How to Choose a Printer for your Home or Office?

How to choose a printer for yourself either for your home or for your office? For that you have to understand the various types of Printers that are available. You will have to ask yourself what you will be your need, a laser or an inkjet? a multi functional one with scanner and fax? Now I am trying to collect al the details you might need to know before you select one. Read through the article if you need to know how to go about choosing a printer for yourself.

Printers come in all shapes and sizes, from very small and tiny travel companions to workhorses which are used mostly in offices and businesses. There are multi-taskers and some are more for the use of the photographers to scan and print out their pictures. As a thumb rule, Inkjet Printers are mainly for the photographers who want long lasting photos and laser printers are the best for those who need to print out speedy documents.

Ink jet Printer a model from epson

As for the Home user, he will demand more from the printer whichever one he chooses. He will need anything from a book print out to a newsletter to printing of an occassional picture. All this he should be able to get with in his budget also. The most versatile and the affordable printer will be something like a small-office/home-office color inkjet. To Compare the cost and the details of these inkjet printers you can log in to Printers. Go through the various types mentioned there and select one for your use as per your needs.

Another model of Inkjet Printer

These inkjet printers will do the best of work for you but a little slowly . The best alternative for you could be to get two that is one of Laser printer fast, quality text and graphics and a second printer either a colour inkjet or a snap shot one for printing pout pictures. You can also go in for a multi functional one if you are a freelance photographer who work most of your time outside your home.

Laserjet Printer a view

If you are a story or a freelance writer you will need a printer to print out page by page and that too double fast, then you will need a laserjet printers. Personal Laserjet printers will be easy to handle, cost less while buying them and easy for maintaining also. This type will also good if you are a student who have to print out for the projects and the record notebooks. A general purpose inkjet will also fit the bill of you have to print out in colour if necessary. Just go through the list of Printers here to choose the correct one.

Another laserjet printer

If you are in need of a printer for your busy home office as well as digital photography, it would be better for you to get an all in one printer. There are many printers which come with memory card slots, LCDs to preview prints, and other convenient imaging-related features.
If you are a business traveller you need not take a perinter with you at all. If you have a wired or wireless network connection you can get to a printer any of the offices you visit. You can also get it done at the internet centers or the business centers at the hotels etc

HP Laserjet Printer

Try to answer the basic questions which I am giving you, as you answer you would be able to decide the printer you need for your home. The points you need consider for selecting the right printer for your home office and the questions you might have to ask yourself will be

1.What are your requirements in a printer?
A fax, photocopy, scan, color/black and white will help you to narrow down your choice. You need not go for an All in one or a multi-function if you don't need.

2. You have to know what you would be printing regularly, whether they are Photos or documents? and how often it is ? Will a normal draft sized printer will do or do you need to take over sized copies too?

3. Do you really need to take very high quality images or just text documents?

4. You also have to find out the number of devices you need to connect to and the type of device? Is it Mac or PC or a digital camera? Do you need wireless printing capabilities?

All in One Printers

Last but not the least, if your budget permits and you need a printer for the high workload you have, a laser printer would be the best. It costs more but gives higher quality prints as well. However if you don't have that much of a work load an inkjet printer would be the better choice.

These are the basic questions you need to ask for deciding the right printer. Other than these go to the review sites and read the reviews. Online stores and web forums discussing these will give you an honest idea of product quality.

Something to keep in mind if you are going to take a lot of color prints is whether or not you will need separate ink cartridges for different colors? At first the difference in costs might not look much when the difference is only Rs150- Rs200 but the costs add up a lot faster than you think.

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