Macrorit Data Wiper Pro review - A Hassle Free way to wipe data

Data recovery from your hard drive has become an easy task. If you are selling off your old PC, or in cases when you are handing over your hard drive to anyone for whatever reason, it is safe to delete all the data from it. That is where a tool like Macrorit Data Wiper Pro comes to your rescue. We will analyse this tool in a finer detail in the following article.

You must be aware that the sensitive data you work with on your PC is saved on your hard drive. This sensitive, confidential and private information can be open to prying eyes if you are not careful enough. No matter whether you have deleted all the data and emptied your recycle bin. Even then your data is susceptible to theft. There are many applications that let you recover the deleted data.
If you have decided to sell your PC or laptop, or need to hand over your hard drive to someone else for some or the other reason, it should be the best practice to wipe the data completely. Macrorit Data Wiper Pro is one such application that aids you in that task.

What is Macrorit Data Wiper Pro?

Macrorit Data Wiper Pro is a tool for destructing the complete data on your PC or laptop. The tool can be used to wipe your entire hard drive, or a particular partition on your hard drive. The Data Wiper Pro can be either on external or internal drive.

Like many other offerings from Macrorit, the Data Wiper Pro is also quite straight forward with its performance. The tool is quite easy to use, and you can use it without the need for any expertise. The unique data shredder has a straightforward and easy interface that lets even a novice use it in an efficient manner.
It offers you an easier operation unlike the competing tools of same nature which come with a complicated structure.

How does Macrorit Data Wiper Help you?

Well, to begin with - Data Wiper Pro will aid you in completely wiping the data on your internal and external drives. You can use it clean a huge list of storage devices. It can work with USB pen drives, microSD cards or any other storage devices. What makes it a great choice is the fact that it can wipe all the data permanently.
We attempted to recover data from a partition that was deleted using Macrorit Data Wiper Pro. The data deleted was beyond recovery. Even the most popular data recovery tools could not recover the data from the wiped drives.
Macrorit Data Wiper Pro can work with almost all the most used file formats. For the purpose of this review, we checked it with file formats like FAT16/32, NTFS, Ext2/3/4 and Apple HFS+. It is also supported on almost all operating systems.
A few salient features of Macrorit Data Wiper Pro can be summarised as below -
  • Complete Wipe - The Data Wiper can completely wipe your system. This would be a great step towards preventing unauthorised usage.
  • Permanent Wipe beyond recovery - Macrorit Data Wiper Pro removes data without leaving any option to recovery. If privacy and security are your major concerns, this would be your best choice.
  • Frequent Updates - The tool receives frequent periodical updates. You will keep getting notifications about the available updates.
  • Free Lifetime updates - Macrorit excels with its professional support service. Once you opt for the subscription, you will keep getting updates free for your lifetime. That would indeed be a great decision to opt for the tool from the budget point of view.

Some excellent features

The Macrorit Data Wiper Pro comes with the best algorithm and wipe ability features to ensure complete wiping of data beyond any scope for recovery. The tool is compatible with all version of the Windows operating system.
The Data Wiper uses high end overwriting procedure while performing the wiping operation. That makes the wiped drive unrecoverable. However, please note that optical mass storage media like CD, CD-RW or DVD disks cannot be erased. You will need to do that by destroying them.
Some of the features are
  • The wiping process is faster and secure.
  • The Data Wiper Pro is also available as a portable installation package.
  • The tool can wipe virtual hard drive as well.
  • The Data Wiper Pro comes with five different wiping options to choose from.

The operation is quite simple and easy to follow. You just need to choose the method of wiping you would want to use and then select the drive or partition you would want to wipe. Now click on the Wipe Now button. You will need to confirm your choice by typing WIPE and then choose the Start button.

A few Pros and Cons

Well, we did not find much negative to say about the software. The complete wiping solution makes it a great option to work with. However, we wish to see some improvements, though.
  • Simple and easy to use to use interface that does not need a learning curve.
  • It can work with both external and internal drives.
  • You have the option of using both portable and standalone installation packages.
  • It does not need a reboot for the changes to take effect.

  • The Data Wiper Pro is free for home use only. Not free for business users.
  • Primary hard drive cannot be erased.
  • Not supported on any other operating system than Windows.


Macrorit Data Wiper Pro is available under two pricing models. The software is supported on Supports Windows 10/9/8/7/XP/Vista operating systems and Windows Server 2003/2008/2011/2012. It is also supported on Windows SBS 2003/2008/2011/2012.

  • Pro Plus Plan - The plan is meant for business users. It has a price tag of $ 29.95. The plan comes with free lifetime upgrade service. The plan lets you use it only on one PC.
  • Pro Unlimited Plan - The Unlimited plan carries a price tag of $ 99.95. The plan allows you to use it on multiple PCs with a single activation code. The plan also comes with free lifetime upgrades.

Please note that the regular version is available for free for the home users. However, it does not offer most of the Pro features.

The Concluding Thoughts

Macrorit Data Wiper Pro is safe and easy to use. Compared to other products in the same genre, Macrorit Data Wiper Pro works flawlessly and much safer to use. Ease of use is what makes it a great option. What's more, it is free for home users. Why not give it a try? If any of our readers have used the tool, we would welcome them to share their views with us. Visit the official site for more information.

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