Best Alarm clock apps - A Top Five list

Alarm Clocks are the most ubiquitous apps on a smartphone. Every smartphone comes with an alarm clock app. But, most of the times, the stock alarm app may not be something you would love, or like. We list our top five picks for the best Alarm Clock apps for Android.

Well, the Google Play Store is filled with hundreds of apps that would help you set the alarm on your smartphone. Do all of them work the way you are looking forward to? Not necessarily. To help you out with the irritating task of searching for a good alarm app among the plethora of them, we present our top priority list of best alarm apps on Android.

#1. Alarmy

Alarmy is indeed one of the best and top rated alarm clock apps for Android on Google Play Store. It attempts to wake you up at any cost.

The app uses an innovative approach to actually wake you up. Once you have installed Alarmy and set your alarm, you are expected to save a spot in your home. The app calls it Registered Spot. When the alarm goes off, you actually need to go to the spot to shut it off. That would mean you will have to wake up from the bed and walk to the spot you have registered.
In fact, the app itself suggests setting up Bathroom, or toilet as the registered spot. However, if you are not fine with that extra core, Alarmy also has some common tasks to wake you up. There is Shake To Turn Off feature, or the mathematical puzzles. Alarmy would want you to do something practical so that you would finally wake up from the bed.
  • The app is completely free.
  • It offers the innovative way to be woken up as it won't stop until you have taken an image.
  • Easy to use interface.

  • We could not find any cons with the app.

The app is available for free on Google play Store. There is a Pro version as well.

#2. Sleep As Android

If you are one of those who wants high end customisation on your Alarm app, Sleep As Android should be the perfect choice for you. It is undoubtedly the highly recommended Alarm app for Android.

Apart from being an Alarm app, it also ensures that you have a better sleep. It can send you to sound sleep with natural tones and lullaby like sounds. And when it is time to wake you up, it does it gently by waking you up ensuring that you have had your optimal sleep. The inbuilt sleep tracker can track your sleep patterns and help you seek medical advice in cases of need.
Sleep As Android offers you lots of integration with Spotify, Google Fit, and Android Wear. The app can help you detect it if you are sleep talking. However, we would advice you not to use it as a self diagnosis tool.
  • It gives you complete details of your sleep patterns, including snoring, or disturbed sleep.
  • You have a clean and easy to understand interface.
  • The app is based on scientific methods.

  • Consumes battery as it keeps running in the background.
  • Getting used to the app can need you have to change your schedule.

#3. AlarmMon

This is yet another Alarm app that tends to be creative in more way than one. It tends to be a little on the funnier side.

The app comes with six different alarm types. You have the options of a quiet alarm, a louder one, or the real voices waking you up - however, the voices are from South Korea. AlarmMon also features different games, videos and other gamified solutions to waking you up. The app has weather functionality as well. The best part with this creative alarm app is its ability to track the alarm history. That would be of practical value as you can check and improve your sleeping habits.
The app also has a funny angle to it. And that is something that makes the app more useful and involving.
  • It offers great real life characters.
  • Alarm history and ability to track your sleep habits.

  • Not much popular in other parts of the world except South Korea.

#4. I Can't Wake Up

If you have constant problems waking up in the morning, I Can't Wake Up is definitely the best app for you. You would be forced to perform as many as eight different activities in one go if you want to hit the Snooze button.

I Can't Wake Up is an app that should solve your issues if you have problems getting up in the morning. The puzzles included are quite tough, and you would definitely not go to sleep once you are woken up and performed those tasks. The tasks included are Math problem, Memory match game and a sequence game among others.
  • The app is simple to use
  • The app is completely customisable. You can set it to perform the way you would want it to.

  • The app comes with huge number of ads, which can be annoying.
  • The interface is not interesting enough.

#5. Timely

Timely is a well known Alarm app for its beautiful design. A simple, yet powerful performer, the app has been acquired by Google recently.

The app is much simple, but also comes with excellent features. The app is quite colourful and different from other apps. The app has received a few improvements after it has been bought by Google. One of the best points we would want to say in favour of Timely is that it is regularly updated.
The app is free, and yet powerful. We would consider it as the most important aspect of the Timely alarm app. It also offers you Cloud syncronisation which would aid you in using the app acroos different devices and platforms. The app is well integrated with Google Now and other Google services.
  • Timely is quite flexible.
  • Simple and colorful interface.
  • Google association and integration with Google services.

  • We could not find any noticeable cons.

In Conclusion

That would conclude our list of top picks for the best Alarm apps for Android. We would welcome you to share your views on the apps featured in our top picks. We have listed the apps that would suit different genres. The basic point we kept in mind while compiling this list is the simplicity, functionality and user engagement. If you still think we have missed any of the apps, we would welcome you to share your views on the same.

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