5 Underrated Instagram SEO and Optimization Secrets for Businesses

If Instagram is a part of your social media startegy, then you ought to know these optimisation secrets of business for Instagram.

search engine optimisation for instagram
Since social media has been introduced to the world, the internet has evolved even more and the way people used to communicate which other has changed a lot. Social media has introduced a new way of connectivity which has taken over all the previous ways in which we connected with our family and friends. There are many big social media sites today on the internet with billions of users. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Snapchat has attracted so many people from around the world. Instagram is also one of those social media websites that have changed the way people connect.
The photo sharing platform not just changed the way we share our pictures with families and friends, but it has given us more than that. In the age of social media marketing, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms. Social media helps us connect with people and not just a few people you can interact with masses, and that is why social media has offered some big opportunities in shape of social media marketing. And when it comes to Instagram for social media marketing it stands out. Instagram is one of the leading social media marketing platforms, and many brands are using it for the promotions. The users that are actively using Instagram are more than 700 million which makes it a great social media platform. In order to make Instagram marketing successful, it is necessary that you learn some SEO and optimization tips for it. Here below are five underrated Instagram SEO and Optimization secrets for businesses.

1- Take advantages of Instagram's business tools for advertising

One of the most underrated secrets for a better SEO and optimization of Instagram marketing is the use of a business tool for advertising. Though we all know when we are using Instagram for marketing our basic purpose is to connect with the audience on the platform, sharing relevant content, and sharing the best pictures taken out from the right people and after this, the next thing that comes to mind is paid Instagram advertising. We know that all these are important aspects and they come first, but you should also go for the tools with the features that were designed especially and only for the Instagram business. There are many Instagram tools out there which you can use for good and can have real success. The Instagram tools are of various types, and most of them are designed with keeping in mind the individual aspects of marketing. There are many tools that will give you the insight of the Instagram account including specific posts One of those tools is Simply Measured. This will help you in improving your performance by knowing most of the things about your audience and their behavior towards your Instagram account. There are also other tools for Instagram that lets you buy followers as well. Another great Instagram tool is Vibbi, that lets you grow your Instagram account. So, keep in mind that tools are important and you can always use them because they were designed for it.

2- Do keyword research on your hashtag

If you are looking for the most useful Instagram SEO and optimization tricks then dealing with your hashtags is one of them. The hashtag is a trend that is now being used by many prominent social media platforms. Initially, it gained popularity on Twitter but now almost every social media platform knows their significance, and they have allowed hashtags for users. This can be an excellent SEO for Instagram because we all know Instagram is not Google or any big search engine, but it still comprises of a search function and what do people mostly search on Instagram? The answer is hashtags. You need to search and find the hashtags that are very much related to your business and are also being regularly used by people on Instagram and the hashtags that are famous. When it comes to adding a hashtag to your posts, there is no limit, and you can add as many hashtags as you like in your picture. But you have to be careful with that as well adding as many hashtags as you like is not going to solve your optimization problems. You need to pick out the specific hashtags that are relevant to you and are famous by searching yourself. You can add hashtags to your post in any way you like. You can also find various tools like Keyhole that lets you track hashtags on Instagram.

3- Hold an Instagram contest

If you are looking for some good and special techniques that can help you improve the SEO of your Instagram business account, then Instagram contest are very much underestimated. Instagram contest are fun for the followers they are enjoyable, and they are admired by the audience. The whole point of an Instagram contest is to win something and who does not want to win? And that helps you improve your promotions. Instagram contest often rewards gifts in shape of the product of the company or anything else as a souvenir. People love free things, and they get attracted easily towards it. However, you might be thinking that you should not be wasting money on giving things away to people for free, but trust us it will be worth it. Instagram contests can be held by asking the audience to share pictures in their Instagram with your Insta handle, or you can simply ask them to comment on your posts to win. People can take part in Instagram contests in various ways, and there are different ways to decide a winner as well. Like you can decide through jury or simply the post or comment with most like wins. So Instagram contests can improve your optimization.

4- Partner with a charity or a non-profit organization

One of the ways in which you can optimize your Instagram account on search by improving its SEO is by partnering with nonprofits or charities. In the community when people think that an organization is doing something valuable for the society, they like to support it. You need to partner up with these organizations. You might not be helping directly, but you can always help indirectly. You can partner up with a nonprofit that is related to your business, and you can support them by raising funds, by sending them profits, by sending them employees or services or you can support in various ways. This will have an excellent effect on your business overall and on your website as well but when it comes to Instagram, it will have a more special effect. Pictures, as we know, can be powerful, so we can promote the cause by using powerful pictures. So, if you want to improve your social media marketing campaigns performance you can always search for the most related charity to your business and you can partner with them to serve and to improve your business.

5- Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the things that affect your Instagram market campaign and the search engine optimization as well. Influencer marketing is done through the help of people or other influencers that are famous on Instagram and can advocate people towards your business. They can be anyone from celebrities to people with a good connection or a well reputed social media account. They often have a huge fan base, and you can use that to your advantage by paying them for promoting your business. It is also important that when you are finding an influencer for your Instagram business account make sure that you find one of your niche, someone who is related to your business and has a following that is mostly your target audience. The influencing method rally gives business a boost and increases your exposure to the Instagram world. It also makes your business or the product you are promoting through influence more credible. So you can always use the influencing technique as it improves your optimization and has other benefits too.

Author Bio:

Mitchel Jordan is a social media enthusiast, a freelance writer, and blogger. He mostly writes on social media and shares his Instagram marketing success.

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