Five Home Use Medical Equipment to Fight Cold and Flu

Are you caught up with a bad cold and suffering from unmanageable discomfort? It can lead to a flu and might stop you at every moment from doing your regular work or even having a fun time. But before you go for the regular over the counter drugs, check out a small list of things which might ease you out and see if they seem to work out for you.

Why to Invest in Medical Equipment for Home Use?

Cold and Flu have always been the dark part of our lives. Today with the ever increasing pollution and decreasing nutrition value in the food items, we find these attacks to be more often than before. But at the same time Medical Science has reached a height of improvement which can help us fight with those dark patches. Medicines were always there to fight these common diseases, but today there are even more stuff available in the Medical Stores which are a one-time-investment to minimize the usage of those strong antibiotics, which even doctors try to avoid.
Especially if you have a kid at home, the fear of this menacing cold and flu attack can really make your life uncomfortable and constricted. I myself have experienced those dark days through a long phase of time until I found these items to ease out this particular difficulty in many ways. These Home Use Medical Equipment really come out to be useful in comforting all of us during these days of a cold attack and that includes all age groups.

How Do They Work

When we are laid down by a cold attack, we face multiple kinds of discomfort in our body and it makes life hell till it gets completely cured.
But how do we fall prey of such kind of viral attacks? It has to be either some kind of foreign material that we consume either through inhalation and our body reacts violently to it, or it could be a sudden temperature variation which we are not able to cope up with or it could be simply something to which we are allergic. And in most cases the pollution in the air, especially in the heavy traffic routes, the smoke emitted by the vehicles leave a long term effect in our respiratory system affecting our nasal track and throat.
So if we want to fight a cold it has to start with a preventive measure. If we make a habit of purifying our breathing track, give our body the required care and find ways to comfort ourselves when the cold starts giving tremendous body pain, then things could change for better.
The medical equipment that I have been using for quite a long time are mainly preventive and comforting which keeps us away from the painkillers, cough syrups and nasal drops. They help in easing out the breathing, reducing body aches and headaches as well as clearing away the blocked nose that make us feel better with instant relief. At the same time we are saved from consuming the drugs which are finally not good for our health. In other words you might assume that these medical equipment help us stay away from medicines which we would have unnecessarily taken otherwise.

Here is a list of items that can make you comfortable and I have listed them down in the order of preventive ones to the comforting ones. And you can even use them in the normal days to keep yourself safe from the viral attacks throughout the year.
Pollution masks_1.png

Pollution Masks

These are wearable masks made of cotton cloth material that has either four strings or elastic bands attached to them that is commonly found people wearing around especially the bike riders, traffic police and commoners. Generally people were using them whenever there is any viral flu attack in the city like bird flu or swine flu. But for us, it has become almost an item of everyday usage, as we have to pass through a heavy traffic route in the city of Hyderabad. Even if we adults don't feel like wearing it in the normal days, I found it making a lot of difference by making it a regular habit for the children if they have to pass through the same route.


This particular equipment just felt like a God sent device, when the pediatrician prescribed it for our kid. It is a device that runs on electric with a few parts. There is this main machine that generates the vapour which is not hot. Then there is a tube through which the vapour passes through. There is a plastic mask with elastic that one has to wear while using this device and there is a small, cute looking transparent container in which you have to pour the medicine prescribed by your doctor or simply a small quantity of saline water which would be transformed into the vapour and clear away the entire breathing track, easing out the solidified mucus and the stuffy nasal track.
We use it for our kid and sometimes also for ourselves whenever we feel that something is wrong in our nose or feeling heavy in the chest. While using it as a preventive measure, we use saline water that is available in the stores in small packs, otherwise if things worsen, we go for the prescribed medicine given by the doctor. It really works.
Vapourizing machine.jpg


This is a more commonly used equipment which are also used for beauty treatments, but I found it to be the best thing to relieve me from a bad headache. With one or two Carvol capsule drops in it, the machine can really make you feel comfortable as the hot vapour melts the solidified mucous in your head and it works best for those who suffer from sinusitis.
Bulb Syringe_1.jpg

Bulb Syringe

This is a small device for babies and newborns. It works like a small vacuum cleaner that takes out the stuff from the blocked nose of your baby. There is a gentle, soft, narrow rubber tube attached to a bulb made of soft rubber. You have to insert the tube a little bit inside your baby's nostrils when she is asleep. Then press the bulb to make the device create a vacuum and suck out the stuff from the nostrils. All the parts are washable, so you can clean them and re-use till your child is grown up.
electric heating pad.jpg

Electric Heating Pad

This is again an every day use item, which works like magic. These electrical heating pads are found in different sizes and thickness. It is like a rectangular thin pad with a removable cotton cloth that can be directly connected to an electric point. There is a controller which has three temperature variants. The device heats up instantly and relieves you from body pains as it mildly vibrates and regulates the blood circulation in the body. It is an instant reliever, and I have stopped taking pain killers since I have been using this.
This particular device works like magic for people who suffer from sciatica or spondylitis. It also works for general body aches, especially lower back pains and leg pains.
When you are suffering from a cold and flu attack and the entire body is paining, snatching away your sleep, just lie down on this device and take a 15 to 20 minutes rest, switching it on and adjusting the temperature you feel comfortable with.
And yes, the cotton cover comes with an adjustable elastic belt, so, if you are working on a computer, or anywhere from where you can connect it to a electric plug point and need not move for a while, you can wear it around your waist, or wherever you feel the pain and keep working.

Summing Up

These medical devices have made life easier for us, and they have reduced our botheration from initial discomforts. It is true that they might not be the ultimate solution for our well being and in spite of using them we can still have a running nose, a bad cold or a flu. But instead of going for painkillers and antibiotics we can fight the discomfort we face during those phases and treat ourselves in a natural way with ease. The cost of these items are negligible compared to the bill we pay at the medical store counter every time we catch a cold, the pain that we have to bear, and many times they even save you from doctor visits. It feels secured to have them at your home and you need not depend on people to help you out with massages and care. You feel secured, relieved and independent.

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