow you to address and studies-related enquiry that a student might have. Zopim is another platform like Olark which allows you to capture through the integration with Maple any important data from chat transcripts. You can integrate Maple CRM with Landing Pages to capture data from any number of Landing Pages. You can definitely have email integration for automated mailers/ticket assignments.

Maple CRM is an all in one package for small and medium enterprises and if you don't have faith, you should maybe look at their clientele. Within the short span of time between the launch of the product till today, the team of Maple seems to have over 500 companies using their system which include big names like Philips, GE Healthcare and Concordia College, New York to boast.

However, if you are an enterprise based out of India, perhaps your primary consideration would be the pricing of the software or its licenses. To speak of the pricing, allow us to share with you that Maple CRM allows you to have a complete 7-day free trial without any requirement on your part to attach your Credit Card for the trial purpose. So that means you don't have to be afraid of untold deductions from your Credit card after the end of the trial period and when you forget that the trial period has ended. Maple CRM, in addition to the customizable plans, offers two plans. The Premium Plan is priced at Rs. 300 per user per month and has the basic features to offer such as allowing you to send and receive leads to and from unlimited contacts, make email and SMS templates and gives you access to its efficient workflow management system. However, for advanced users, you get everything in the premium package and more, such as the sales planner, document manager, iOS and Android apps, quotation builder (PDF), invoice builder (PDF) and more for Rs. 500 per user per month in the Professional Plan. All Plans include 1000 customer accounts per user, over 500 MB of storage for every user, free website and mail integration, dedicated data storage, 256-Bit SSL Data Access Encryption (for added security), round the clock monitoring and maintenance and free software upgrades and when they come.If you are looking for upgrading your existing CRM software to Maple or buying it if you don't have one already, maybe you would like to watch the free short demo here at

Best CRM Software in India - Maple CRM

Website :

Cratio CRM

Cratio CRM is a product of Cratio Software Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India, which is an Indian company. It is not very costly software and is loaded with features. It has a fairly easy to use lead automation and management system which will enable you to capture leads from a number of online portals like JustDial, as well as from your phone call history, missed calls, the chats you had with your customers as well as emails. These leads are then systematically distributed with the sales team and personalized content is sent to your customers. That is what you are looking at when you talk of marketing automation. Alongside these features is a smart analyzer which enables you to monitor how you've been going lately with your customers. Besides, you can call this software to be an upgrade in your inventory as it is not going to limit your activity on the desktop. It is developed in order to help you streamline your marketing activities through your mobile device as well. Now, you can use Cratio CRM to keep a daily track and work according to your daily plans on your customers. It also has 3rd part software integration facility which means that if you are going to extend your domain with the CRM, you can go right ahead. More to go about this software on their website. These guys seem to have a fairly good clientele with names like Asianet, L&T and Godrej on their list.

You must be reminded that there is a free trial available for you to try hands-on this software. The monthly cost of this software is Rs. 399 per user and you need to pay for a minimum of 5 users.


Website :

Zoho CRM

Zoho has been a popular name in the CRM segment, not only in India but internationally and is considered to be one of the most efficient ones available in the market. The best thing about this one is its value for money. It has won several awards including the PCMag Editor's Choice Award. For the low cost it comes at, it offers a wide array of features. These days, Zoho is a complete favourite of the medium size enterprises. The software is not only mobile enabled (with apps available for download both on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store), it is going to be a heavy experience for you if you are using the other products from the same company. It has a good looking and simple interface and comes with a free trial. It is a power packed engine which includes the best in the order email integration, workflow automation and security. It can also be integrated to work with your Google Adwords programs. The best thing about Zoho is that it comes with several editions, one among which is definitely going to suit your needs. All you need to do is pick and choose.


Website :

Mera CRM

As the name sounds, it is an Indian creation. You can go ahead an take a demo of the software. There are four editions of this software. The first one is called solo which comes at an affordable Rs. 699 per month. It is a single user licence and comes with the basic features. The Team edition is a 5-user license, suitable for a small team at a price of Rs. 2999 per month, thereby saving you nearly 500 bucks when compared to the solo license. Additionally, you've got additional features in this license such as SMS integration, invoices basis, email integration, better customization abilities and the print to PDF option. The Small Business pack comes at a price of Rs. 4999 for 10 users and the highest level license is the enterprise license at Rs. 8999 for 20 users and it includes all the features you can think of. It has a better dashboard, coupled with an enhanced invoicing system, better automation and communication abilities. An additional attraction for this software is that is cloud-enabled which means that you are not limited by the same work system that your employees work on. Now, the platform is going to exist online.

Mera CRM

Website :

Sales Mantra

If you are a genuine entrepreneur more worried about efficiency, cost-cutting and less worried about an attractive interface, sales mantra is your guy. It has most of the typical features that you need in a CRM and it is affordable. It has a fairly capable automation system and can give you good leads which you can possibly convert into paying customers. The company claims that this is a software that pays for itself. By this, they mean that the value additions that the software is going to bring to your company are going to translate into enough profits that you are not going to be worried about how to pay for it. Whether it is true or not is a question you need to find the answer by yourself. How to do that? Well, you have a free trial you can take. The best thing about the software is that it is a desi product so you are not going to be worried about support.

Sales Mantra

Website :

The above mentioned were some of the best CRM software in India, with a prime focus on their affordability. If you are looking forward to complex CRM software with a lot of third-party integrations that it might need, perhaps such software is not within the scope of this article.

Check out this article to learn more about essential software for startup business.

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