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Downloading videos is one of the most common tasks one is engaged while on the Internet. It has repeatedly been stated that videos speak better than the text. There are several ways you can download videos online. Keepvid has been a name to reckon with from that perspective. We will go through a detailed review in the following paragraphs.

Are you trying to have access to online videos and want to download them onto your device? The internet offers you several options that you can utilise for the purpose. However, from among the plethora of apps that promise to do that, Keepvid is one service provider that does stay on top. Keepvid provides you with an excellent means of downloading your favourite videos from the internet quite quickly. Let us go through the service and its features here.

Keepvid - A perfect option for downloading videos

Keepvid Video Downloader is a free online web application, specifically meant for downloading videos from any site - well, practically any site. It does support a majority of the popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and DailyMotion among others. Check out more details at

There are no special techniques needed to download the videos. You only need to copy and paste the link into the videos and paste it into the textbox. Keepvid also has several specially designed apps for the purpose of Android and other operating systems. They also provide browser extensions for your video download requirements, which would help you have access to your video downloads without any need to launch the application.

How does Keepvid Online Video Downloader work?

Keepvid Online Video Downloader is an excellent choice when it comes to downloading your favourite videos. And what makes it a great option is the fact that it offers you a simple interface.
You do not need to install any separate application to access the video download service. Just visit the main website of Keepvid, and you are good to go. No learning curve - or no need for any technical know-how, the task would be completed as soon as you copy-paste the link into the main window of the service.
The image below should give you a clear idea of how does the service work.

Visit from any of your favourite browsers. Copy the download link for your video and paste it in the space provided and click on Download. That does it - your video will now be downloaded.
You will be given an option to choose the format for the downloaded video you would want. You can choose the formats that best suit your requirements. The image below should offer you give you a fair idea of the formats supported by the service.

The best part of the service is apart from videos; you can also extract the audio from the video links of your choice. The option can be the best one when you want just the audio, but not the video of your selected file.

There is no need to sign up or sign in to an account for being able to access the video download service. It is as simple as visiting any of your sites on your browser.

The Special Features of Keepvid

Keepvid has been the prime choice for video downloads in recent times. The major feature that sets it apart from similar services is the fact that it does not need you to sign in with any service to be able to have access to it.
Let us go through a few salient features that make it one of the prime choices -
  • Support for the huge list of formats - Keepvid does support a huge number of file formats and devices. You can also extract audio alone from the videos, thereby making it quite easy to download your favourite music videos right from your video.There is a support for over 150 different file formats

  • A wide range of sites supported - Keepvid does support over 10,000 sites. The list of services is quite impressive with the likes of DailyMotion, Vimeo, Discovery, and Vine among others.

  • User Friendly nature - The service is completely user-friendly. There is no any kind of learning curve involved in the functioning of the service. All the steps involved are self explanatory.
  • Free Service - It is a completely free to use service. There are no purchases needed to use the service for as long as you would want to.
  • Support for extensions - The video download service also comes with a browser extension. This would be an added advantage as you will allow you to download any video you come across while browsing the internet just at the click of a button without the need to visit the Keepvid site.
  • Support for subtitle download - Keepvid also downloads the subtitles along with the video. This would be helpful when you want to download videos in a foreign language.
  • Batc Download - You can choose multiple videos on a site like YouTube and download the files in one go.

Keepvid Extensions - A simple way to download your videos

Downloading the videos from your favourite websites could not have been easier. Keepvid has been the perfect choice for any of your video downloading requirements. However, it has been made more simpler and easier -with the Browser Extensions.
Downloading your favourite videos cannot have been easier. The extension Keepvid Helper lets you have access you to your desired video with just a single click. Learn more about Keepvid extensions at

The extension is compatible with a wide range of browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Yandex and Opera among others.

The functioning the Keepvid Helper extension is quite easy to follow. Once the extension is installed, you will see a Download button whenever you are watching a video. You will only need to click on this Download button to be able to save the video on your computer. Isn't it much simpler?

The Verdict

Well, Keepvid has always impressed us a lot. It is one such developer platform that has been serving all sort of the requirements being faced by the video fans worldwide. With varied services across Video Downloads and Music Downloads, it has been the number one option for all your video or audio download needs.

Have you used the services of Keepvid? If you have, do share your experiences with the best free online video downloader service. Your feedback can be much helpful in spreading awareness about, undoubtedly, world's best video downloader.

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