WiFire App review - Great app to find WiFi networks around you

There are times when you are stuck with a slower than a snail 2G connection while on the move. What would one do in such situations? You will keep searching for a better cellular network, or look for people having WiFi and request them to share their password. Or better still, use an app that does the work for you. WiFire is one such great app. We will analyse the app in a finer detail.

Cellular connectivity in India is not much reliable in India as far as the internet speeds are concerned. In this age of being constantly connected, you can't afford to be offline. Finding an open WiFi network around you is one of the good options in such situations. And that is what we are going to discuss here. WiFire is one such app that helps you in your endeavor to search for a good WiFi around you.

What is WiFire?

WiFire is an app that lets you search for open WiFi networks around you. You can easily navigate to the locations that have the best coverage of the WiFi network of your choice.

WiFire scans the free public WiFi networks around your location and helps you navigate to them. It also indicates the distance you are currently from the WiFi hotspot. Besides the location, you will also get to know the speed that the network offers you.

How does WiFire work?

Well, to begin with, WiFire is a mobile app that helps you find and connect to hundreds of thousands of public WiFi hotspots near you. That would mean you will be able to save on your mobile data.

The WiFire app does away the need to wait for the OTP to arrive and then filling out those long web forms to be able to access the WiFi network. You can search for the public WiFi networks around you through the app and connect in a jiffy.

Apart from accessing the WiFi hotspot, you can also check the speed that your WiFi network is offering you. That would mean you need not find a separate app for checking the speed of the WiFi network you have chosen, as the app has the feature built in.

The app is available both on iOS and Android. It uses a simple interface to zero in on the best and nearest WiFi hotspot around you. The WiFire is quite so-so when it comes to the looks and designs. You may not see those flashy screens and colorful themes, but the app gets the work done. You will also get notified of the speeds. Though the app may not be accurate with its speed readings, yet the readings are quite near the numbers.

The features

The WiFire app is quite excellent when it comes to connecting to your WiFi networks. The features that the app offers you include -
  • Connect effortlessly to free public WiFi networks - The app makes it easy to log into the chosen WiFi network without the need to find the OTPs and other details. It fills out the web forms on its own. That should be a great deal at WiFi hotspots at railway stations and airports.
  • Support for a wide range of WiFi hotspots - WiFire connects with over 4500 plus hotspots. The app is currently supported in India and Singapore. You can get connected to a host of WiFi hotspots operated by RailWire, Tata Docomo, and BSNL among others.
  • It helps you share your WiFi without the need to share the password. - If you are someone worried about sharing your WiFi password with some stranger, WiFire is best suited for you. You can just send the link as a text message, and your friend will be able to access your WiFi signals.
  • WiFire lets you rate the WiFi networks - Or conversely, it would mean you can benefit with the ratings that have already been made about the network. There is no need for checking the speed using some third party app. The tool lets you test the speed instantly from within the app.
  • Save your favorite WiFi network credentials - You can save your chosen WiFi networks and their passwords to your WiFire profile and forget them forever. You will be able to access the networks across any device as the profile will be synced across all your devices.
  • Gamified Usage - The app in a sort of things gamifies the access to WiFi networks. You can consume data on public WiFi networks and earn badges and Wi Points.

The performance

The experience we had with WiFire points us to the fact that unlike the other apps that claim to help you access the WiFi networks, WiFire is quite good in locating the WiFi networks. It does go wrong at times in identifying the correct network. But, such instances are rare.
The app needs a few permissions to work as it promises. It will ask you for permissions to switch on or off Wifi, access your messages, access your phone number and access to your social login. That could be a whole lot of personal information to share within the app. If you are someone who is wary of privacy concerns, that could be something you are not happy with. But, that is a price one needs to pay for the functionality that the app provides you.
We found that the app is quite efficient when it comes to identifying the WiFi networks around you. We found a couple of hotspots that we were not aware of at all in spite of frequenting the location quite often.

Another feature that makes it a great tool is its ability to let you add new networks. You can add your own networks to the database. Like if you have an unlimited WiFi network at your home, you can add it to the WiFire database. However, you should note that it could be a little dangerous as there is a high chance of a misuse of your network.

The concluding thoughts

Well, we have used the app quite extensively and found the app working to the best of what it promises to. It could be a great app for those who do not have a local SIM and want to access the internet. The WiFire app is available free both on Android and iOS. We do not see any harm in giving it a try. Once you hook on to it, we are sure that you will never feel like leaving it. We welcome you to try the app and share your opinions here.

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