Ways the iPhone changed the world in 10 years

The revolution that changed the way in which we use our smartphones in our daily life. Read to know more about how Apple iPhone changed the world in 10 years.

Apple celebrated a big milestone on January 7, 2017. The date was the first time the world looked at an iPhone, as Steve Jobs presented the new phone to the masses. If you'd want something clichéd here, we'd say "and the rest is history". What kind of history? Here is a look at the ways the iPhone changed the world in 10 years.

Created threaded text messages

Before Apple's phone entered the market, text messages were on your phone as individual files within the text message menu. You would have to open each text individually to follow the flow of conversation. Apple came and changed the game. The Messages app on the iPhone displayed all the texts from a single number on one screen and in a single thread. This made texting a much more popular action and perhaps is the reason most use the phone for texting, not calling!

Introduced you to apps

The word app barely got a mention in 2007 and before. Since the revealing of the App Store in 2008, apps have found their way everywhere. There literally is an app for everything! We use apps to find restaurants, connect with friends, play games, and monitor our health. In fact, we are so in love with apps that we spend about £23 billion on iPhone apps every single year. Luckily, there are apps for budgeting to ensure we don't lose track of our spending!

Gave your phone a proper GPS

When you got lost prior to 2007, you had to actually ask someone for directions. You might also have carried a GPS tracker with you, but unless you were driving a car, that would have looked a bit silly. Now, the original iPhone didn't actually provide you with a GPS to make finding your way easier. The feature was added later on the following year when the iPhone 3G was unveiled. This didn't make it the first ever GPS phone either – that accolade belongs to the Bebefon Esc! – but Apple did normalise the use of map systems and GPS tracking.

Got you charging your phone every single day

Not all changes have necessarily been positive. Read more about the old Nokia phones that used to go on and on and on? Well, iPhone surely changed the battery market, with most smartphones now offering only a single day worth of charge. If you are a heavy user, you probably need to walk around with an extra battery in most instances. Surprisingly, the technological advances have not been that impressive in battery life – perhaps we'll never get the good old days back.

Started correcting your typing

When iPhone came out, we finally lost the physical keyboard. Although tablet-style phones had been out there, many still offered a hidden keyboard option. After iPhone became popular, this went out of the window and as a replacement we got: the autocorrect function. Now this has been quite a fun feature due to all those autocorrect fails that have brightened up our lives.

Killed your beloved iPod

Ironically, Apple's invention meant the end of the company's other product: the iPod. Before iPhone, you listened to music from an mp3 player, which was separate of your phone. But iPhone had so much space to store music, the need to hold on to another gadget like iPod diminished. These days, only the hardened music fans tend to have another gadget for listening to music. Apple itself has not been innovating new iPods in years. Although it must be mentioned how the company continues to sell iPods – in 2009, it sold 55 million of them.

Made you take more photos of yourself

Finally, you might or might not like the final change in the world, but Apple's iPhone undoubtedly has something to do with the rise in selfies. Although front facing cameras had been in phones since the early 2003, iPhone 4 suddenly made the world go mad about photography – of yourself. The selfie craze has since influenced phone designs and we continue coming up with ideas on how to take better photos of our faces. Well, progress is progress?

What's next?

As the above shows, Apple's iPhone has changed the world quite a bit in just 10 years. We've been excited and shocked (we need headphone jack!), but most of all most of us have been thoroughly entertained. A lot of the changes above was not easy to see beforehand and it's therefore quite exciting to think how the smartphone could continue to innovate in the next decade.

Right now, the most recent version to get your hands on is the iPhone 7. Soon the tech giant is launching its next version and consider this is the anniversary of the phone, you might find it bringing some major things to the smartphone market.

Now it's just time to celebrate the phone and look towards the next 10 years of change!


Guest Author: Bhasker Raj14 Feb 2017

Yes Apple surely changed the world by introducing features we could not have imagined earlier.
As you have mentioned , from GPS, music playing, and other features all bundled in the iPhone.
Now Apple is celebrating the 10th year, what comes next will be a surprise to all of us.

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