Where to buy PAL to NTSC converter in Bangalore, India

Did you recently move from USA or other countries to India and brought NTSC TV or other video devices that do not support PAL format? I am sharing my experience in buying a PAL to NTSC converter in Bangalore, India.

When we moved from USA to India permanently, we decided to bring all of our electronics devices. Most of the electronic devices like TV, Camcoder etc were used, but we bought a few new devices as well. We were very aware of the NTSC - Pal incompatibility issues we are going to face in India, but we thought we can deal with it easily.

NTSC Pal Compatibility issues for electronic items from USA to India

NTSC is the standard in USA, where as in India, the standard is PAL. The digital transmission in India is in PAL format. If you bring an NTSC TV from USA to India, it will not work with the cable providers in India without using a converter. Period. It will not work.

When I purchased the new TV from USA to bring to India, I heard from various sources that NTSC - PAL incompatibility is history and modern setup boxes provided by cable TV operators like Tata Sky, Dish network etc will work anywhere and on any devices. I was very optimistic and bought all NTSC devices from USA. And to be on the safer side, I brought one Atlona PAL NTSC converter as well.

After coming here and getting the Cable TV subscription from Tata Sky, I learnt few things:

1. My assumption of "somehow" we can make it work was wrong. Tata Sky people connected the setup box and left the home saying your TV does not work with PAL system.

2. The Atlona converter I brought from USA was dead and useless.

So, I decided to start shopping for a PAL to NTSC converter in Bangalore. Before
too long, I learnt it is not easy to buy one in India. I asked many people and checked with many shops. No one have any idea where to buy a converter in Bangalore. Learn more about where to buy PAL to NTSC converter in Bangalore, India.

I found an online shop which sells NTSC Pal converter in Mumbai. They do ship to other parts of the country as well. I called them and they confirmed they can ship to Bangalore. However, I felt the price is pretty high. They said it costs Rs 7900. But the primary reason I decided to continue the search was, I have no clue if the product they sell are reliable.(Someone just adviced me that this unit has no HDMI input. It has only composite video input and HDMI output. It may still work as a converter, but it may not be the best choice)

Based on some recommendations from the Tata Sky technician, I decided to give a try in S.P Road in Bangalore. I have heard from few others also that in S.P. Road, you can buy any foreign brands there.

Today or tomorrow, I will visit S.P. Road and share my experience.

Where to buy a PAL to NTSC converter in Bangalore, India

Today I went to SP Road looking for a PAL to NTSC converter to make my US made TVs work with the cable TV providers in India. I heard from many people that all electronic devices will be available in SP Road in Bangalore.

After some confusion, I finally managed to reach SP Road. It is a very crowded place with 100s of electronic shops. I asked several shops and no one had the converter I was looking for. After spending more than 2 hours walking from shop to shop, I heard from couple of shops that it is available in a shop called "Pankaj Electronics" in the same Road. I finally located that small shop, which was in the entrance of the SP Road itself.

They had PAL to NTSC converter in stock. But it was a very small and dirty piece. It did not have any HDMI cable options, meaning I will not be able to take advantage of the High Definition display of my latest 3D enabled, 55" LED TV. After spending so much money for the TV, it will be ridiculous to watch low clarity video on it. Moreover, this converter did not look like a good quality product. It just had a power cable and a single cable composite input/output. The price of this Pal to Ntsc converter is Rs 7500.

I was not satisfied with this converter. So, I gave up on them and continued my search in several more shops in SP road. Many more shops suggested Pankaj Electronics and said there are no other shops which carry such products.

If you like to buy a Pal to NTSC converter in Bangalore, you may contact Pankaj Electronics at SP Road. This is a small shop on the ground floor and is located on 3rd building on the left side when you enter the SP road.

Phone Number of Pankaj Electronics: 9341215140

I gave and decided to go back home. While going back, I made a last attempt in another store. They told me they can get me the item within 30 minutes if I pay an advance right away. I can't see the product before I buy it since he has to get it from elsewhere. According to the shop owner, this is an imported product with HDMI and USB options. (I am not sure about the purpose of a USB in a Pal to NTSC converter.) The price of the Pal to NTSC converter in this store was Rs 12,500. I decided not to buy since he can't even get the product to show me until I pay the money. If you are interested in buying this, you can call them and get more details: Phone (Vaisal): 080 22220697

I did not get a converter in SP Road or anywhere else in Bangalore after spending a full day shopping on the roads and online. I decided to try to bring a good one from USA which would cost about $200, but atleast I can trust the quality.

(I could have rather bought the converter from the Mumbai shop I mentioned above. I decided to try in SP Road because I thought the price in Mumbai shop was pretty high. But what I learnt today after spending Rs 300 to a traffic policeman for red-light violation, another Rs 450 in a restaurant and spoling my 1 day was that it was worth buying from the Mumbai shop!)

You cannot buy a reliable, high quality Pal to NTSC converter in Bangalore or anywhere in India. If you bring a TV from USA, bring one or 2 converters too. It is worth keeping a backup unit instead of wasting your time looking for it in India. Or, if you have an extra unit, you can sell it to people like me!

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tripod.com. Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including IndiaStudyChannel.com, Techulator.com, dotnetspider.com and many more.

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Guest Author: AppaRao18 Oct 2011

This is absolutely what I was looking for when searched to locate a converter in Bangalore. Just like you, I also moved recently and on the same boat. Luckily one of my store brand LED TVs works and the brand name TV does not.

Any luck locating a working converter so far?

Guest Author: Tony John21 Oct 2011


I could never find a good one in Bangalore. Finally, I ended up bring a Com World PAL to NTSC converter from USA, which works reasonably well. Recently I got my Atlona converter repaired by the manufacturer in USA.

Which is the TV that works without a converter?

Guest Author: Jenil01 Nov 2011

Hi Tony,
I am facing the same problem
I have heard of the store in mumbai.
But what would be the best option
i have a Vizio 22' LED TV, was unawre of the problems i could face.
Also, when I connected to my Hathway STB, i was able to get distorted picture with clear sound. Is the problem really of NTSC/PAL signals.
Would appritiate If you could help

Guest Author: Namratha Shetty15 Nov 2011

Thanks for sharing your experience. I too like most desis did not get a converter from USA. I am struggling with using the TV for local cable programs. Having spent all the dollars to ship everything, i chose to not spend another $200 for converter. Thanks Tony.

Guest Author: 22 Nov 2011

Hi all,

Interesting forum and I too sooner or later will be in the same boat. I'm planning to buy a SONY-3D HDTV from USA and taking back to India when I go for good (may be in 2 years from now). First, is it really wise taking a TV from USA to India (knowing all the NTSC-PAL issues, converters, 110-240V , customs)? I personally want to take it as I dont want to invest huge price in India for the same tv set (barring the custom).
I would appreciate if someone can guide me.

Guest Author: 22 Nov 2011


Thanks for your comment. In my opinion it is worth bringing a TV from USA to India if it is 50" or bigger TV and also if you are already shipping other things. If you are shipping just the TV alone, then the cost involved may be too high and may not be worth.

Guest Author: 22 Nov 2011


Can you please share the shipping and custom's rules involved.
I plan to bring 40" google tv from US. If i bring it in check-in baggage.. is the normal packing engough or wooden box is required.. wat if i put in cargo..how shud be d packing and cost involved.

Guest Author: Sambit25 Nov 2011

i just 3 days before got 1 led TV from USA.i m facing here the same problem.From techarena.com wat i came to know that,it will work with Airtel Digital TV as it gives connection through HDMI cables.PAL or NTSC does not matters.But 2day one Airtel guy came to my room & he told me tha convertor is must for the tv brought from USA.What i heard like,using of convertor reduces the quality of the picture.So is it true????

Is there any option other than using the convertor?plz suggest..

Guest Author: Goutam M26 Nov 2011

Another option your can try :
Try to contact the product vendor i.e. if you bought Sony TV then contact sony service center and replace the tuner by them. This does not cost much. But the constraint is that you need to have the corresponding Asia Pac model avaiable in India. In Asia Pac countries PAl is the default transmission format.
What did you do for Voltage transformer ?

Guest Author: JSS05 Dec 2011

pretty awesome writeup. thx for sharing

Guest Author: EssKay31 Dec 2011

I have Atlona converter (PAL to NTSC) HD-560. I bought it for $190 after discount (have invoice). If anyone interested can, Please write to me.

Guest Author: latif18 Jan 2012

I have a samsung 55" led tv from usa and I got the orei xd-990 hdmi pal to ntsc conveter for less than $90 from amazon and works very well.

Guest Author: Sankar19 Jan 2012

I bought Sony Bravia 42" LCD from US and going thru the same problem. If anyone in Hyderabad has convertoers please let me know.

Guest Author: Raj22 Jan 2012

I have 40 Inch Sony LED TV from USA. Please suggest me how you guys fixed finally.

Guest Author: vaibhav27 Jan 2012

Hi Esskay,

I am interested in buying the Atlona converter. Please let me know if you have the unit?

Guest Author: vaibhav27 Jan 2012

Hi Esskay,

I am interested in buying Atlona converter. Please let me know whether you still have the item with you?

Guest Author: simplefable05 Feb 2012

Hi Esskay
Am interested. Can you please mail me at simplefable@gmail.com ?

Guest Author: eMKay09 Feb 2012

Thanks for your inputs on getting a converter. I guess there is not option to try and connect conventional cable to these converters.. one has to go thru set-top boxes.

Secondly.. I understand this is not directly related to topic above.. I am planning to bring to India 42" TV.
I am here for 2-3 years.. it was bought in nov 2011.

Do you see any issues in bringing it as a check-in baggage?
Any recommendations for packaging
How to deal with customs (in Delhi). Should one bluff on date of purchase and price or rather play safe? Any document in particular to be kept handy?

Guest Author: sangeeta10 Feb 2012

Hi Esskay,

I am interested too.Please give me a call on 9844409990 else email me on sangeetagogi@gmail.com.I will be glad to buy for the price you offer.


Guest Author: Suresh27 Feb 2012

Recently I bought 32'' Samsung LED (5-Series) from USA. Now my journey started PAL to NTSC converter. Please suggest if you find any store in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Guest Author: Brij2K30 Mar 2012

@eMKay, I brought my LG LCD TV few weeks back from USA to India. I saved original box of the TV and brought it here in the same box.. (as a check-in baggage) Had put some old cushions on the front side, that's all. No hassle at Delhi airport. I just showed them the invoice and no questions asked since the tv was more than an yr old.
Bigger challenge is getting pal to ntsc converter...don't forget to bring one for yourself.. and one for me too ;)

Guest Author: Jijo05 Apr 2012

Contacted the numbers mentioned above and got through to the second one mentioned> Vaishali Electronics Ph: 22220697. After a brief conversation over the phone the guy told me that i could have a look at the PAL TO NTSC convertor. I have been scouting for one at the request of a friend of mine who is still in the US with the television yet to be shipped. I went to this shop and had a look at what he had to offer. The documentation of the hardware says its a AV+HDMI TO HDMI convertor. Can convert 480I(NTSC)/576I(PAL) format signal to 720P/1080P HDMI signal output. 1. It has a HDMI input and output interface.
2. CVBS signal in with AV(audio Left and Right)
3. 3.5mm audio out
4. Coaxial digital audio output
Has switching button for AV or HDMI input/720P or 1080P HDMI output/ 50HZ OR 60HZ HDMI output state button

Power input is 5V DC and is as big as a portable hard drive.
I didnt buy it as have no means to test it.
He quoted me Rs.7250 for the unit and claimed to have sold many units and help me if i had any issues with it

Guest Author: Konds12 Jun 2012

There are bunch of them selling on ebay for 4199 and 200 shipping. They have HDMI in an out.

Guest Author: Rao25 Jun 2012

I have a Brand new PAL to NTSC (or NTSC to PAL) converter for LED TV. Recently brought from US for 90$ last week. Never used one. Suitable to connect your US based tv to india Cable connection (DTH). I stay in bangalore. If anybody interested please mail me at cfkoteshATgmailDOTcom

Guest Author: krishna25 Jul 2012

Hello Mr Tony:

Thank you for the write up. I will bring the convertor from USA.


Guest Author: NYAR09 Aug 2012

Hi Tony / all
On TR in 2009 Feb, brought my LCD Samsung 55" NTSC, alongwith KDV & a back up Com world PAL to NTSC converter. Worked perfect to the envy of local TV owners. But Com World stopped functioning about 6 months back, and the KDV failed a week back. Reason unknown. Trying to get it fixed at a repair shop in SP road. He says he can fix it & I shall let you know in due course.
Converters from US is the best there is nothing worth trying in Bangalore.

Guest Author: Jam11 Aug 2012

Get it from ebay. Bought it from Pooja Electronics, Delhi. Works great with my US bought Samsumg TV. Dont go to this SP Road they dont have products that work. All half informed shopkeepers

Guest Author: kiranbc30 Aug 2012

Hi All relax...dont buy any converter...Instead of that buy Videocon D2H HD for 2930rs...i have also bought TV from US and connected to Tata sky through HDMI..it was not supporting and I connected through AV..it was showing black and white pictures..so i did lot of online research and finally i came to know Dish tru HD and Videocon D2H would work..but no one confirmed properly..I called cusomter care of both and even though none of them confirmed..so I decided take my imported samsung 32 LED to Pai electronics where they had all D2H connections...I asked them to test this with Videocon D2H HD with HDMi and it was showing mode not supported...then they changed to AV and it was showing black and white pictures.. then i asked them to go to settings and change the resoulution to 1080i and 60Hz..and switched back to HDMi...It worked perfectly..i bought the Setup box there only for 2930 and they installed same day..I am able to view all channels perfectly and awesome clarity..Videocon D2H got 30 Asli HD channels..If you buy a US TV..dont buy any converter etc..Just go for Videocon D2H HD...connect through AV and go to settings...TV settings..change the resolution to 1080i and 60Hz..now switch back to HDMI..you will be able to view awesome pictures...believe me 100% it will work..if you ask customer care..they dont know what is NTSC or PAL etc...and finally they will confuse you..

Guest Author: shiva27 Sep 2012

Please give me suggestion...
I have a samsung led tv which works in only NTSC format.I want to know if i buy pal to ntsc converter will my problem will be solved..is their any clarity issues or any other

If it works fine,which converter is good
either ebay or should i import from amazon(Orei xd 901)

Guest Author: VIJAY17 Nov 2012

I was like you all...reading numerous posts on where to get the PAL to NTSC converter. And i thought,you will get nothing useful in SP road but i was wrong.

My friend took me to SP Road and got me a converter from this shop at the entrance of SP road for just Rs 4500. Mine is a SAMSUNG LED TV FROM USA... and this converter also has HDMI ports so i am enjoying watching good television now..

This is the shops Address.

#11/4 Pailwan Krishnappa Road
SJP Road First Cross,
Bangalore 560002
+91 80 2227 8411
+91 80 4151 7568
email: melodyelectronics@hotmail.com

Guest Author: basskeyz14 Aug 2014

I also bought it from Pooja Electronics yesterday on ebay..works fine with my old 720p Panasonic Plasma and gives an HD output for an HD input

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