10 Must have libraries for Python programmers

In this article, I am going to bring to your notice 10 of the best libraries for a Python programmer. Programming is a time-consuming thing. But you can make it a lot simpler and faster by making use of the already available libraries created by experienced programmers. So, read on to know about the most useful libraries for Python programming.


Python is a powerful programming language. The best thing about Python is that it is easy for even a beginner to get started with it right away. That is the reason why Python is becoming more popular nowadays. One of the other reasons why Python is used increasingly is because it helps you to speed up the development process because Python takes care of most of the core codes that you need to write when using most other programming languages.
So, now we know why Python is so powerful and important for your software project, let us now explore some of the amazing libraries for Python which should definitely be a part of your programming arsenal when working with a serious project.


Most of the software projects today are include GUI. wxPython is a great library for creating graphical user interface using Python. All the native graphic elements are programmed in this library. You just have to learn the signature of each function and start using it. You will definitely love it.


NumPy is a really important and unavoidable library for your software project if it includes complex mathematical calculations. Most of the games require complex mathematical calculations to be made. NumPy can help you extensively in programming those core functionalities of the application or game.


SciPy contains all the all the algorithms and the mathematical tools that are needed for a scientist. So, if you are developing an application that deals with a lot of complex scientific calculations, then this library is a must-have for you.


If you are game developer, then you should definitely have a look at this amazing library called Pygame. It contains all the core Python modules needed for creating a video game using Python. When programming a game you need to take sound and graphics pretty seriously. This is the reason why it also includes computer graphics and sound libraries along with it.
It is built over SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) which in itself is a popular media library. Pygame was written using Python, C and Assembly. So, it takes good care of the efficiency of the game. You just need to throw in your creativity in your code on the higher level of the code.


This is a 2D Python plotting library. It can be used by Data Scientists who need to compare and analyse different types of data from a database. Plots, histograms, power spectra, bar charts, error charts, and many other such data can be generated using this powerful library. It can be used in python and IPython shell, scripts, web application servers, and six GUI toolkits.


Are you developing an application which requires validating phone numbers? It can become a really difficult task with all the prefixes and area codes. This is where Phonenumbers can help you reduce your stress. It can help you cope with all the popular prefixes and area codes and validate the Phonenumbers entered in the textboxes. It is basically a port of Google's libphonenumbers.


Worried about which database to use in your Python project? Well, here is a great solution for you. Influxdb is a database which can store a large amount of data and retrieve them efficiently as well because it uses a RESTful API. There are built-in clustering capabilities which help you immensely in retrieving and grouping data. You can also implement Pythonic ways to create queries instead of writing JSONs.


PIL (Python Imaging Library) is a free library for Python which can be used to open, manipulate and save to different image formats. Some of the image manipulation that PIL allows are per-pixel manipulation, masking and transparency handling, image filtering, image enhancing, adding text to images and many other capabilities. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
There is a successor project called Pillow which supports Python 3.


Libraries have become an unavoidable part of a programmer's life. They make it easier and efficient for the programmer to develop the software project. So, if you are a Python programmer and have not used any of the above libraries, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and try them out and see for yourself the difference.
I hope that this list of libraries was beneficial for you. If you find any similar interesting and useful libraries of Python, then don't hesitate to mention them in the comments below. Happy coding.


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