Best Facebook Tips and Tricks 2016

Are you a Facebook addict? Here in this article, I have bundled some of the best Facebook tips and tricks for you which are all practically checked and are found to be working.

Facebook - one of the most popular social network, also comes with some cool tips and tricks for you. Here in this article, I have bundled some of the best Facebook Tips and Tricks that are all practically checked and are found to be working. Facebook is considered to be the best online place to chat with friends, find new friends, to discover some interesting things and a lot more. Along with this Facebook can also be a source to update you with all the latest news. Moreover, Facebook shortly known as FB is one of the best social networking sites which is used by people of all ages. For a normal Facebook user, Facebook is not more than to chat with friends etc, but a TechGeek person makes a lot of experiments with all the Tips and Tricks Facebook comes with. Are you ready to experiment all the tips and tricks on your Facebook profile? Follow the steps carefully and make your Facebook profile more cool.

Upside Downside Text

Are you in a mood to do something cool with your Facebook status? I guess flipping your Facebook status upside down would be cool and tricky. All your friends will be rotating their heads for a try to read your status, isn't that finny? C'mon now copy this link and paste down in the URL box and hit the Enter key. The page will load out to be like the image below.

Now just type your text in the first box and see the cool Upside Down Effect (Flips text) and Backwards Effect (Reverses text) result in the second box. You can experiment your text with both Upside Down Effect (Flips text) and Backwards Effect (Reverses text) or anyone of them by ticking the box.

Make your Facebook Status Update In Blue Color

An another cool Facebook status trick for you right here. As the title tells that it is something related to change the color of your Facebook status so we are going to update a Facebook status in blue color, isn't that cool? Let's check out

A normal Facebook status update goes in Black color in every Facebook profile and there is not even any other option to customize the font color. But we have an alternate option for you to make your Facebook status update in Blue color. Very simple, just copy the code given below and paste it on your Facebook status update box.

@@[1:[0:1: your status update goes here ]]

Now all you need to do is just replace the line "your status update goes here" with anything you want to post as your Facebook status and click on the post button.

How to change fonts of your Facebook Status

The best and the last one to do with your Facebook status is to try out different fonts. Normally, we have just one default font on Facebook in which we upload our Facebook status and there is no other option to customize the Font. But again we have an alternate way for you to customize the cool fonts. Let's have a look

Copy and paste the link - in your URL box and press the Enter button. Now just type your text in the first box and see the different fonts in other boxes of your text.

Don't Show Me Online to Selected Friends

Do some of your friends annoy you on your Facebook profile by texting you all the time? Is that so? A normal Facebook user may only know to turn off/on the chats but doing so will result to all of your Facebook friends. What if you just want to show online to some selected friends only? Don't worry, we have a method for that too just follow the steps given below carefully.

1. Open
2. Login to your Facebook profile
3. Now on the right side you will see a chat box


4. Now at the lower right-side of the chat box you will see a gear like icon mostly used for settings, click on that.
5. Now you will see various options on the screen, just find and click on "Advanced Settings" option which is the 3rd option from the top.

chat 2

6. Now a window will pop-up to your screen like

chat 3

7. Now just enter the name of those people whom you don't want to show "online" and click on save button.
8. That's all to do. Now you will only be shown online to some selected friends.

How to track the last login details of your Facebook account

Actually, tracking the last login details of a Facebook account isn't any trick it is a feature provided by Facebook but still many users are not aware of it. Follow the steps given below carefully -

1. Open
2. Login to your Facebook account
3. Now go to the setting tabs
4. After that, Click on the Security tab from the left side list

track last login 1

5. Now on the right side "security settings" will appear to you from that click on "Where You're Logged In" option
6. That's all to do with this, now you will get all the details of your last login to your Facebook account

track last login 2

7. An add here is that, you can even delete the Last login history by clicking on end history option

track last login  result

Blocking adds on Facebook

Facebook uses a lot of advertisements to gain money but really these ads are much annoying. Are you also annoyed of the ads on Facebook? If yes then here we have an alternate way for you to block all the ads you see on Facebook. Follow the steps given below -

1. Copy and paste the URL in the URL box
2. Press the Enter key to search for the URL
3. Now you will see a page like this

block ads 1

4. Just click on the "Add to Firefox" option and then you will see an application download on your system
5. This is a very small file so it will not take more than 2-3 seconds, after that, just click on the install button to install the Facebook: Cleaner application to your Firefox browser
6. Here I have applied this trick on Firefox browser if you are using any other browser then just search for "Facebook: Cleaner yourbrowsername" replace "yourbrowsername" with your browser name and press the Enter key.
7. After that download and install this small application and now you have successfully blocked all the annoying ads.

Find who Unfriend You

Very simple,
1. Just copy and past the URL given below in the URL box

2. Now you will see a page like this

find who unfirneded u

3. Just click on the "Add to Firefox" option then a file will download.
4. After the download complete, install the file and then you will be able to find who unfriended you in future from now.
5. To know if you have successfully done with this trick you will see a change like in the image below on the right corner of the browser.

result find unfreind

Track the Users who visits your Profile secretly

This is one of my favorite Facebook tricks, I guess its everyone's favorite. Tracking the users who are secretly viewing your profile is not an official Facebook feature but Tech Geeks like me have find a way to do so. Facebook doesn't add this feature because they don't want to reveal such information about Profile viewers. But now after this trick has been found everyone's crazy about it. Let's check it out, follow the steps given below very carefully -

1. Open
2. Login to your Facebook account
3. If you already logged-in then just open the Home page/News feed of your Facebook profile from a PC/laptop
4. Now press CTRL+U or you can also Right Click >> Open Source Code on the Home page
5. Now you will be on a page like shown in the image below

source code 1

6. After this, press CTRL+F and type "InitialChatFriendsList" in the search box without "" and search for it on the source code page
7. Now you will find a match for it

source code 2

8. Now these numbers inside "" starting from 1000 before "InitialChatFriendsList" are the Profiles of the users who secretly view your profile
9. Copy any of them and paste it like paste anyone number at the place of ID in the URL box and hit the Enter key

source code 3

10. Now you will be directed the Profile page of the user who viewed your profile.

Wrap Up

There are hundreds of Facebook tricks but these were the best of all. You must follow each and every step very carefully so as to achieve success in every trick. However, every trick mentioned above is practically experimented and is found to be working but still if you face any problem in following any trick then you are welcomed to comment in the "comment box" below and we will surely help you out as soon as possible.


Guest Author: vrisha malan12 Mar 2017

Wow, Nice finding, I'm a Facebook addicted, this post will help me for a better Facebook experience. Thanks for the helpful tips for FB accounts. It always unnerves me when someone spontaneously pings me, when in truth, I was just merely checking messages and such. It will definitely come in handy!

These tips are really helpful and unique, and I was really looking for a technique through which we could go online to only a few friends thanks a lot for sharing. This saves a lot of precious time being wasted on chatting.

Very appreciable tips, they all help me out and surely save a lot of time. Thanks for this excellent post....

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