Top Web Design Elements to Improve Website Performance

A website is one of the effective tools to market products and makes an impact digitally. Such a tool would require specific elements that could improve a business's digital presence and help driving traffic to a website with higher conversion rate.

Having a website is one of the most effective marketing tools available to promote anything digitally today. However, such pages need optimization with respect to web design to increase traffic and conversions. In today's market where competition is tough, one needs to design a good web page that has a low bounce rate and a higher conversion rate to stay ahead of the game.

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Essential Website Design Factors that Improve Website Performance:

CRO or conversion rate optimization is a way to improve a website experience that can increase traffic and motivates the visitor to take the desired action beneficial for a business. In other words, the digital aura of a product depends on a lot on web page design and therefore improving the following factors can make a huge difference on the portrayal of a company in the digital world.

Accessible Design:

Mobile devices, laptops and desktops work in different ways and hence a webpage must be optimized to function effortlessly on all devices alike. It is a general observation that users are more receptive to websites that load quicker and hence implementing an accessible design that is optimized/ redesigned to all devices can improve the overall web traffic and conversion rates.

Value proposition:

While hiring a digital marketing agency, the services must reflect the value and goal of the product clearly throughout the web page. Writing a clear value proposition and placing it strategically in the web pages helps to convey the core idea of a company. Avoid using content that confuses the visitor and provides easy navigation from page to page while website designing.

Simplified Form-filling:

One of the most tedious and disliked activities by customers is filling out of forms while making an inquiry or purchase. Therefore, during website designing, forms must be made small, simple and easy to fill; use of predictive text helps to decrease the burden on a prospective customer. Displaying error messages for proper form submission, vertical column alignment, etc. can makes such an activity less boring.

Website speed:

Another irksome factor for a customer is a website that loads slowly. This indirectly has an impact on the conversion rate and therefore the web design firm must take care to create a website that makes easy navigation possible on every device. An enjoyable browsing experience is one of the best ways to ensure a positive conversion rate from a visitor.

Call To Action (CTA) Techniques:

Effective Call-to-action is the path that provides confidence to users, especially new ones, that they are on the right track while making a purchase, filling a form or involved in any other activity on a web page. Simple tricks like changing the color (for e.g. green) of text after entering the right info assures the customer to continue boring form fillings and make a positive conversion rate for the business. Confusing CTAs must be avoided since it has a risk of alienating visitors due to complex or confusing designs.

So, avoiding common mistakes in Web Designing and following the above practices can optimize user experience and ensure maximum conversion for a business.