SEO & Digital Marketing Interview Questions with Answers - Learn and Impress the Interviewer

Don't just read the interview question answers but learn everything you need to know to win a digital marketing interview and out perform your colleagues after you join the company.

I have been marketing blogs and websites since 1998, the same year Google was incorporated. During my past 21 years career as an online marketer, I have interviewed numerous people for my own business and for other digital marketing companies as well. I've come across people who know a lot about digital marketing but could not perform well in the interviews only because they were just not prepared to answer a lot of questions. On the other hand, I have seen many people who do not have subject knowledge and practical experience but succeed in impressing many interviewers only because they could answer a lot of theoretical questions.

Recent experience in a digital marketing interview

In a recent digital marketing interview, one of my co-interviewer came with a bunch of interview questions. We both were interviewing the candidates jointly. My co-interviewer asked all his questions to every applicant. Surprisingly, one of the job applicants answered every single question during the interview. But the same candidate failed to answer most of my questions which involved real-world digital marketing scenarios. I was sure he lacks technical expertise but I was still wondering how did he answer every question from the other interviewer. We both were hired as consultants to interview the candidates for another digital marketing company in Kerala.

I wasn't ready to give up and wanted to find out how did one candidate answered every question. Initially, I suspected some foul play and thought the interviewer may have leaked out the questions to the guy who may have some personal connections. I randomly searched for some of his questions in Google and quickly figured out that all of his questions were taken from the website of one of the best digital marketing companies in Kerala. It was obvious that both the interviewer and the candidate did a Google search for the digital marketing interview questions and collected them from the same source.

How to prepare for a digital marketing interview

Even though I have provided a lot of commonly asked digital marketing interview questions, I strongly suggest you do not depend fully on the question bank. Learning from the digital marketing questions should be only a part of your interview preparation process. See some guidelines to prepare for a digital marketing interview:

1. Prepare an impressive Resume, highlighting your online projects

This is an essential part of an interview. Highlight your experience in this field. Briefly mention all of the major projects you have executed. You don't have to provide a lot of details of the websites and projects you have worked on. Just provide a link to the website or social media channel and mention your role and target. Let the interviewer dig into the detail if he likes to know more about it.

2. Your digital marketing success stories

Be prepared to impress the interviewer with a few success stories. In most cases, the interviewer will ask you to explain some of your success stories where you helped your client to improve their business. Do your homework, collect statistics and other data to show how you helped your client or website to improve the ROI of the business. Be aware that most clients are concerned only about how much improvement you could bring to their business and not how much you improved their search engine ranking or how many Facebook pages you boosted. I have an interesting success story to share, most of the interview time will be spent on digging into the details of this story and they won't get a lot of time to ask you other difficult technical questions!

If you come up with a fake success story, a smart interviewer can easily eliminate you from the race! So, don't try to fool the interviewer with some inflated stories but talk the facts from your real project experience.

3. What you learnt from the mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. Admitting mistakes and learning from them is considered as one of the professional approaches towards success. Employers prefer people who are willing to experiment, learn from every mistake and come up with better strategies to avoid such mistakes in future. In many interviews, they would ask questions like can you talk about some of your failed digital marketing strategies. Don't be embarrassed to tell them how you went wrong and why you failed. As long as you can convince the interviewer that you have learnt from your mistakes and know how to avoid such mistakes in future, you are safe. Digital Marketing employers would love to hire someone who has already learnt from the failures at someone else's expense!

4. Get some certifications

As a digital marketing employer, I don't give any value to the certifications for 2 reasons:
  1. In many cases, such certifications are not genuine. People pass such certifications by using question banks, support of other experts etc.
  2. Certification exams can measure only theoretical knowledge. Employers are looking for more practical experience and the ability to learn new things quickly.

If you are looking for high quality training in digital marketing, you may want to contact "Digital Skill Master Academy" in Kochi, Kerala.

However, I still recommend you take some relevant certifications. Google AdWords, Google Analytics etc are some of the common certifications that may be helpful in your digital marketing interview. Even if an employer doesn't give much value to the certifications, it is probably going to create a quick impression about you during the interview. In some cases, just the certification alone may help you get selected over other interviewees when there are multiple applicants for a job who are equally qualified in all other aspects.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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