The mobile apps that reward you the real money - The top three apps

Internet has opened up many ways to earn money online. There are apps that offer you recharges and such benefits for performing certain tasks. We will today those apps that pay you real cash for doing practically nothing. Let us find the details here.

We are aware of the mobile apps that reward you goodies like recharges or talk time for downloading apps or watching videos. But most of these apps provide you talk time or such benefits, but no real cash. Moreover, these apps will need you download other apps or watch the videos which could be of any length of duration from one minute to 3 minutes. That would make them counterproductive and tedious. We will concentrate on those apps that would need you almost nothing and offer you cash, the real cash in the form of gift coupons and cash equivalent.

Screenwise Media Panel

The Screenwise Media Panel is a Google initiative. It is a mobile app that would record and analyse the internet behaviour of the registered members. As per the definition provided by Google themselves, it is a market research program that has been designed to let Google understand the way people use the internet so as to let it improvise the services.

It works quite simple. You need to install the app Screenwise Meter on your phone and sign in with your Google account. Once you join the site, you will become the panellist on the app. You do not need to do anything except keeping the app active and running in the background. Whenever you access the internet, the app will collect data on the sites you visit and the pattern of your usage. It will also gather information on the apps you use and other information on the pattern of your usage.
The rewards are quite simple. For the initial registration, you will gain Rs. 300. For the subsequent month you will get Rs. 100. The rewards will increase by Rs. 10 each month until you reach Rs. 200 per month. Later on, you will continue getting Rs. 200 per month. The rewards will accumulate in your account. You can redeem them in the form of gift vouchers from the official site. Screenwise Panel has tied up with Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and other E-Commerce sites. You can redeem vouchers of your choice and use them for making purchases.
Having to let your data open to the public eye can be a concern for some of us. Being a Google initiative, maybe it is quite okay. Google has assured that the data will be accessed in an aggregated manner. There is an assurance from Google that no private information can be fetched by the app.


It is an app that blends the keyboard with earning revenue. In fact, it is a keyboard app that works like a normal keyboard, but lets you earn some pocket money along.

It does work just like a regular keyboard, but comes up with notifications about product launches or such other news items. When you click on those notifications, you get to watch a video. You will be paid cash reward for watching the video. The Keettoo app is first of its kind when it comes to the non intrusive advertising is concerned.
You can use the app as you please as a keyboard and tap on the notification when you are idle to access the ads. Well, the best part with Keettoo in comparison to other apps that pay you for watching ads is that Keettoo will not reward you with talk time. You can associate your account with your PayTM wallet. Once your wallet balance reaches the limit you would have wanted to, you can transfer the amount to your bank account.
The app does not want you to use a standalone app to get the rewards. You can use it as a regular app and get the additional benefits only when you are free. Moreover, the rewards go straightaway into your mobile wallet. That way, you can use the rewards in whatever way you may want to use.


Yumchek can be considered to be equivalent to Keettoo in its functionality. This is the app that lets you search for the the best eating places near your current location. The app will help you decide on the eating places nearby.

There are great offers on the app which gamifies the eating experience. Yumchek not only provides you information on the nearest eating points, in addition to the suggestions on what to eat, it also rewards you with cash. You need to link your phone number to the app for getting the rewards.
Once you decide on a eating place as per the suggestion by the app, you need to upload the bill receipt from the restaurant on the app. For each receipt thus uploaded Yumchek will let you earn Rs. 5 in the PayTM account associated with the phone number chosen.
You can also earn loyalty points in addition to the cash rewards. These loyalty points can be used to enter into the lotteries to earn even more bigger prizes.
What does the app get in lieu? It uses the data gathered by your uploads to refine its results. It plans to be more useful than the regular listing website. We consider this as one of the best options when it comes to earning some cash rewards as the rewards go straight into your mobile wallet and there is no need to install any other apps.

The concluding thoughts

Those were some of the apps that let you earn a decent income, and that too in cash. We have concentrated on such apps that do not want to install unwanted apps just for the sake of earning a few bucks. These apps will let you earn rewards that go into your mobile wallet, or offer rewards in the form of gift vouchers. That way, they are more practical. Are there any other such apps that you have liked or used? We would welcome our readers to share their favourite apps that help them earn money.

Article by Timmappa Kamat
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