How to sign out of Google Play Store?

Android has been one of the most powerful operating systems in the current breed of smartphones. Google Play Store is an integral part of Android ecosystem . However, are you one of those who cannot sign out of your Google Play Store? We present a step by step guide on how to sign out of Google Play Store on your device.

Google Play Store forms the basic framework on which your Android device thrives on. It is here that you install different apps on your smartphone, update them and manage all your apps. However, there may be times when you would want to sign out of your Google Play Store.
You may have noticed that you cannot sign out of Google Play Store straight away from your phone. Don't worry - you are not alone! There are many users who have been facing this issue.That is exactly why we have set out to explain the steps involved in signing out of your Google Play Store. Please follow the instructions carefully.

How to sign out of Google Play Store on your Android?

Let us now list out and explain the methods you need to follow for signing out of your Google Play Store. There are basically two popular methods used for the purpose. Let us go into the details in the following paragraphs.

Method 1 - From Android Settings

Well, there is no way you can sign out of your Google Play Store from the app itself. You will need to sign out of your Google account entirely from your phone. Here we go with the steps -
  • Go into Settings on your Android.
  • Navigate to Accounts and Sync. The exact location and name may differ depending upon your Android version.
  • Tap on your account.
  • You should see an option to remove your account.
  • Tap on Remove Account.

That does it. You will be logged out of your Google account on your phone. Kindly note that you will not be able to access any of the Google services with your Google account removed. If you want to use any of the Google services, you will need to sign into your Google account once again.

Method 2 - Using an Android app

If you are not comfortable with handling settings for any reason, you can use an app that does the job on your behalf. There are many apps available for Android for the purpose. Log Out is one such popular app.

  • Visit Google Play Store, and install Log Out app.
  • Once the app is installed, Launch it
  • Click on Log Out all accounts button on the app
  • You will be logged out of all your accounts on your device.

Please note that this app will log out of all your accounts including the ones like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, there are possibilities that it may not remove all accounts in some cases. You may not be able to retrieve any of your passwords. Do take care to note down all your passwords before proceeding.

In Conclusion

Google does not allow you to sign out of your Google Play Store alone. That is just because the Google Account syncs your data across all apps and that would ensure smoother functioning of your Android device. Instead, you can remove the Google account associated with your smartphone which in turn will sign you out of your Google Play Store as well.

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