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Apple announced the next iteration of its operating system, iOS 10 at WWDC 2016 just a couple of days ago. iOS 10 has already been released as a developer preview and will soon make an appearance as a public beta before the final release scheduled for September, 2016. We have listed out the best features of this massive update here.

iOS 10 is bringing up major improvements to the core Apple features. Many of the apps have received a significant improvement in terms of redesign. Currently in developer preview mode, the public beta will be out in July, 2016. The Official release will be out later in September. There will definitely be new changes coming up by the time the official update lands on your supported iPhones, iPads and iPods. However, it would be a good idea to check out what's new in iOS 10. Here we go with the few important features of the latest release.

#1. An improved Siri

The Siri APIs have been updated. It will now work with third party apps. Developers can now work around the Google's personal assistant.

No need for any strict voice commands anymore. Integration with Siri means a lot as far as third party developers in particular, and the iPhone users, in general, are concerned. Siri can understand what most of your apps are asking it to, it can understand your commands in many ways.

Ask WhatsApp to send a message and it will follow your command. That makes Siri not limited to iMessages alone. That would mean much if your default instant messaging service is WhatsApp, or WeChat. Apart from messaging, you can now get Siri to work with Uber, Skype or any of your apps.

There is more to it than just that. Siri can now work better with keyboard predictions making it a good option with multilingual predictions.

#2. Useful Apple Maps

Apple Maps have tried to emulate the success story of Google Maps, or for that matter Here Maps. Ridiculed by the rivals and users alike for its incompetence, the Apple Maps have been improving quite gradually.

iOS 10 has taken a few big leaps and undertaken design changes. The changes have addressed the flaws quite handsomely. It now provides suggestions based on the user habits and the Apple Maps learned those habits. Traffic information has now been added as a map functionality. You can now pan and zoom unlike in the previous versions.

The maps can now show points of interest along your route a la Google Maps. Besides, the maps are now well integrated with third party apps. You can now use the Apple Maps with say, Uber to book a ride or pay without even having to leave Apple Maps.

#3. New Home App

The Homekit was designed to work in the background since it was launched. It now has its own app - The Home App. The Home App now comes preloaded with iOS 10.

This ensures better usability and a full blown user experience. The Home app, for instance, comes a Profiles wherein you can perform different actions like setting lights, curtains and setting up security.

It does integrate with all the accessories in your home like security doorbells, Hue light or airconditioners. You had to download several apps for each of the manufacturers for each of those services or devices.

4. Renovated iMessages

iOS 10 is taking the iMessages service to the new heights. It is now full of Emojis, stickers and reactions all the way. The new features make it a fun to work with messaging. Emojis are now larger and quite easier to insert them into your message.

There are special effects and animations. You can embed URL links or Apple music links within your messages. Different text bubbles can be animated to suit the mood of the messages. Then there is Invisible Ink feature which needs the recipient of your message to swipe over the blurred text to receive the actual message.

It is quite evident that Apple is taking a leaf off from the rival platforms, or even services like Facebook to make improvements. Though they may appear as superficial, the changes are definitely worth the effort.

#5. The new Photos app

The Apple devices will now have a new Photos app. It has been equipped with trendy new features.

The Photos app now identifies and arranges your photos based on people in them. The app can identify the objects as well. You can sort them out based on activities and locations. You can arrange your photos and videos in sequence. You can add an audio track to the sequence. Even effects can be added depending on the mood of the sequence.

Most of the editing is done on your phone itself. Nothing is done on the servers and as such you need not worry about your privacy.

#6. The new lock screen

The lock screen is completely redesigned. It now has new features. The lockscreen now features a new Raise to Wake functionality.

In fact, Raise to Wake is the first feature of iOS 10 that was showcased at WWDC 2016. Raise To Wake, or sometimes referred to as Lift To Wake is a feature that lightens your lock screen as soon you lift your device. Thus, it does not need you to press the Home button to check your lockscreen notifications. It has been a godsend for the issue introduced by Touch ID which bypasses the lockscreen notifications if you press the Home button.

Native and third party apps now have interactive interfaces on the lockscreen. This lets you access all notifications without the need to touch any button.

#7. Revamped Apple Music

Apple Music was launched last year. Now, in view of the complaints received - the service has received a redesign.

The interface is now much cleaner better than the predecessor. The Now Playing tab now features lyrics. It has a For You tab which comprises the New Discovery Mix. The feature is quite cool in the sense it provides you recommendations based on your listening history.

There is dedicated search button on Apple Music. The Radio tab has been moved to the third place and features most of the radio options.

#8. The All New QuickType improvements

The DeepLearning feature of Siri will be integrated into the QuickType suggestions. So, the artificial intelligence of Siri will now come to your keyboard.

There seems to be a borrowing from Google Now on Tap. Siri will now come up with contextual information. For instance, when someone questions you, "Where are you?", and you have no time to type in the information - Siri comes up with your current location as a suggestion. The current location is suggested based on the GPS linked map.

There are many QuickType suggestions which use Siri intelligence. We may need to wait till the official release to find more information.

#9. Updated Phone App

The Phone app has received a facelift in the new iOS 10 update. The Phone app now transcribes your voice mails almost automatically.

You do not need to listen to your voice mail separately. The new feature just lists the voicemail in the text format. Maybe it will a couple of words wrong, but a good feature as it will not need you to dial into your voice mail needlessly.

There is also a VoIP API coming up. The API will integrate VoIP services to integrate with your Phone app.

#10. Control center uncluttered

The Control center is now less cluttered. iOS 10 has brought bigger buttons and the number has reduced.

Sparingly used Music and PlayBack controls have been moved to the side pane. This gives more room to you, though Music lovers will need an extra gesture.

In Conclusion

There are still many more features that are making an appearance on iOS 10. Live Photo Updates, Notes Collaboration and Split View for the browsers are some of them. It may be too early to make a comment on all the features. The update is still under beta and may come up with new features after the feedback from developers and select public is analysed. What are the features you would wish to see on iOS 10? Share your favourite tips here. Let us hope to see your wishes come true.

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