CRM Software: What to Look For?

CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) is the trend right now in the Business World. If you own a business and are looking for a better way to build a long-lasting relationship with your Customers, such a tool can be the need of the hour. But before you choose one, check out what to look for in this article.

The Concept

Customer Relationship Management Software more popularly known as (CRM) can be primarily seen as a smarter option of maintaining a contact list database that uses its own intelligence. Today, when we are taking every step towards a smarter technology working more and more on artificial intelligence, it would not be surprising if we have software that would not only record our huge list of customers' contact information but at the same time would keep a track record of subtle details of the relationship that is being developed after every interaction taking place including phone calls, emails, social media updates and especially through your customer helpdesk. The idea is to maximize the benefits of having a number of customers on your hand, allowing the relationship to bloom to its maximum prosperity and growing a better bond with them by working on projects like introducing your latest products, fulfilling your marketing target, tie up for cross-selling and so on. All these would result in a higher productivity rate, increase your turnover and finally be achieving the customer satisfaction that everybody dreams of.

Here is a comprehensive list of features that you need to notice while selecting a CRM software that best suits your purpose. Also, the price of CRM software is an important factor to consider, especially when you are looking for CRM products in markets like India.

Categorizing and Integrating Demographics

The best CRM software is the one which can deliver hordes of benefits as it would help you in organizing by recording every institutional knowledge that is gained through interacting with their customers. But it would be wrong to say that CRM software is only concerned with tracking down customer records or dealing with their contact details. Though till sometime back these kinds of software represented themselves as a sales tool, the scenario has changed in recent days. CRM can be used as a database that can effectively categorize the demographics through its recorded information and one can reuse them whenever any customer is being followed up.

Coordinating interdepartmental actions

Today CRM software have included the benefit of coordinating interdepartmental actions. For instance, the manufacturing team can get feedback from the customer service team and make the necessary changes to improve their product quality or functionality.

Keep a watch on Social Media

The best CRM software today should be capable of setting up a sales goal, as well as track down the email marketing campaigns while keeping an intent watch on the comments and feedback posted on their social media pages.

Pricing based on Add-ons

It goes without saying that price has always a determining factor whenever we go for evaluating a product or a service. CRM software is nothing different in this regard. So while picking up one from the rest, one needs to analyse and focus more on the features listed on the package and choose the one that looks suitable for your business set-up. One need not go greedy on getting all the benefits at once even if they aren't required, as you can always upgrade to an advanced one, whenever it is time. This is important because the software would always evolve into a better one in no time. So, instead of investing in a one-time solution, it is always better to go step by step ahead, so that you save money and can focus on the current list of work to be done.

Ease of Use

CRM software needs to be intuitive enough or else it won't be able to provide you with any help. You need to take a note of how many clicks it involves while performing a basic task and whether it is easy or is it getting harder for you to find the features in time that you are in search of.
Apart from its ease of use, what makes it handier is that the CRM software should be capable of managing user error. For example, if a user tries to perform a task on a wrong screen, the best CRM software will be the one, which can identify the error and automatically suggest the correct alternative.
One more way to find the usability of a CRM software is by getting an on-hand experience of training others to use it. If that goes smoothly, it's worth investing.

Communication and Social Media Integration

Today, the ideal CRM software is supposed to be knitting well the departmental information, customer information along with a proper communication method that includes emails, messages and social media profiles. If that isn't there in a software, better not to go ahead. It is so because unless the communication and social media integration are in place, your CRM software is, in fact, an incompetent one.

Marketing Automation

Last but not least, a CRM software has to have its Automation feature in place which enables the software's performance level in tasks like reminding sales target, marketing the latest products through the team of representatives and follow up regularly with the customers maintaining a good time-schedule. The entire work process needs to be done automatically, wherein the manual dependence would be replaced with automated services performing the hackwork in the marketing sphere.

Enhance your Business with the best CRM software

If you need an easy-to-use CRM solution, I would recommend Maple CRM. It is designed in such a way that it balances the business-customer relationship with ease. It comes with the following features: Automated lead Assignment, Workflow Automation, Team Management, Task Management, Invoice Builder etc. Try using Maple CRM to enhance your business by finding new customers.

Winding Up

Whether your business profile is a newly launched or an age-old establishment, the need to go with time would always remain a necessity. To endorse such a progressive leap, you need the help of the latest technology, and CRM software is proving itself to be one such tool that comes in handy in time. Leave your comment to share your thoughts on this.

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Author: Umesh06 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

CRM software is definitely an important tool for a business enterprise to keep a tab of its customers and their requirements on a historical basis.

If the software can distinguish a customer based on its past purchases and type of services rendered to him the present task of meeting customers query or order becomes simpler.

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