Best Co-op Games to Play for PC

Are you looking for best Co-op games to play for PC? Co-operative games are rapidly growing video games that allow players to work together. Here is the detailed information about best Co-op games to play for PC and their features.

Co-op (cooperative) games are rapidly becoming some of the most popular titles on the planet, primarily due to the social aspect, customizable options, and simply being incredibly fun to play. If you're new to co-op games and interested in getting involved, then keep reading to find out which are the best games to play on PC.

In essence, co-op gaming lets at least two people to team up and battle AI opponents, which often results in much better gameplay, as weapons can be swapped between players, cover can be provided in a firefight, and players can sometimes heal each other when health bars are low. Modern console games like Halo and Call of Duty are well-known for their co-op gameplay (Call of Duty's zombie mode is a fan favorite), but co-op gameplay also extends back to older console titles such as Double Dragon, Donkey Kong Country, and Battletoads.

With today's PCs, it's now possible that players can take part in co-op gaming without even being in the same room. Online connectivity has allowed gamers to join forces worldwide, resulting in co-op fans playing whenever the mood strikes. From FPS (first-person shooter) to MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), all the way to sandbox games, there are many genres that can be tailored to be co-op. Within each genre, there are several standout games that are played by millions across the world, and these are as follows:

League of Legends

In 2014, it was reported that around 27 million people play League of Legends every day; in 2016, that figure is likely to have risen substantially. Often abbreviated to LoL (not to be confused with laugh out loud!), the MOBA game has shot to fame so quickly, that there is even a World Championship that takes place in stadiums across the world each year. Co-op gamers join together to create a team and compete against other talented players, with the winning side taking home a whopping $1 million.

Using a huge variety of colorful and eccentric characters (including men, women, robots, monsters, aliens, and animals), all with their own unique weapons, magic, and special abilities, players must control their 'Champion' to destroy an item held behind enemy lines, or hold certain ground for the longest period of time, much like a classic king of the hill format. According to websites like, the game is so popular many players have multiple accounts.


It's not just gamers that will have heard of Minecraft, by now most people in the world will at least likely be familiar with the game's unique graphics and blocky design, with merchandise popping up in shops seemingly everywhere. Since 2011, millions of gamers of all ages have enjoyed the immersive and open-ended world that exists in Minecraft. Over 100 million copies have been sold across all playable platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii U, and mobiles), and a Minecraft movie is currently in the works.

As for the co-op side of things, it's possible for numerous gamers to all play together in the same world. This is done via game servers, which link the players together, and is usually overseen by one person. If this sounds interesting to you, then server hosting company 1&1 have explained all there is to know about setting up your own Minecraft server,read the blog post.

Even though Minecraft doesn't have a narrative per se, gamers still enjoy connecting together in a world and essentially living out their virtual lives. While it's possible to destroy and tear down things in Minecraft, there is also a large scope for creativity. Gamers can build their own houses, furnish them, and spend a day in the garden (watch out for the zombies at night!) But there is also action and adventure, as players can mine for new items, tools, and weapons that will aid in the creation of the world. Some Minecraft gamers have even collaborated on massive projects together and have built blocky versions of fantasy worlds such as Middle-Earth (The Lord of the Rings) and Westeros (Game of Thrones).

Left 4 Dead 2

It might seem like there are too many zombie-killing games, but Left 4 Dead 2 is easily one of the better options out there. Other than being highly terrifying, L4D2 is also a fantastic co-op game, as up to four people can team up to explore creepy corridors and fight off hordes of zombies – it doesn't seem as scary when there are other people with you! L4D2 is available in four game modes, including the standard campaign, as well as versus, survival, and scavenge, which are more than enough to keep co-op gamers glued to the game. For another new game similar to L4D2, check out Dying Light, which combines freerunning(or parkour) in addition to the usual assortment of weapons designed to slay zombies. list out the best FPS games last year.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a unique FPS, as its low-res, cartoon-like graphics have made the game stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, the game's customization options are vast, and you're likely to find yourself engaging in many firefights to keep leveling up your character. The game has also been highly successful with DLC (downloadable content) packs, as missions and levels not available in the initial release have managed to provide even more entertainment and fun for Borderlands fans.


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