Top apps to get rid of Digital Distraction

You have set yourself to work on an article you planned to finish on your blog. You begin to work and a tweet from a friend takes you to Twitter where you spend 20 minutes therein. That is exactly what we call Digital Distraction. If you want to be productive, this distraction is what you need to avoid. Here we go with the best apps you can use for the purpose.

You come back home at night and sit before your PC or laptop, planning to pay your bills or respond to some emails. But, a casual look at Facebook takes you to almost half an hour of wasted browsing. You set out to write an article on your site about a new product. A search for more information on Google leads you to a shopping site and that deviates your concentration to another half an hour of mindless virtual shopping. These series of events give a clear meaning and understanding of what we call Digital Distraction.

Digital Distraction takes you away from the productivity of your life. How to get rid of it? Well, there are many ways you can stop yourself from being distracted. Having the willpower to resist is the first solution that comes to our mind. But willpower alone cannot assure you of success.

" People like to get distracted..they do what rewards their mind instantly"
says Donna Smallin, who is an author. And yes, you can set a timer. Work for a period of say 20 minutes and then take a five minute break. In the break you so get, do whatever that pleases you. Or better still, begin a tradition of rewarding yourself with something you as soon as you complete the task.

Yes, there are other solutions. Technology offers you some good options that you can use to get rid of Digital Distraction. There are apps which stop you from wasting your valuable time online. The apps work by making it impossible, or a little hard from straying away from your work. Let us find a few such apps here.

Apps to stop you from surfing unnecessarily

These apps help you avoid staying away from work. If your willpower is not powerful enough to stop you from changing the screens, these are the apps that help you.

One such app is SimpleBlocker. To make it clear, it is not an app. SimpleBlocker is a Google Chrome extension. The extension is free to use.

The extension has a simple interface. You can set it to block access to websites of your own choice. Set timer for the period you would not wish to be distracted. And that does it. You will not be able to access those sites until the expiry of the timer.

Cannot resist the urge to visit the sites? You can switch off the timer as you wish.

Another Chrome extension that can be useful is StayFocusd. This too is a free extension you can download from Chrome webstore. You can set the time to block access to the sites that you think are distracting.

The interface even has advanced options as well. You can provide enough time for each site, and once this time frame is crossed - you are blocked from visiting that site.

Then there is an app named Forest. It "gamifies" your being focussed on being productive. You set the blocked sites. The app lets you earn virtual coins depending on the time you stay away from the blocked sites. These virtual coins are donated as real cash for planting a real tree on your behalf. So, that would make you feel guilty towards environment (if you really care), if you cannot stay away from the sites you have blocked. The app is available on iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, Chrome and Firefox.

Apps that help you track your usage

There are apps that let you track the time you spend on every site. That way, you can analyse your online work and get to know how much you have spent being productive and how much time have you wasted.

One such app is RescueTime. The app can be downloaded on iOS, Android and WindowsPhone. It tracks the time spent by you on every site. The idea behind the app is that if you keep an honest track of how much time you have wasted on non productive sites may help you lower your usage of those sites.

The app can also be useful for keeping track on the online behaviour of your kids. RescueTime lets the parents monitor whether their wards are really doing their homework, or doing something they are not supposed to do. The app can also be used as a blocker for the predefined sites.

App to avoid writing blocks

You plan to write up something and get distracted. There are a few apps that help you stay away from distraction. It is termed as the "Dangerous app" by review sites. Not for any obnoxious reason - but it just will not let you stop writing.

It is an app with a minimal cleaner interface and works as a great writing and note taking tool. What it excels in is in being an app to set timed sessions for your write ups. Whatever you have typed will begin to get deleted if you stop writing for seven seconds. You can set the timer five to 180 seconds. As soon as you stop producing any keystrokes, the text begins to vanish and unless you hit any key to bring back the text, your entire page will go blank and the timer will reset.

For those who are easily distracted, this could be a good gift. It sets you in writing mood. Of course, there is a need for heavy editing later on because writing up in a hurry can cause severe mistakes.

Set a goal and be reminded

Momentum is a Chrome Plugin that opens a landing page each time you open a new tab. You just need to type in a goal based on what you want to do today. And that's it.

As soon as you open a new tab while working on your project, the goal you have set appears in a considerably large font at the centre of your screen. So, it inspires you to back to your work leaving what you were up to.

Actually, it is a good prod to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Once you have done with it, go set another goal and complete it.

Concluding thoughts

Well, hopefully - the tips above might have been helpful for you in avoiding the distractions you have been facing. There are much more ways to stay away from those straying off moments. We would welcome our readers to share their own favourite apps or tools we can use for the purpose.

Article by Timmappa Kamat
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