Roland V-Drums 25kv : Features and review

This is a brief review about the electronic drum kit Roland V- Drums. This article covers its basic features and the real playing experience and the innovations Roland has brought about in the new drum kit. This is my personal opinion about the drums hope this is useful in understanding the instrument and getting familiar with it. Hope you enjoy reading and understands the instrument better.


When you think about electronic drums, one of the main things which go through your mind is will it play exactly the way my acoustic drums play? Will it feel as soothing as the acoustic drums? Here when you actually go through all these thoughts, the electronic drum kit which you can rely upon to really give you the feel of playing the actual acoustic drums is the Roland V- Drums 25 KV electronic drum Set. Roland has always been at the top in manufacturing drum kits and rhythm pads, and when you are getting a quality product from a very established brand you feel really satisfied and excited at the same time. One of the biggest thing I love about Roland drum kits as I already stated in my review of Roland Octapad SPD-30, and the Handsonic HPD-20 is the sound engine which they use in these kits and because of which it is really on the natural side and sounds exactly like the actual acoustic drums. Being electronic the extra sounds and effects are really wonderful to use and play live and give the best effect you can to your performance.
The design of the models of the Roland products be it the rhythm pad or an electronic drum set has always remained great. This is definitely one of things artists know and love about Roland products. Here I would love to introduce to you the 25 KV Electronic Drum Set BY Roland called the V- Drums.
Let us start with the design and the build quality.

Design and Build quality

Design and build quality as you would expect from a great manufacturer is fantastic and really great. I don't think anybody will look too much into the design of a drum set, because it is typically going to look like a drum set that's all. But the way the cymbals, the foot drum and the other kits are designed, gives a good overall feel of self-belief when you look into the design of this wonderfully crafted instrument. As a person who is in music for so many years now, plainly speaking I really liked the design of the Roland V-Drums Kit. The black and silver colour schemes distinguishing the cymbals from the drums are really catchy. The kits are really good in the hand and feet and give a lot of positive energy and confidence to the player.
The design and the build quality are really good and fantastic. I would rate it 4.5 stars outs of 5.

The User Interface

There is nothing extra-ordinary about the User Interface because it is the same tried and tested user interface you will find on any Roland Instrument. It is quite simple and easily understandable for anyone. You're an amateur or professional it is going to be easy to understand it. No problem whatsoever. The knobs and buttons and the illustrations around it helps us to navigate easily around. The Interface is minimal and that is good on the note that there is minimal energy required to understand it, which is quite good for the rigorous routine of a drummer. I feel that every drummer will like the way the User Interface of this instrument is kept minimal and subtle.
You are going to enjoy every bit of the Roland V-Drums electronic Drum kit or Drum set.

Some Important features

  • Unrivalled sound and Expressiveness.
  • High- end feel and Playability.
  • Call up kits and start playing Immediately.
  • Customize your kits for your personal style.
  • Play along with tracks and record your Performances.

I am not going to elaborate all these features now but I will in the next topic while speaking about playing and the feel of the instrument. I think all these features are really standard on any Roland percussion instrument.
If I would speak about the new sound engine and its performance it is always going to be a realistic. The TD- 25 KV delivers a superior drumming experience, thanks to Roland's SuperNATURAL technology with Behaviour Modelling from the flagship TD-30. The sound engine responds naturally and organically to your playing in every way, providing dynamic and interactive feel that's essential for reaching the highest levels of musical expression.
From rim shots, rolls, flams, and ghost notes on the snares and dramatic crash hits and sustained cymbal swells, every nuance is detailed accurate, and ultra- smooth.
When you sit down at the TD- 25 KV, you will enjoy expressive playability that rivals high-end V- Drum sets. There is a full compliment of mesh-head for the legendary V – Drums feel, with positional sensing on the snare pad that provides subtle, organic tonal changes depending on where the pad is struck. One of the biggest features I love bout this drums is the cymbals have a natural swinging motion. All the traditional playing techniques can be applied on the kits while playing to get the real natural feel.

The VH-11 V- Hi- Hat mounts on any standard Hi- Hat stand and offers realistic motion and a natural acoustic feel.
As I stated earlier grabbing the big silver knob with sticks still in hand is easy and it allows you to quickly select kits based on music styles such as Rock, Jazz, electronic and others.
The next step is: playing. Such is the intuitiveness and simplicity of the User Interface.
You can also customize all the sounds you will find on your instrument and can also record your performances, which is almost standard on any percussion pads of Roland. These are some important features of the TD- 25 KV Roland V-drums Electronic Drum Set.

The actual playing experience

The playing experience is what you would expect from a Roland product. Realistic, soothing, high-end feel, and if I won't use this word I am not doing justice to the drums," amazing". It has a lot of special features and one of the biggest nuisances which companies face nowadays is the inability to translate the specs into performance. Be it bikes, electronics like smartphones, laptops, tablets, the specs are available but it does not translate into performance. But here Roland claims to have done a lot of hard work on making the instrument the way in which it will do justice to the features and specs, and it does exactly the same and gives a lot of jot to the drummer. I am not bribed by Roland that I must keep on praising the brand, the thing is, the drums have a lot of positives to speak of.
The playing experience is great; feel is fantastic and the feedback of all the kits, for example the Snare, Hi-Hat, foot drum everything feels natural and gives you the notion of playing the real acoustic drum kit.
One of the greatest advantages of the electronic drum is the availability of different sound which comes in handy in giving the sound effects and improving your performance as a whole. The different genres of music which requires muffling and other effects can be easily given to your performance.
With all these features at your disposal you can really enjoy your performance, your practice sessions, and all your future concerts with your Roland TD-25KV V –Drums electronic drum kit.
Now I would like to list the Pros and Cons. Below which I think is a crucial part of this review.

Pros and Cons

Pros:Realistic sound engine with SuperNATURAL technology, kits are of superb quality, selection of kits and genres made simple and intuitive, superb pad sensing technology gives realistic playing experience, cymbals have natural swinging motion, really simple "brain" or the controller, simple user interface.

Cons:The controller could have been a bit bigger with bigger screen with touch screen facility.

The Verdict

The real verdict from me is this drums set is great with its performance and sounds really natural. These electronic drums have all the essential ingredients to make it a best buy for you. The superb sound engine has a very nice feedback and helps in playing with a lot of confidence. The record and play feature, the natural swinging ability of the cymbals and the superior pad sensing technology which is instrumental in sensing the playing areas and generating sounds according to it is really a heaven for drummers.
I would rate this drum set as one of the best doing the rounds today, and with all the real innovative features donning the drums, it is a joyful and phenomenal experience with the best in the business "Roland". This is really a great instrument with the capacity of producing real acoustic like feel while playing.
Hope this article is useful. Keep enjoying, keep playing. God Bless.


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