Magic Bullet Suite review– an essential tool for video editors

Filmmaking is a difficult art. There are several aspects of it. Video editing is one of the parts of it. The final product looks great only when the color correction and color grading of the movie are excellent. This is where Magic Bullet Suite 12.1 can help you. Read on to know more about this tool.


Color correction and color grading are kind of the paramount parts in the whole film-making process. But most of the common people who edit videos cannot do color correction and grading in the right way. It requires a deep understanding of colors and different concepts such as brightness, contrast, luminance, saturation and so on. If you watch even a Hollywood blockbuster movie before they color correct and color grade it, you won't find it much interesting. There are YouTube videos which show how videos look before and after color correction and color grading. I think you should check it out first if you really want to understand the big difference.
But, even if you are indubitably knowledgeable in these concepts, you definitely need a tool to apply those corrections to the video. This is where Magic Bullet Suite 12.1 can come to save you.
Magic Bullet Suite 12.1 is a great tool developed by Red Giant for those perfectionist filmmakers to give that Hollywood look to their videos. It is actually a collection of some of their awesome individual tools. There is a plethora of different features and capabilities in this software that help you achieve your goal of getting the right tone to your videos. This software suite can integrate with most of the popular video editing software applications, some of which include Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas Pro, Davinci Resolve 11, 12 and more. So, without much introduction, let me explain to you the features of this amazing tool.
The following are the features/tools inside Magic Bullet Suite 12.1

Magic Bullet Looks 3.1

This is a powerful tool that helps in color correcting your raw videos. There are more than 200 brand new Look presets all of which are fully customizable. So, if you are a pro in color correction, you can choose a Look closely matching your end result and then tweak it to get to the point where you are fully satisfied.
There are more than 40 tools to customize this Looks. It is easy for a person switching from other software to adapt to it.

Magic Bullet Colorista III 1.1

This tool is also for color correction. With this, you can apply the color correction directly to the timeline of your host-app (like Premiere Pro or Adobe AE). There are different tools to change different things like highlights, shadow, hue, saturation and more. You can integrate this tool with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro while working with masking features as well.

Magic Bullet Film 1.0

This is a tool used to get the look of a real motion picture film. It tries to get an authentic look by emulating the entire photochemical process. It also has a vignette tool that helps the video to feel natural. You can give any of your videos a vintage color treatment as well.

Magic Bullet Mojo 2.0

This is the tool that can give your videos the look of a Hollywood blockbuster. It gives your videos that look of an action movie color tone but with its smart algorithms it preserves that skin tones and affects the background. The skin tools make sure that whatever you do the background of the video does not affect the skin color at any cost.
This tool is especially for those who are not so experienced in color grading. With just moving a few sliders here and there you can completely change the look of your movie. You can control the contrast, balance, and many other properties of the video.

Magic Bullet Cosmo 2.0

This tool as the name tells is for cleaning up the cosmetics really fast. You can use this amazing tool to balance the skin tones and also reduce wrinkles. Skin blemishes can also be removed with this tool. So, I think this tool will be really useful for most of your clients. This tool can automatically detect skin and apply easy cosmetic cleanup real fast.

Denoiser II

This is one of the most important tools for indie filmmakers. If you have not got the perfect lighting and the camera lenses you can end up having a video with some noise in it. This also applies for those of you who shoot with cheap cameras or smartphones. This is where Denoiser can save your day. It can be used to reduce noise from your video footage. It provides immediate one step results. It can also clean up videos shot in low light. The best part is that while reducing noise in your video it preserves the details of the video.
There is actually a default setting which will clean up and denoise your footage in the best manner. But if in case you need to do some more tweaking you can fine tune it using the controls in the tool.

LUT buddy

lut buddy
If you are into photography and videography you may be well familiar with LUT (Lookup Tables). LUT Buddy is all about importing, creating and exporting LUTs. You can import a 1D LUT and export it to a 3D LUT. You can use this tool with different mainstream video editing and compositing applications like Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.


Magic Bullet Suite 12.1 is available on the official website of RedGiant for $799. Though the price seems high, the quality that you get from using this software suite is simply worth the money. As you may know, a person in the filmmaking business needs to invest a lot in the business. There are also discount offers if you are a student or a teacher. You just have to fill in some of the details of your academics and you are eligible for 50% discount.
If you just want to try it out and then think about buying, then you can download a fully functional software suite with time restrictions and watermarks.


Magic Bullet Suite 12.1 is a set of different tools by Red Giant. If you want, you can purchase each one separately. I think that Magic Bullet Suite has got such a huge library of tools and controls that you can get the perfect final color grade to your movie. If you are still wondering about the quality of the output, just go ahead and download the fully functional trial version and start using it. You will definitely love it. The system requirements for each different tool is mentioned on the official website. Basically, you need a powerful system with high GPU to run these kinds of graphics related applications.
I hope I have given you a detailed description of this amazing software suite. If you have found out the software to be helpful, don't forget to comment below.


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