Best Content Curation Tools For Brand Promotion

All of your efforts of making an effective website are wasted if your words will not reach to the visitors. Here is a list of best content curation tools for your brand promotion.

Developing an engaging content is the need of the hour to keep your website at a good place in SERP and in the eyes of the target audience. When it comes to creating a crispy content, it requires sufficient subject related data with creativity at par. It is really tough to think of something creative each day for your domain. If you are writing regularly about a specialized area, readers will get stuff of similar taste which can lower their interest towards your website.

Content curation is the finest way to get uniqueness in the stuff which you present to the visitors. This efficient technique saves time and energy in producing such content which is relevant and as per the taste of your audience. This is also an elevating factor for the brand visibility of your business. If you have a small business, the tools you require will be of the middle level with fewer specifications. Unlike, when your business grows with the passage of time, it demands more powerful software to attain credibility.

The quality of work also becomes more crucial as per the expansion of your business. Precisely, if you offer the customers with exact stuff which they are looking for, you are more willing to get a good relationship, trust, and loyalty with the target audience. On the whole, this will generate a brand value for sure.

How Content Curation Exactly Works

Content curation process has been used to remove boredom by grabbing the content from different sources. It gives a new perspective of writing along with more subject knowledge about a topic when you see other people's content. Curation is not only about using a website's content, but also analyzing what unique it possesses from which you can take benefit. This will certainly give you a broader sense of thoughts and something good to learn, related to your field.

There are various tools available over the web to curate a content with different functionalities as per your website's requirements. You can select the best suitable tool from the below list to make your website content quite engaging and also to grab user's attention.

Various Content Curation Tools For Brand Promotion

  • Socl

    It is an important tool to generate and gather the content of your taste, such as collage, picotale or video party and share your ideas with people worldwide.


    It appears in both free and paid versions with a kind of magazine layout.

  • Curata

    This enterprise level tool makes it easy to search, manage and share content about some specific topic. It saves time which is needed to manage content flow in any business.


    This platform is meant for the long form of social curation in an easy way. It helps in telling stories to the users through social media. It also possesses a WordPress plugin to get enhanced features.

  • Zemanta

    This tool has a major use to add sidebar in WordPress admin. Thereafter, it grabs related articles, tag suggestions, and images.

  • Bundlr

    With this tool you can select your favorite topics and then create bunches of variety of content, including articles, links, photos, tweets, and quotes. This selection can be for taking out the most relevant content related to your niche.

  • Pearltrees

    It is a digital library to collect web pages and notes for the things you like and store them for the future reference. Moreover, it is an open platform with plenty of online available users to share your work with.

  • Pinterest

    This tool is used to organise the good things which you find over the web. They can be stored in the form of pinboards, where each user can browse boards of others and get inspiration.

  • Feedly

    It is used for curating such content which can act as a great resource for your upcoming content. Via this, your future posts can be conceptualised in a better way.

  • MyCurator for WordPress

    It is the best choice for WordPress users and offers articles over the internet. For this, you simply have to install a plugin to get curated content regularly.


    This tool has a basic use in creating organised lists, which are open to the users. It means that this list can be embedded, and the items in it can be updated as well.

  • Pocket

    It enables you to gather content at one place, which can be saved to your device and read later without having a net connection. Content can be taken from the browser and even from the apps such as Twitter, Pulse, and Flipboard.

  • Slideshare

    It is not a specific tool to be installed, but simply a platform to let the users learn from the others' content. You can explore the SlideShare's posted by people with a similar niche as yours, and look out for some new information.

  • If This, Then That (IFTTT)

    It is another effective content tool to grab as much relevant content as possible from the web. It gives complete control over your products and apps.


You can curate the content in an effective way to generate a superior content related to a specific category. It follows unearthing, collecting, and funnelling the digital content to the worldwide users in an offbeat style. An array of tools are available to serve above purpose, but there are few guidelines which need to be focused on moving further for curation.

The best practice in curation process is not just to stick to others ideas, but injecting your own views to give it some uniqueness. Duplicacy is never accepted by search engines. Moreover, your motto of curating a content must be to take the best and most relevant from available resources and use it in your own way. So, simply traverse the available stuff over the web and refine your own ideas to generate a refreshing content.

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