Should you update your iPhone 5s to iOS 10?

Apple has released iOS 10 updates for all its mainline smartphones. Although Apple iPhone 6 is the limit if you look down onto the generation of Apple smartphones which are quite relevant today, iPhone 5s too is not far behind. You can use this iPhone as your daily driver in 2016 as well. Now remains the question, should you update your iPhone 5s to iOS 10? Let's find out.


Now there are a lot iPhone 5s haters doing the rounds and I think I need to mention this in my review and I must take this seriously. I know that there are a lot of people using an iPhone 5s today in India and around the world as well. So you may be having a lot of questions regarding the iPhone. Users may be in doubt whether to update your iPhone and potential buyers are like should I buy this iPhone 5s? I have written a dedicated review about considering an iPhone 5s in 2016. You can check it out to know more, whether you should go for it or not. This article of mine is basically targeted at iPhone 5s users, who think whether or not I should update my iPhone 5s to iOS. I am going to answer this question and you can figure it out yourself if you need to update or not.

What the haters have to say:

I would love to write about what iPhone 5s haters have to say and I think it's quite important to actually give a better picture of the iPhone 5s to the masses. Some people say that the phone is pretty out dated taking into consideration that the phone was released way back in 2013. Now what's my take on this: The phone is truly out dated, no doubt. Even my Note 5 is out dated after the release of the Note 7. My poor haters everything you buy today will be well and truly out dated after a span of 3 months. Tech world is advancing at an amazingly fast pace. So how is the iPhone 5s? I would say that even today the iPhone 5s takes on the best Android smartphones in the 20k budget head on; I think only one smartphone which was one of my personal favourite devices the Nexus 5x is better. The iPhone 5s can even compete with the Android flagships of some lesser known brands in terms of performance, camera, software updates and build quality. You just compare the camera of any 20k Android phones from the market with the iPhone 5s and you figure it out yourselves. Performance is always going to be better on the iPhone.
Now remains the question why do they say this after all? Well it is a potent question; I tell my readers use one to really tell anything about any electronics product. I have been using the iPhone 5s and I have not encountered any problem. May be the haters might have got a pineapple instead of an Apple; please go and replace it mate.
Now let us move onto the second point: the size of the display. Here the matter is quite simple, the question which arises is why to go for a 4 inch phone in 2016? Well the size of the phone is something matters a lot to a lot of people, before buying you are seeing how big the phone is, well if you don't like 4 inch phones don't buy it mate, there are people who truly love handy phones and using a 4 inch smartphone is a breeze, fits into the pocket really well and can be used with one hand at almost all occasions. Some people love, some don't, if you don't like just back off guys.
Now you may think I am swaying away from the topic, not so I am truly coming to it, but I need to speak about all these before I move to the topic.
Now the last point is the battery, the front facing camera and the fingerprint sensor, which according to haters are mediocre and not up to today's standards. Now let me explain this: The battery is average in size 1560 MAH but if you look overall it performs well and better than some 2300 MAH batteries around. This is because of the excellent power management. The standby time is excellent on the device; you may charge your device up to 100% and go to bed and getting up in the morning will leave you with a battery of 97 to 96% whereas on an Android device that would be like 75% to 80%. I am not blundering or fooling around saying all this, I am speaking from my own experiences. Now if you are a power user you may have to charge twice a day, but using normally will give you close to around a day of normal use. The charging too is quite fast. The M7 coprocessor does a world of good in maintaining the battery life of the smartphone. I am not stating that the battery is too good, but I am trying to pint out is that the battery performs better than how a 1560MAH should perform. If you are power user it is going to be difficult. The front facing camera is not up to the mark, this is the only relevant topic. The finger print scanner takes a little bit of time to detect, may be a second but does the detecting job almost 99 times out of 100, unless you try to unlock with wet fingers. Others with fast finger print sensors work may be 70 times out of 100. Use it to understand, I prefer accuracy over speed.
Let us move to our topic:

Should you update?

I have updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 10 and surprisingly my phone performs even faster than my iOS 9.3.3. I am not kidding guys if you have an iPhone 5s and are thinking of upgrading to iOS 10. Go forward don't waste time go and update. The phone even gets 4 to 5 GB of free space, which means iOS 10 uses less space compared to iOS 9. There are a lot of cool features which you will get in the iOS 10 but even though nothing is ground breaking enough, but are cool. As the iPhone 5s features no 3D Touch you will lose on the ultimate iOS 10 experience, the phone has a bit to offer as well, devoid of the 3D Touch. I am writing a dedicated article which will feature almost everything you need to know about the iOS 10. Here I am concluding. If you are in a dilemma as to whether or not to update your iPhone I would say, you can update.
One last thing I would say is this, which I always say a lot of times. Don't expect your iPhone 5s to perform like the iPhone 7 or 6s. There is a lot of difference between 90ks and 20ks. Please stop comparing with bigger iPhones and you will enjoy your phone.
Thank you for your patient reading.
Hope the article was useful. Enjoy life. God Bless.


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