ViduPM - an excellent project management software for SEO and Digital Marketing professionals

Are you a digital marketer or SEO service provider, looking for a software application to manage your client projects? Read my experience and review of ViduPM, an SEO project management solution I used for my client projects as a trial.

I have been doing Search Engine Optimization for my own websites for about 17 years now. Recently, I started offering SEO and Digital Marketing services to clients and have been managing client projects using Google Docs and offline spreadsheets. As I started getting more and more clients and hired staff to handle the SEO projects, it became challenging for me to manage the projects and divide the tasks among the staff. That's the time I started looking for a professional SEO Project Management Software.

These were my requirements for SEO project management software:

1. Manage project information (client data, work progress, reports etc)
2. Divide the tasks among the staff and manage the work items.
3. Track payments
4. Track activities, backlinks, social media information, etc
5. Organize and track the social channel/account passwords

I believe these would be the same requirements for any other digital marketers looking for a web based application or a desktop application to manage their digital marketing projects.

Just like everyone else, I too started with Google search. The first one that came to my attention was "ViduPM". The name sounded quite strange to me but I decided to dive in.

Getting started with ViduPM

Getting started with ViduPM SEO management software was very straightforward. All I had to do was, submit my email address at the home page of their website -

They instantly sent me the link to validate the email id. Once I clicked on the link and validated the email, I was prompted to provide my name, new password and company name and that created a new account for me at

ViduPM SEO project management

The quick setup process created my account with ViduPM and automatically created a few stuff for me, including:

1. One default client
2. One default project
3. One default milestone
4. A bunch of tasks (about 40) for the default project (default tasks include creating social media channels, blog commenting etc). I personally didn't like to see so many default tasks in my bucket of things to do but I later realized they were helpful while starting any new project. They were like a check list for my new project, even though nearly half of those tasks were not relevant for my projects.

User friendly menu and non-cluttered interface

The dashboard is pretty intuitive with all features well organized on the left and top. Almost all features are quickly accessible from the menu on the left side and the top bar.

Well structured project management

What impressed me the most in ViduPM is, the entire workflow is very well organized and it meets and exceeds all my expectations for an SEO project management software.

The major components of the application are:

1. Users
2. Clients
3. Projects
4. Billing
5. Link Manager
6. Password Manager
7. Google Analytics
8. Facebook

Users: Users may be granted access to specific projects, with different permissions at the project level. There are no limits on the number of users allowed in the system. You may add all of your employees as users of your ViduPM account.

Clients: You may create one or more clients in the system and manage the projects organized under the client. There are no limits on the number of clients you can add to the system.

Projects: Each Digital Marketing project you undertake can be added as a "Project". The free version allows only 2 projects. If you have more projects, you need to upgrade to a higher plan. The basic paid plan costs US$ 12 per month, which allows up to 5 projects.

The pPoject section is further divided into "Task lists" and "Milestones". Task List has further sub-components called "Tasks".

Billing system: The Billing system allows you to create invoices and track the status. You may create the invoices on repeat cycles, which saves you time by automatically sending the invoice on regular intervals defined by you.

ViduPM billing system
Billing system is very helpful to generate invoices and send to clients by email, on the cycles defined by you

Link Manager: Link Manager is another interesting feature of ViduPM project management system, which allows you to save all the backlinks you build for your clients and keep track of their status. You may create Link building campaigns like Forum Commenting, Paid Guest Posting, etc. For each campaign, you may record the links you built through that campaign and keep track of them. ViduPM can automatically check the status of your links at the intervals set by you. If your links are removed by the site owners, you will get notified of such changes.

Password Manager: This is a very handy tool that allows you to save all the passwords, organized by project. For each client project, we need to create several accounts on social media and third-party websites. It was a big pain for me to manage all those passwords. Currently, I am managing them all in spreadsheets. An integrated password manager in a Digital Marketing Project Management tools makes it very tidy and convenient. I love this feature. My only disappointment is, there are no user-level access rights for the passwords saved. I wish there was an option to show/hide passwords to selected users under each project since I usually want only selected staff to see passwords of critical accounts.

Google Analytics & Facebook: I am yet to check these 2 features.

Salient features of ViduPM

Some of the most useful features of ViduPM SEO project management application are:
  • ViduPM is an online application and no software installation is required.
  • Multi-user application allows multiple users with different roles and access levels. Users may be granted broad access rights as well as micro-level permissions at the project level.
  • You can create multiple clients and consolidate all client information like contact details, address, etc.
  • Multi-project system allows you to create multiple projects. Projects may be linked to clients already created in the system. The free edition allows a maximum of 2 projects.
  • The billing system allows you to define the invoice and billing process. This was very handy for me since I often forget to send an invoice and collect the money, in spite of doing all the work for the clients.
  • Permissions: Permissions may be granted to users at a very granular level. For example, a user may be granted permission to add users, add new projects, etc.
    ViduPM SEO project management
  • Micro level permissions: Users may be given micro level permissions within projects. For example, within a project, a user may be allowed to add new tasks and delete task but in another project, this user may be given permission only to view all tasks.
    vidu Digital Marketing Project Management
  • Time Logger: This is another interesting feature that I haven't seen in many other similar applications. This feature allows you to start a timer (for specific tasks billed on time basis). The timer will keep running while you are actually doing the task. Once you are done with the task, you can come back to the application, stop the timer and log the time. This may be useful if you are billing a client on an hourly basis or based on the actual time spent on the task.
  • Paypal integration: You can integrate your Paypal account with ViduPM and your clients can pay the invoices by paying online through Paypal. The payments will be updated in the system automatically, which is a very handy feature if you accept payments via Paypal.


They have a free version for the beginners, which allows a maximum of 2 projects. There are no other limits on any other aspects of the application. However, if you are offering digital marketing or SEO as a service, you will quickly run out of the allowed projects.
ViduPM Pricing
Paid plans

Their paid plans start from US$12, which allows up to 5 projects. If you a large firm with a lot of projects, you may go for "Professional" plan, which allows up to 150 client projects at a cost of US$ 150 per month. Looks like they don't have any enterprise-level plans which allow unlimited projects. However, you will be able to contact the company and agree upon pricing for a large number of projects. Comparing their pricing here.

Bugs and issues with ViduPM

I found a couple of bugs and issues with ViduPM. They just cause inconvenience and not any serious issues in using the application.

1. After I created a new client, when I try to edit, it wasn't pre-populating all the data I entered for the client. I tried all the options and it didn't work for me. Every time I had to make any changes to client information, I had to re-populate all the details.

2. There are numerous language errors in the documentation and application interface. While the application itself is very impressive and professional, you would feel the other way if you ever happen to read their documentation. I strongly suggest the team at ViduPM to hire a professional content developer and improve the language used throughout their website, application and documentation.

Overal review of ViduPM

I would give a 5-star rating for this SEO project management application. This application is a perfect companion for digital marketers like me who like to organize client projects and manage them efficiently. I have been thinking about developing such an application for a long time, however, it looks like the team ViduPM has read my mind and developed one that does everything I wanted in an SEO project management software.

So far, I am very impressed with this software and does everything I need. Clean interface, ease of use, well-structured project management - these elements need special mention.

Remember that I'm in the process of reviewing other such software as well. However, I have a feeling that I'm going to pick ViduPM at the end of my reviews. I will be sharing my experience and reviews of other Digital Marketing Project Management Software available in the market. Stay tuned!

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Guest Author: Maithili15 Sep 2016

Thanks for sharing information about ViduPM. I really like the software. Hope to use ViduPM for managing projects soon.

Guest Author: Gourav Singh22 Sep 2016

I am tech blogger from I have a one question sir - how much money we can generate through VIDUpm and what are the benefits in using ViiduPM in blogging?

Author: Tony John22 Sep 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Gourav Singh,

Thanks for the comments and wish you all the best for your blog

Please note that ViduPM is not a tool to help you make money in blogging. It is a project management tool for digital marketers. If you read the article fully, you will realize that you can use this tool to manage your SEO projects and digital management projects. You can manage client information, project information etc, assign and manage tasks for your staff and also generate invoices for your clients.

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