Text Expander Apps for Windows 10

When it comes to repetitive typing, the text expansion app can save a lot of time and money. Professions such as data entry, medical transcription benefit from such text expansion apps. Windows being the dominant platform, has plenty of options when it comes to text expansion and autocomplete feature. In this review we take a look at text expansion apps for Windows 10.

When you're working in jobs such as data entry then you'd be writing a lot of repetitive text on daily basis. In order to minimize the amount of keystroke you put in for same task, such apps are designed. You can use the auto-completion templates using one of the below mentioned programs and save your time. Apart from such template based expansion, there is also macro automation that you can do with such apps. If you're doing any writing work with repetition then such apps should be at your disposal.

Let's take a look at some of the apps that allow you to do the text expansion and auto completion.


Phrase Expander is one app that is being recommended by a lot of people in my circle. This app not only helps with automating the phrase completion but can be handy for macros too. It integrates well with almost every application that has text editing capability. You can also use it for typo correction and completion. The best part about this software is that it's easy to learn to get things done. Professionals from medical transcription, data entry and customer support industry benefit from usage of this software. They do have free trial and you have to purchase the license after that. The app starts with the pricing of 59$ with upgrades costing only half the price of the software.


The type of features being offered by TextExpander are very basic in nature. You'd be able to use it for making some of the templates out of some text combinations. And these templates are reusable while the program is being run. Compared to other apps, TextExpander offer very limited set of features. However the app is more suitable for those who want to speed things up with automation and expansion. You can try the app for free for few days and see if you like it for your work. And after the trial period, you have to purchase the app monthly or annual package. The minimal pricing for the app starts from 3.33$ per month or 7.96$. If you compare this pricing with other products then such recurring pricing may not be suitable for most of the users.


One of the easy to use and effective text expander app for Windows 10. It is also being ported to other platforms like Android, iOS and Mac Desktop. Usage of boilerplate template can be very easy to do inside PE. Another important feature you'd find is snippet manager. This comes in handy when you have lot of repetitive snippets to remember and use quickly. They also offer you freeware edition that you can check out before purchasing. This version can be used for personal use. And if you plan on using it on professional usage then you can upgrade any time. There are multiple versions to choose from and they have fair pricing for the product. The basic version of the product costs 49.95$


This is a freeware program that helps you expand the phrases. You can save the phrases to use it later. You can also use it while typing and it can auto correct you and show you saved snippets. This can be handy while writing letter or some specific repeated templates. You can also search from saved snippets and paste them on the fly. You may however find the usage limited for some of the advanced use. Being a freeware, it has it's set of limitations. So I'd not recommend this app if you wish to use for professional reasons.


Like other apps in the list, Breevy works by allowing you to set a replacement text for abbreviation. It is very easy to use if you just want to save few keystrokes with pre-made templates. You can also try out the app before you decide to purchase it. The app offers 30 day trial and after that you have to purchase the license. The app costs 34.95$ after the trial period.


Almost every app in the list has a specific usage scenario. If you want to save time and keystrokes then any of the above listed app can save your time. For this reason I'd say try these apps before you purchase them. By trying them out you'd find out which app is more comfortable to use for your own productivity. If the work you do involves professional usage such as data entry etc then you should definitely take a look at professional apps in the list.

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