Page-level enforcements: Your AdSense Publisher Policy Violation Report

Did you get an email from Google with the title - Your AdSense Publisher Policy Violation Report? Check out this announcement about the new page-level enforcements initiated by Google AdSense program and learn how to view and appeal your page-level enforcement violations.

Many AdSense publishers recently started received emails from Google talking about "page-level enforcements". However, there were no such warnings or messages in the AdSense dashboard. To make sure your AdSense account is in compliance with the program policies, it is a good idea to check if you have any page-level violations and get them resolved as soon as possible.

What is Page-level violations

In the past, Google used to report account level violations (for serious violations like click fraud, suspicious activities etc) and site level violations (for policy violations in the site) in the dashboard. Now Google has introduced a new policy enforcement called "Page-level enforcement". In fact, the page level policy enforcement has been always there but it was labelled as "Site level violations".

With the new policy centre update, the minor violations in individual pages are reported separately in a different place within your AdSense account. Such enforcements will automatically block ad-serving in the affected pages. There will not be any specific notification but you will get a page-level policy enforcement summary report once in a while.

Page-level policy enforcement notification from Google

Unlike other site level violation and account level violation, Google doesn't send individual emails to the publishers alerting about the page-level violations. The probable reason is, there may be a large number of such violations for every publisher and Google doesn't want to send out too many notifications but will show them all in the new Policy Centre.

Here is a sample of the email received by the affected publishers:

Dear Publisher,
This Google Publisher Policy Report gives you an overview of recent policy violation related activity on sites associated with your account. Please note that this report only includes activity due to page-level enforcements. Your account may also be subject to other policy enforcement actions taken at the site or account level, which may be communicated by separate emails or in your product's dashboard.
Pages that have not been enforced at the page or site level will continue to serve ads.
In the last 24 hours:

  • We discovered 3 new pages on your sites that don't comply with the AdSense Program Policies. As a result, we have stopped some ads from appearing on those pages.
  • .Visit

    Visit the AdSense Policy Center for more details on your pages and appeals.

    To find out more about our policies please visit our Help Center.

    Kind regards,
    Google Publisher Policy

    How to view your page-level enforcement violations

    Minor violations of program policies in individual pages are called page-level violations and are reported under Settings > My Sites > Policy center in your AdSense account. If you have a page-level policy violation, Google will stop serving ads only to those specific pages and not the entire site. You have an option to appeal through the policy centre.

    NOTE: The new Policy centre is different from the existing "Policy Centre" link you see on the left navigation. The new policy centre under "Settings" is not yet enabled for many publishers.

    How to view page-level violations in the new Policy center
    To find your page-level violations and submit an appeal, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your AdSense account.

  • Click "Settings" in the left navigation panel

  • Click on "My sites".

  • Under "My sites", click "Policy center".

  • Check if your sites are listed there. Click the name of your site in the policy centre.

  • Click the specific URL of the page which shows the violation.

  • In the detailed view of your page-level violation:
    1. Click a policy violation to learn more about it.
    2. Click Appeal to submit an appeal.

  • When you click on the "Appeal" button, you will be presented with the appeal form. Before you submit the appeal, make sure you have resolved the violation in the page. You can submit a maximum of 100 appeals per day. So, if your site has a massive number of page level violations, you will be able to submit only 100 appeals per month.

    In our case, I just figured out that Google has flagged some of our non-content pages including the Login page for page-level enforcements with the "Valuable Inventory: No content " violation. When we click on the violation name, it will show many help topics that talk about the specific policies relevant to that. This happened because due to certain issues in our website template, Ads were placed in the non-content pages which we didn't notice until now.

    Check if you have the new policy center enabled in your AdSense account. If it is enabled, make sure all page level violations are fixed at the earliest.

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    Guest Author: MaalFreeKaa17 Mar 2018

    1 page was reviewed at your request and found to be non-compliant with our policies at the time of the review. Ad serving continues to be restricted or disabled on this page.
    I Deleted this page after review 3 time fail what do please help

    Guest Author: ash30 Apr 2018

    I have got the same problem, one of my webpages has been removed by Google due to Copyright Claim. I had shared an article about PUBG MOBILE review, the publisher of the game made that complain. My website, . If I get too many Copyright claims, that mean too many page-enforcements complains, is it possible to get suspended my Adsense account?

    Guest Author: Zahid Mehboob21 Jul 2019

    Nice information, but can you tell me how to fix copyright materials (DMCA) violations from in Adsense?
    Check the violations URL:

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