Wondershare - One of the Best Flash Drive Data Recovery software in 2017

If you have a laptop, or PC and handle a lot of data, managing it can indeed be an enormous task. Accidental deletion of any of your important data can lead to serious consequences. That is exactly when you feel the need for an effective data recovery software. Wondershare Data Recovery is one such great tool that has proved itself to be an excellent choice. Let us go through a detailed review of this software.

Data Recovery forms an integral part of your troubleshooting exercise when you are forced to face the loss of your important files. There may be cases when you unintentionally delete a file that actually you should not. Malware or virus attacks can also play havoc with your system and result in loss of data. Retrieving the lost data can be a herculean task if you are not equipped with an efficient medium for recovering your lost data. Wondershare Data Recovery Software is indeed an excellent option you can lay your hands on. This article is an attempt at understanding the basic concepts and functionality of this excellent software.Click here

Wondershare Data Recovery - What it is?

Wondershare is a software development company that has proved its excellence in providing us with enviable software tools. The Wondershare Data Recovery is such a great piece of software that helps you recovering any sort of data quite effortlessly. It can help you recover almost any format of a file in just a few steps.
Wondershare Data Recovery does support over 550 file formats. The software is available both for Windows and Mac. The tool comes with several inbuilt options that ease your efforts like multiple scanning modes, including in-depth scan and resume functionality. The free version can recover files up to a size of 100 MB. If you want to recover data files exceeding that size, you will need to opt for the paid version.
The software works with almost all kinds of media. It has compatibility with your computers, Hard drives, Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Cameras, Camcorders and Smartphones alike. The application lets you recover files in a host of circumstances including crashed computers, and damaged hard drives. The tool comes with five different recovery modes you can choose from.

How does Wondershare data Recovery Software work?

Well, Wondersahre Data recovery Software excels with its versatile nature. It excels when compared to the competing products because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface. Just launch the application and perform any of the tasks you would want to perform.
It not without anything that the tool enjoys a 5,000,000+ strong user base. The tool does not come with any fancy interface but focusses on the functionality. It helps you retrieve all your lost data in a jiffy in just a couple of simple steps. A crashed laptop/computer, Loss of important files or mistaken formatting - whatever be the case, you can use Wondershare Data Recovery Software for all your requirements in data recovery.
The functionality is quite simple and easy to follow. As soon as you launch the application, it will begin scanning your hard drive, or any other storage device for the lost files. The Quick Scan feature works quite intuitively and can retrieve the lost files in just under a minute.
Put in the simple words, Wondershare Data Recovery Software works in a three-step procedure -
  • Select - Choose a Recovery Mode that best suits your needs. The tool offers you five different modes.
  • Scan - Run the scan on your computer or folder. Click Start and your scan should begin.
  • Recover - The tool lets you opt for selective recovery options. You can recover only those files that you really want to recover. Just preview the files recovered and save them if you want.

The Modes supported include
  • Wizard Mode - If you have not much knowledge about data recovery and want to automate the process, this can be the best option. The wizard walks you through the setup and recovers your files.
  • Lost File Recovery - You can use this option if you are aware of the exact location where the original files were located. The option can recover lost, formatted and deleted files. You can get the files back to the original path along with the filename.
  • Partition Recovery - This can be the best option if the above mode fails. It can recover all the files from any kind of drive - be it exFAT, FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS. You can opt for this mode if you have issues with your partitions.
  • Raw Recovery - This mode proves to be effective if the loss is due to trojan attacks or other serious damages. The mode performs an intensive scan and thus can take more time to finish.
  • Resume Recovery - This mode helps you scan your drive and recover the files on the need base. You can save the scan result and resume a data recovery session later on.

Wondershare Data Recovery Software supports a wider range of formats. As long as the drive formats are concerned, it does work with NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, HFS+, and HFSX. The all inclusive compatibility of the tool is indicated by the support it provides for practically any device - desktops, laptops, digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives, removable drives, solid state drives - you name it and the software supports it. moreover, you can also use it for recovering lost files from Floppy Disk, iPod, and cell phones as well. The image below shows the list of formats it supports.

You can also use the software to recover files from your flash drive. In fact, the compatibility with the flash drives makes it an obvious choice when it comes to recovering your precious data.

How to recover data from Flash Drive using Wondershare?

Flash Drives form an important part of the storage medium as things stand as of now. Flash Drives tend to be quite handy when it comes to make your work portable. What if your flash drive has issues and you need to recover data from flash drive? That is where Wondershare Data Recovery tool comes to your rescue. You can follow the simple steps explained here -
  • We suppose you have already installed Wondershare data recovery on your computer. Launch it.
  • Choose the Lost File Recovery option in the main screen.

  • Ensure that your Flash Drive has been connected to your device. Choose the drive from the menu.
  • You can check box for Deep Scan if you want to make sure that all the data is recovered.

  • Once the scan is completed, you should see the list, or thumbnails of the recoverable files. Preview them, and choose the files you would want to recover.

  • Click on Recover.

That should do it. You have now successfully recovered all your important files from your flash drive.

The Pros and Cons

Well, like any other software tool, Wondershare Data Recovery too has its own set of positives and negatives. However, we feel the positive aspects outweigh the negative ones.
  • The software offers you a faster scanning.
  • It is quite reasonably priced in comparison to the competing products.
  • Support for a good number of file formats.
  • The interface and functionality is quite easy to understand and use.

  • The preview feature needs a little overhauling.
  • The data limit for the trial version looks quite too little when compared to the other products available in the genre.

Availability and Pricing

Wondershare Data recovery Tool can easily be downloaded from the official site. It is available for Windows and Mac. The tool does not come with any subscription plans. You just need to pay once and get lifetime license.

The Windows version will cost you $ 49.95. The Mac Version is priced at $ 34.95. We must say these are quite affordable prices when you compare it to the competitors products in the same genre. You will assured of free lifetime updates for both these plans.

Concluding Thoughts

After using it for a couple of days, we were quite impressed with its performance. The ability to use multiple scan options makes it one of the versatile data recovery tools you can opt for. It excels in comparison to the similar products, especially when you want to recover files from the flash drives. That has been an area where most of the data recovery tools fail to impress. It does work as it promises to. The affordable price tag is yet another point that goes in its favour.
Did this review sort out the doubts you have in your mind? We welcome any kind of feedback about this worthy software in the comments below.

(All Images Courtesy - Official Wondershare Site)

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