The 2016 Mercedes E Class Saloon- A Review

Well the company strikes the right chord with another valuable and a fantastic release of their latest saloon, The Mercedes E Class Saloon. Here I would like to write about the new Mercedes E Class. Hope you will find this review useful and get you into that frame of mind to decide if this is the car for you. Hope this article is useful.


The new Mercedes E Class Saloon is I would say a truly charming car. The fit and finish you find on this machine is absolutely sensational and clearly one which is going to move the conservative minds. The car is stunningly designed, has utmost luxury and good infotainment system, excellent ride quality as you would expect from the German giant, and last but not the least economical and at the same time a little expensive. Mercedes has a reputation of selling their cars a little bit expensive, and that shows up here as well. Plainly speaking you can complain about certain things if you want to, but it is only for those who are critical for everything. This is a lovable car and I love it. Now one of the things I really think which strikes here is the design cues which is taken from the AMG sports version and the company's flagship S class models. The design strikes a balance between the sports and the conventional sedan models because of which the car looks absolutely unique at the same time beautiful too.
One thing I always mention about Mercedes cars is that there is great comfort and ride quality is of the highest quality, even though these Mercedes models are a bit expensive. They come with a lot of luxury and comfort and the performance it delivers is easily fantastic as well. Here the latest E class is a car built for a cause and has everything in it to go through and become what it is meant to be; an expensive Saloon.
Here in this article I would like to acquaint you with the latest machine from the German car maker.

The Design and Styling:

Design wise as I said earlier this is one of the most enchanting and charming designs ever put forth by Mercedes. It is truly beautiful and any person would easily like it. I personally love this design and as I said earlier this is something of a combination of the AMG sports models and also the overall feel of the premium S class. The front, rear, or even the sides from whichever angle you look at this beauty it just looks stunning. The car looks absolutely premium and feels premium too while driving.
The best angle to look at the Mercedes E class is from the front, from where the big grills and the Mercedes badge adds gaiety and elegance studded with the sturdy and powerful AMG feel. One of the charming things I really love about this is the cool grill under the number plate which gives an overall charming look to the already stunning design. So design is truly great. Though the car looks almost identical to other Mercedes models, this car has its own design statement and looks unique and genuine.

The Performance and the Ride Quality:

The specification I am giving here is of the E250 CDI Avant-garde (Diesel) variant. The car has a 2.2 litre 204bhp 16V 2143cc In- Line Diesel Engine generating a maximum power of 204bhp@4200rpm and a maximum Torque of 500Nm@1600-1800rpm. The car pumps up to a speed of 0-100 in 7.5 seconds and has a maximum top speed of 242 kmph. The engine is quite good and refined and is a well performing one. But I would suggest you to go for the BMW-5 Series or the Jaguar XF if power and sportiness is your choice. If you love the comfort part more, then this car is perfect for you. The 9 speed Automatic transmission is one of the best and is never found wanting, during a shift and is always ready to tackle your ride anytime. It has superb transmission shifts and is a very good performer.
The Ride Quality is something you always have experienced in a Mercedes. This is a very premium Luxury car, and the ride quality is too a thing to brag. The ride quality on this new E class saloon is a notch higher than its competitors and is something an owner of this beauty can always be proud of.

The Interiors and the Practicality:

The Interiors are something which really distinguishes it from its rivals because this is certainly one of the best in the business in this category. The infotainment system, the seats, the space, the quality of material used is top notch. The space and comfort in the rear is also one of the defining features of this car. The only grudge I have on this design is the use of cheap plastic used for the rear AC winds. Other than this there is nothing to worry.
The cup holders and the boot are also good and have good holding capacity. The interiors are excellent and are practically so meaningful.

The Mileage and Pricing:

The car delivers around 9.0 kmpl in city and around 13.0 kmpl on highways. This is a good offering from the company and even though saying this car is truly efficient is a thing far away, if you think it as the mileage figures of a luxury car, these figures are satisfying. Now when going to buy a luxury car, I don't think mileage is going to be a factor.
The car is priced at 50.7 lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi. I would say this is quite expensive. Other manufacturers provide cars with almost same performances at lower prices as well, but if you are adamant for a Benz then this car is for you, though the other German car makers have their cars in the same price bracket as well.

Pros and Cons:

Excellent design, good performing refined engine, smooth transmission, decent mileage, utmost luxury (one of the best in its class), unmatchable ride quality.

A bit expensive when compared to other cars in the segment.

The Verdict:

I would say this car has everything you need in a mid-range luxury car. Has good performing engine, decent mileage, excellent ride quality and utmost luxury. Comparatively this machine is a little bit on the expensive side and if you don't think about money too much and have a knack of relishing on comfort and Luxury, this is the car for you.


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